July 6, 2009, 8:53 am
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Okay, so, we’re sick of being called “the new Bush”. Yeh, we’re pretty much The Biggest Band In America these days, but now is the time to return to the UK and to remind you all of what you’ve been missing since LC! have been away. Or rather, OCTOBER, is the time.

For, over the course of 11 days, in 10 gigs, we will play our first UK shows in a year, which also be our first gigs post-Aleks’ departure, first with the new Campesinos! and our first time playing material from our forthcoming album, in the UK.

The gigs will run as follows:

Or if you prefer:

WED 21 OCT Kasbah, Coventry 14+

THURS 22 OCT Joiners, Southampton 14+

FRI 23 OCT Phoenix, Exeter 14+ (01392 263518)

SAT 24 OCT The Gate, Cardiff 14+

MON 26 OCT Deaf Institute, Manchester14+

TUE 27 OCT University, Newcastle 14+

WED 28 OCT Garage, London 14+

THU 29 OCT Zodiac, Oxford All Ages (Under 14s to be accompanied by an adult)

FRI 30 OCT Cockpit, Leeds14+

SAT 31 OCT King Tut’s, Glasgow 18+

Tickets are on sale right now, and I’ve attempted to html links to the cheapest ticket distributors I could find (that means ones with the least embarrassing booking fees). If you find anywhere cheaper, please let me know, and I’ll update it. Currently, I’m unable to find links for the first three gigs.

On this tour we will have the pleasure of being joined by two of our absolute favourite UK bands:

Copy Haho


Sparky Deathcap

Some Notes:

  • This is the first time we’ve had the pleasure of playing in Coventry. Thanks for having us. I just checked google maps and the, and it’s a piece of cake to get from Brum to Cov, so if you live in Birmingham, don’t feel obliged to come, but don’t you DARE come giving me the doe eyes and sobbing that we’re not playing near you.
  • Our Cardiff show is a part of Swn Festival. Our friends there have asked us to CURATE our own stage, which means it is BOUND TO BE INCREDIBLE, because it’s the only way we know. So, as well as our touring buddies above, we will be playing with (amongst yet more bands TBA) DANANANANAYKROYD. We’ve been huge fans of eachothers’ bands for what seems like forever, but somehow have never shared a stage, until now. Also, this’ll be our first ‘hometown’ show in over a year, so all in all, this should be a really special gig.
  • All shows are 14+, excluding, sadly, the Glasgow show. I’m really sorry about that. You’d have thought a place that puts on so many gigs as Tut’s would be able to lower age restrictions, wouldn’t you? But sadly, not. I am sorry to anyone who’s disappointed.

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Comment by John


Comment by Trung

Hmmm I am very much considering going from Belgium to the UK to come see you. Let’s see what my financial state is within a couple of months. Then again, what does it matter? I JUST REALLY WANNA SEE YOU, don’t care if it costs me a lot, you’re worth it! Unless you would suddenly announce a European tour that is.. (hint hint)

Comment by gerlin

terrible spelling of ‘watching’. also, two cartmans? spoiled, you are.

Comment by i don't like this leaving a name business

the exeter gig is the same night as Bloc Party in Plymouth, what are the chances! 😦

Comment by david

Can us East Midlanders complain about Cov being the closest date?! Although it should be do-able I guess, even if I have to drive. And Swn festival sounds interesting, I may have to investigate further…

Comment by Wolfie

Alright Wolfie, I’ll let you off, primarily because I don’t think we’ve ever played in the East Midlands. Hopefully this’ll be rectified at the next opportunity. Swn festival comes HIGHLY recommended though.

Comment by Gareth

woo! got my tickets for the Deaf Institute gig. Can’t wait!!

Comment by dave

“First gigs post-Aleks’ departure, first with the new Campesinos! and our first time playing material from our forthcoming album, in the UK”

Have you already shared who the new Campesinos! is? I fear that I’m (sadly) a bit behind on my Campesinos!-related news.

Comment by Alison

I am so fucking annoyed at king tuts age restriction 😦 please please add an Edinburgh date. Over 14s, please.

Comment by Davelyy

No, we’ve not yet, Alison. All in good time. Plenty of exciting announcements to come over the next couple of months.

Comment by Gareth

I’m fairly giddy with anticipation and such.

Comment by Alison

I have absolutely no money and don’t know where I will be laying my hat come October, but if tickets are still kicking around then, I am going to be in lc! heaven. Already got my halloween grizzly bear tickets, i’m gonna rocktober with my cocktober out.

Comment by Samuel

I love you, never been too the death institute but if it’s in manchester i’m there.

Comment by Ste

Pixies and LC! in the same month…I’m starting to think that moving to Glasgow by October was an ace idea.

Comment by Andy

i’m reading this from a drama lesson. i’m a tour guide in a play about a mummy! but that doesn’t matter. gutted about the glasgow venue but if all goes to plan, i’ll be at newcastle. and sparky deathcap support?! win.

Comment by eden

Hooray, I think I’ll be doing that Birmingham->Coventry hop then, so long as I can get a train back after. Maybe hold off on the 2 hour psychejam encore that night?

Very very excited about this.

