“What’s the Portugese for ‘Willy-Nilly’?” by Gareth
July 12, 2009, 8:38 pm
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This weekend we played our sole European festival of this year in Lisbon, Portugal. This was our first ever show in Portugal, so was exciting for that reason alone. It was also a rare situation where we arrived in the city the day before the gig, so we actually had time to do stuff and see sights, which was a rare and very welcome treat. Here are some snaps and notes on the weekend.

We departed from Bristol airport on Friday morning. This meant leaving Cardiff at 4:40AM. Myself and Neil had slept for just a single hour. In hindsight, it seems we may still have been drunk by the time we checked in.

Ollie’s had a haircut and looks really buff(er) as a result. I described him as looking like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, which, as the above photo attests, is completely accurate. Here Ollie is watching Late Of The Pier play and giving a “thumbs up” gesture to the words “Super Bock” behind him. Super Bock is a Portugese lager, popular with English football hooligans, like ourselves. We allowed our song Death To Los Campesinos! to be used in an advertisment for it. This works out really well for everybody involved, because
a) We get a bit of dosh, and people in Portugal have hard of us, so we get to do this festival.
b) Super Bock gets a top quality pop tune to go on its advert
c) You get to see this picture of Ollie.

The next day, prior to our pop concert, a group of five of us set off into Lisbon to see the sights and get sun burnt. Usually I don’t like sight seeing, I prefer Football Manager, but I had some big transfer deadline based decisions to mull over, and thought the fresh air would do me some good. Here, I can be seen posing with a big poster advertising Cristiano Ronaldo. I believe it was a succesful advertising campaign as he has, of course, been sold. Note that I am mimicking Ollie’s above pose.

We walked for ‘bloody miles’ in the search of Lisboa’s castle. When we arrived, we stopped at a lovely little cafe for sustenance. Ollie, Tom and Neil had a custard tart each. See above.

We walked past a house which had this little bird cage nailed to the side of it. Lovely stuff. This is something I’d definitely like to see more of.

The castle was home to some incredible views. Well worth the blagged two and a half Euro entry, thanks to our expired Student cards.

This is Ollie stood next to a sunflower. I’m very lucky that Ollie is always very happy to humour my near constant requests that he pose for photos.

After that, we walked down to the sea, which was absolutely beautiful tbqh.

On the way back, after the metro ride, we saw a poster with our name on it. As you can see, the line up on our day was sadly rather uninspired. I would have liked to have seen Lykke Li and Black Eyed Peas, but in the end I was far too drunk/tired to stick around. Mainland Europe parties far too late for me.

Our concert was a lot of fun. We played a lot better than we should have, considering the minimal practise time we had before hand, and the crowd was incredibly lovely. Got some good football banter in during the set, we totally hammed up the Super Bock business, and my foot went through the stage. Saw something similar on 999 once and the fella lost his leg, so I got off lightly, al in all.

This morning, at a civilised time, for a change, we flew back to Bristol. Ellen’s a big kinder egg fan. She bought a three pack, and this was one of her gifts. Whilst I was taking this photograph, the arriving flight disembarked and from it emerged CARDIFF CITY FOOTBALL CLUB!! Serious. Whilst I was taking this photo, Tom was laughing because apparently some ginger lad who plays for them gave me a dirty look, either for sitting on the floor, or taking this photo, or for not being ginger, I assume. Couldn’t say. Anybody know who he might have been?


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Willy Nilly in Portuguese is ‘quer queira quer nao’ meu filho !

Comment by Ged T(Mama Campesino!)

as in all pics, front row. 🙂 come back soon!

Comment by Vitor

I love the concert and I’m glad you had a good time seeing Lisbon, the pics are really nice. Pleaaaaseeee come back soon, obrigado 😀

Comment by Catarina

“The Kooks want 4 pairs of black socks, the Silversun Pickups want organic food, the Campesinos! want to know the local cuisine, take postcards and stamps from Portugal and a collection of music from national artists.”
I guess it would have been a bit much to ask for seven pairs of black socks. Good of you all.

Comment by Clair

The Show was AWSOME!!!!!!!!! full of energy really the best energy i saw in all of the bands of the optimus! you guys completly rock the stage! love you all!! and keep rocking! i will tag everyone then on facebook!!!! now i will go to surf!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for everything!!!!
Lya (Drummer of ELAINE)

Comment by Kimana Drummer

“Since Eusebio, you really gave up on strikers huh? Also, lol-nani.”

Also, why do the other boy campesinos! not blog?

Comment by Samuel

Cristiano’s gone but we’ve now got Michael Owen… now that he’s not even worth a p.

Comment by PauLie (paula)

My betting on Owen is he has a ridiculously spendid 15 goal season (not enough for United to beat Arsenal – yes, Arsenal – to the title though) and everyone is thinking “Yay! He’s gonna win us the world cup!” and he breaks his metatarsal on the last day of the season or in a pre-WC friendly to lots of LOLs.