Comment by Miles

Bit pissed at the 18+ Glasgow gig 😦

Comment by Joe

Yayyyzzz I can finally EXPRESS EXCITMENT without being all hush hush. I’ve decided I’m gonna Go to your Leeds date and Dana’s Manchester date. Although it’s tempting to go to your Manchester date as well…

Comment by Lois

Oh AND, my maths skills aren’t too great, but I think tickets for the Leeds date could be a teeny bit cheaper than See?

Comment by Lois

… At Jumbo. I’ve only just woken up, sorry.

I’ll stop commenting now.

Comment by Lois

Your Leeds date is only the same night as Danananakroyd. Disaster.

Comment by Oliscott

Got some London tickets! I’m looking forward to it; I haven’t seen any bands in ages.

Comment by Hugh

No Sheffield again! I really want to go, but don’t know if I can afford travel as well as I’m a poor student 😦

Comment by andy

Hey Andy,
I’ve just done the maths for you, and an open day return from Sheffield to Leeds is £5.80, with a student railcard.
If you’d like me to go ahead and book the tickets, just let me know. I’ll buy you a beer if you make it.

Comment by Gareth

[…] shows are 14+, and tickets are on sale. There’s more information from their great site. Catch the guys […]

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Damn they’re all so far away.. couldn’t have done a nottingham date? 😦

Comment by Emma

I’m gonna be honest with you Emma…the last time we played Nottingham was really shit.

Comment by Gareth

That’s all? Okay that sounds fair enough, I’ll get on buying a train ticket then, but hold you to that beer.

Comment by andy

I’ll (inevitably) be at the merch stall. See you there!

Comment by Gareth

Will be at King Tuts. Thank god for being 18. I will have now seen you on Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Moments shared.

Comment by Liam

because of buying tickets I was unable to buy the Sims 3 earlier today :(. Still, definitely worth it!

Comment by dave

Dave. Frankly I think you dodged a bullet there. (may contain rude words)

Comment by Hugh

Will definitely be at Swn, cheeky question but any idea who we’d contact to arrange interviews and stuff for bands playing at Swn for Gair Rhydd/Quench?

Comment by Tom maybe?
Glad to see the investigative powers of gair rhydd/quench are as strong as ever. I was a TV editor/columnist in my time.

Comment by Gareth

oh i’m so excited. i’ll be at newcastle without a doubt. and possibly leeds or manchester!

Comment by bekah

maybe London or Leeds for me.I’ve never been to Leeds before,but anyways.Plane fares are cheap from Paris (true).
anywayyysss see you in October then ! x

Comment by Veee

No Liverpool? SHOCKING. Manc is only up the road but the last train home is always half and half on if you can get it.

Comment by Rob

I feel stupid now, hadn’t properly refreshed the page and all that came up was a page saying swn would have a new site out 30th June. Thanks for that. I’m new this year, so still trying to figure this whole thing out.

Comment by Tom

eeeeeeeeeep…halloween with Los Campesinos!? on it like sonic!!

Comment by Shôn

Yay! I do get to go to the ball… well, gig. I managed to do my usual trick of discovering I really like a band just after they’ve finished their UK tour. So, I’ve been waiting a bit now for news of your next tour and I’m not disappointed! Got my tickets for the Manchester gig and convincing a friend to go to the Leeds one too. Huzzah!

Comment by Gem

YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! just got my tickets for Manchester, finally going to be able to come and see my all time 3rd favourite band. YIPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by James

This has nothing to do with the UK tour dates.. sorry. I sent a email about a week ago.. just wondering about the rumor of you doing a San Francisco show with Ted Leo? Maybe

per say

Comment by vanessa

Also my friend just told me that there is an article in Entertainment Weekly saying that Saturday is the best day at Lollapalooza this year. Starting with Los Campesino! at 2:30 as the first band to go see that day.. So cheers to you all.

Comment by vanessa

Which one is closest to New Zealand?…

Comment by Gary

If you have played Nottingham, you’ve played in the East Midlands. Where did you play, out of interest? Rescue Rooms is quite a good venue for gigs, though maybe a bit small for a band of 7 (and dare I say, one as popular as you). Though it’s probably about the same size as the largest room in the cockpit in Leeds. Will hopefully make that Cardiff festival, it sounds cool.

Comment by Dylan

I’m sure Seetickets just charged me in dollars you know.

Comment by Rob

There’s a slim chance I might be able to go… yay!

Comment by Rozza

Yes at last!!!! Can’t believe it has been a year since I saw you guys!

Any chance of getting an interview again for the Coventry gig? I’ll buy a ticket and everything- don’t even want guest list, just an interview? PLEASE!!

Comment by reece

Come on guys, where is the east anglia date? no norwich or cambridge. so gutted. i love you guys. you have to come round our place in the east. PLEASE ADD AN EXTRA DATE!!!

Comment by James

Sucks, dunnit James.
First time we played in Norwich was really good, but the last time was rubbish. The promoter wouldn’t let Lovvers play with us (they were doing the whole of the rest of the tour) and got his mates bands to play instead. They were really shit.
Cambridge we’ve played once. At the Barfly, with the pillar in the middle of the stage. That was alright tbh, but there was no bog roll, and after the gig, an employee of the venue kept haranguing Ellen until we had to try to fight him.