Comment by Samuel

Oh how I wish that I could’ve been there but I live all the way south in Portugal.

This sucks. I need to break something.

Comment by Eru

“Usually I don’t like sight seeing, I prefer Football Manager”. lol. Try and sign John Fleck from rangers absolutely quality youth player, and my tickets for the manchester date of the U.K tour came today. yay

Comment by James

Hey James,
John Fleck is a long time favourite of mine. In fact, my current mammoth game (about nine seasons in with Sunderland) has just seen him leave the Stadium of Light after about 8 years of service. He’s just never made the breakthrough he should have, and I’ve this really great young ENGLISH gen called Barry Adams who’s a better winger than him. I should have let Fleck go about three seasons ago in honesty, but I was very fond of him. Man City came knocking with a £20mill offer though, and I couldn’t say “no” to that. That was my big transfer deadline dilemma. I let him go, and have decided not to replace him, instead allowing some youth to come through. However, as I’m defending the premier league and champions league, and have signed no notable new players, this may be a decision I come to regret. Especially with Lewandowski and Pelzer not scoring as many goals as they should.
On the plus side, Fabian Delph has just become England captain and is in the form of his life.

Nice one for buying tickets mate.

Comment by Gareth


we’ll send the myspace msg today for our t-shirts. we’re all still super excited, and speech/voiceless.


Comment by Vitor Azevedo

Your concert was absolutly FANTASTIC! i hope you had like our city, it’s nothing comparing to UK, but okay. I’m so happy you liked it! PLEASE COME BACK! i want you again, you guys rocked the portuguese night!
One of the bests concerts ever, EVER!
Congradulations! Now, Portuguese people are officialy loving you!

Comment by Hugo Saporiti

Hi Miguel and Nuno from your label in Portugal.
Glad you liked sightseeing and the show.
It was trully intense.

Cya soon*

Comment by Nuno Dias/Miguel Marques

Thank you for one of the wickedest concerts I had the pleasure of attending, the energy towards the end was amazing. Hope you enjoyed your stay in sunny Lisbon! Cheers and congratulations for your unique sound!

Comment by K-Tano

Awesome concert 🙂 1 of the best of this year’s ALive if ya ask me. Keep it up dudes! Shame about Aleksandra :/ Loved Gareth’s chilled out atitude to come out from the backstage and share a drink with us…Actually 2 drinks…and in the end I actually got a Gareth Campesinos! original ^_^ check it out: Cheers and come back soon!

Comment by Panda

Thank you for giving us the best show i’ve seen in a long time! You absolutely NEED to come back to Portugal soon!

Comment by Carca

Hey groovers, the missus and I caught the gig in Lisbon and loved your enthusiasm and energy, what a brilliant set and a fun show, how music should be.

Loved Gareth’s comment ‘None of the other f**king bands care as much about this festival as we do. We love what we do.’ It shows, people, it shows.

We’ll be at the Garage in October…

Comment by Marc

I´ve been at Optimus Alive 09, and after 2 days everybody still talking about you in Portugal!! Forget Cornel, Black Eyed Peas, David M Band….You´re the BEST, good vibration on stage, nice people (always “Obrigado” after each song!!) and fresh Music!! Viva Los Campesinos!!
I hope to see you again, in Portugal!! Good luck for you, boys & girls!

Comment by Nuno Norte

after consulting football manager, i think your ‘ultra-ranga’ cardiff player is chris burke.

Comment by markcritchley

Dear ollie. You look JUST LIKE WESTLY from the princess bride 🙂

Comment by KIA

now Tevez’s gone to the City… we are now :S

Comment by PauLie (paula)

U rock, I saw the concert,and you should be in the big stage

Comment by Vasko

Saw fabian delph play for leeds against crewe this season he probably will be future england champion outclassed every player on the pitch, bring in Pavel Pogrebynak if you need someone scoring goals but i’m sure you’ve heard of him as well. top scorer in the dutch league 2 seasons in a row when i was manager of NAC Breda. Might be too old now if your nine seasons in

Comment by James

Hey!thanks for the great show you gave us…you guy’s rock! believe me that it was the most fun concert at Alive09…:D
Hope to see you guys in Portugal again soon…

PS: Damn Ollie was sweaty at the mosh… xD

Comment by 8rankinho

Next time ( and i hope it will be soon ) i want you on the main stage! !!! 😀

Thank you for all, the music, the concert and the symphaty…

Love you all ❤

Comment by Rita ( the pink hair girl )

Yay, I’m in the photo! Front row, right, red t-shirt.
Your concert was truly amazing. Come back soon!

Comment by Rodrigo

i’m tempted to make my lovvers shirt a muscle tee just like Ollie’s

Comment by megan

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