I’m sure we’ll be back again soon enough. I like Norwich. Our mate Pete is from there, and you’ve got a fair few good bands.

Comment by Gareth

Is there any chance to see a gig of yours in Germany someday or another?

Cause if there isn’t I’ll have to rob innocent people or become a hitwoman or prostitute in order to raise enough money to go to Britain ;D

Btw, Cartman rocks. Nuff said.

Comment by Fee

Hey Fee,
Plenty of chance. We’ve played in Germany on 7 or 8 occasions, and I’m sure we’ll be back again, early next year, if not sooner.

Comment by Gareth

Sheffield, anyone? Wasn’t on last tour either if I remember correctly. What did we ever do to you?!

Oh well, might have to travel up to Leeds – though next time make sure you don’t miss us!

Comment by Jed

Sure there’s no chance of you guys doing a Thermals and adding a 14+ Edi date as well as the 18+ Glasgow one?

D:[/straws clutched at]

Comment by Kevin

I bought a few tickets last night for Glasgow. I’m looking forward to it. Passion Pit are in town the Friday before you, so October looks like being kind to us ‘weegies!

Can we expect you in fancy dress that night given that it’ll be Hallowe’en and all?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy yourselves.

Comment by Jamie

OMG yes 😀
I am going 2 the oxford gig, am so happy ^_^
you campesinos are truly AMAZING and i love you all 🙂
see you soooon 😀

Comment by Becky

Even though I can’t buy tickets yet I have to say I love Gareth trying to find people cheap tickets and easy ways to seeing the great LC! If only all bands/artists were so helpful…

Comment by Samuel

I just bought a ticket for your Manchester date as well. Oops.

Comment by Lois

To anyone else wanting to go to Exeter, I am pretty sure you can pick up tickets at HMV. I don’t know why it’s not on Exeter Box Office/Exeter Phoenix websites yet. Exeter = next best thing to Torquay, hurrah.

Comment by Olivia

buh buh buh wait a minute….
i think your missing a brighton date!

Comment by Joshua


Comment by Matthew

Got four tickets for london (:

Comment by Yash

Leeds and Manchester for me.

Comment by Shaun

I’m stealing one of Yash’s tickets

Comment by Will

excellent got my tickets for manchester.

as well as this is good news…



Comment by david

I always miss out on your London shows for some reason 😦 I’m in Russia for the 28th show. I guess I’ll just have to wait for your next tour/see if the Oxford show is feasible.

Comment by Charles

Aww can I just ask when you’ll be back to Seattle (obvs not really related to UK dates, but..)? Next spring/summer??

Comment by Clair

I seriously hope the Exeter gig isn’t at The Cavern, it smells horrible from what I remember.
Been looking tickets for the last few days, I’ll have to take Olivia’s advice and pop into HMV.
And I never got my postcard from you Gareth. 😦
Oh well.

Comment by Mack

You should come back to Spain, I remember yoor gigs last year and was great! Hope to see you soon!!!

Comment by Ignacio

ha, was that norwich gig the one at the waterfront? because i remember the support being SHITE. and lovvers would have been much much better. barflys are stupid and always seem to have posts sticking about. if you’re looking for a southern-y venue, i still think colchester arts centre is top.

i’m also voting for a fancy dress glasgow show. xx

Comment by maudie

The sad fact is that Will isn’t lying when he talks about stealing my ticket… :/ 😛

Comment by Yash

I got my tickets in Monday morning. Real brevity.

Gareth, you know the HSBC bank’s motto: “The world’s local bank”? Well a little tip while in Glasgow – it might be best not to perform AYKF ‘cos the Cascarino line won’t go down well. He was an ABOMINATION at Celtic!! And we saw a lorra, lorra bad players circa. the 90’s.

Comment by Jamie

Well…my life unwravelled somewhat since my last elated post, and so it’ll be Coventry for me…very do-able on a combi of 48 bus and trains.

As for Dylan’s comments RE: Rescue Rooms, I had the flippin’ pleasure of seeing Broken Social Scene there in 2006 and they got 9 on that stage…NINE! Lovely Kevin then flouted the venue rules and sparked up…rebel him!

Comment by Shôn

Exeter tickets are now online at Exeter Box Office.

And Phoenix is a much better venue than Cavern, Mack. It’s lovely.

Comment by Olivia Jaremi

Great to see you’re playing the Leeds Cockpit and not the bloody Irish Centre again! Nice venue but well awkward to get to! Had to get a taxi there and back, then I missed the train so I had to get another taxi back to Bradford! (Yes I know you said to leave early but I was enjoy the gig! =p)

So you owe me a pint! =p

Also, why do barely any bands play Bradford?


Comment by Barney

[…] Meanwhile, Los Campesinos! have completed the recording of their third album which looks set for a late 2009 release, and features an incredible line up of guests including the likes of Jamie Stewart and Zac Pennington. They also embark on a full UK tour next month with support from Copy Haho and Sparky Deathcap, tickets for which can be found here. […]

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