Wolf Like Me (You think of a better title) by Ellen
July 14, 2009, 10:55 am
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Unless you have been living under a proverbial rock you will be aware that SFX released a vampire special this month and although it is a tad pricey, it’s worth getting your mits on for the Buffy mouse pads and very long and detailed interview with James Marsters. James a.k.a Spike was voted the number one vampire by the good readers of the magazine, which is a fair assesment. The top ten seemed pretty spot on if it wasn’t for Selena from Underworld being in there, but the commentry on her was “I SO WOULD PHWWWOAR” rather then a intricate reflection of her fanged antics… at least Robert Pattison’s placing in the top 50 had the pull out quote “When you read the book it’s like “Edward Cullen was so beautiful I creamed myself””

In honour of this I have made a Top Ten Six Werewolf list

6. Professor Lupin: Isn’t it weird that his last name is a deviation of the latin word for wolf like AND he is a wolf?! It’s like those people whose last names are Pratt and they are pratts! Oh Miss Rowling, your subtlety never fails to amaze me…


5. The cast of Dog Soldiers: This British horror film is a favorite of myself and Ollie’s, and the name summarizes the film better then I ever could… It’s mindless, stupid, entertaining, and better then Severance so bonus.

4. Joanie in Cursed: This film directed by Wes Craven is a thinly veiled lesson in safe sex, with the werewolfness being spread by Joshua Jackson’s unprotected penis. Myself and Alek saw it in the cinema and felt the line uttered by the character Joanie “I guess there is no such thing as safesex with a werewolf” was wonderful. Plus it’s the only film I have seen with a werewolf giving Christina Ricci the middle finger.

3. Michael Sheen in the Underworld trilogy: Technically he is only in one and two, but because he can act proper and that he manages to make the films half decent. Plus this film is about the forbidden love between a vampire and a werewolf which we have all pondered over and contains a particularly impressive sex scene over the edge of a cliff.

362575461Look how much fun he is having.

2. OZ! When I was younger I really liked Seth Green and all I wanted in my life was a small ginger boy with black nail varnish who played guitar to sweep me off my feet, I was what you might call “emo” and “living in a fantasy world of my own creation.” Anyway, due to this affliction I was rather invested in his and Willow’s love.


I was impressed with how they dealt with him being a wolf and Willows little fling with Xander and I cried my little heart out when that EVIL SLUT Veruca teased him away with her werelady charms.

1. Brigette and Ginger in Ginger Snaps: This film is about two nerdy death obsessed sisters and is a thinly veiled (aren’t they all!) metaphor for going through fun puberty, where one of them literally gets “The Curse” but thinks it is just her hormones or a really bad period rather then because a werewolf bit her. It’s a good twist on the werewolf genre, and is maybe like Heathers but with Wereladies.katharine_wallpaper_ginger_snaps_01(Oh and the second one is set in Pagan times, and isn’t very good.)

p.s I went to see the first ever screening of the new Harry Potter film last friday in London and Simon Mayo was there, but sadly no Mark Kemode. However, I will give a little review of it after the premiere on Tuesday as well as covering myself with the free Harry Potter transfer tattoos I got.

Ellen x


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Spike’s not even the best vampire in Buffy, let alone the greatest vamp of all time. Gah. Dru >>> Spike. That said, I do still love Spike before he became a pussy with a soul etc.

I have added Ginger Snaps to my lovefilm list. (I really need to take LC! off my google reader.) But Oz is the best Buffy character, so these are high expectations.

Also, no mention of American Werewolf in London??? But why?

Comment by Samuel

To be fair, if Oz hadn’t left we wouldn’t’ve had the Willow’s Will Be Done episode where Giles went blind and Spike and Buffy got engaged, so it had an upside.

And on the subject of werewolves – how cute does the one in the New Moon trailer look? It’s more like a werepuppy than anything fierce!

(Alternative title: Of Wolf And Man?)

Comment by Jamesthegill

I agree with Samuel about the lack of American Werewolf in London.
and James, *thumbs up* for your Whedonverse propaganda 😀

Comment by Veee

standing ovation for ginger snaps, honestly, it`s like “mean girls meets buffy, the vampire slayer” but better. they could do with the jingle bell rock, though.

harry potter transfer tattoos…i`m so jealous, tell me they gave you one with alan rickman`s sex appeal pouring out of it.

Comment by sil

Mmmmm… werewolves. So much sexier than vampires. I really like the Underworld films. Not that they are particularly good films but good sexy fun. You hit the nail on the head with Michael Sheen and the 3rd film. I dressed up vampish after watching this film with my bf but he refused to attempt gymnastic cliff-dangling antics… something about his bad back… and the lack of cliffs where we live… and not having supernatural powers… and not being that fit… dang reality!
The Ginger Snaps films are excellent. Well, the first two are. It’s the third film that is set it pagan times and it isn’t as good. I still enjoyed it but I have a tendancy to enjoy any film with werewolves and/or medieval weaponry.

Oz was love.

Comment by Gem

Proving that I’m a massive dork the second I saw Lupin my instant connection was with the classic anime character

Comment by Nick

Dog soldiers is truly one of the greatest mindless films ever.

Comment by Jamie

Angel is better than buffy

Comment by Ryan

Tickets in San Francisco have been sold out for 2 weeks! So I am going to hold out and see it IMAX style. I hope it was good. I hope your tattoo was a lighting bolt.


Comment by vanessa

also TV On The Radio

Comment by vanessa

1. “Wolf Like Me” makes me dance like a retarded person, so I don’t think a better title is needed

2. I randomly bought Dog Soldiers in a grocery store(!) and it is absolutely the best movie to get drunk and watch at a party.

3. I have finally had a friend sit me down and force me to watch all of Buffy in a row (we just started season 5) – it is so good it almost hurts.

Comment by Ian Mathers

I quite enjoyed Being Human recently. Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey would be in my top6 Vampire, and Werewolf lists respectively.

Comment by Hugh

How could you leave off Michael J. Fox from Teen Wolf off this list?

Or Jason Bateman from the sequel, Teen Wolf Too?

Comment by ciaran

Oh Ellen, your posts make my day. I added Ginger Snaps to my lovefilm list just yesterday on the recommendation of my manager whilst I was putting movies on the lovefilm list into genres [this is my job] and was amused that we have an entire genre for ‘Horror- werewolves’ which caused an entire werewolves based conversation.

I would still date Oz. I would let him take me to the pictures ANY let him buy me a pic n mix, and afterwards I would let him hold my hand. I might even let a giggle escape if he tells me I look pretty. I think about this alot. I would probably break his heart though by pointing out the ‘Dingos ate my baby’ are a terrible generic american rock band. And I LOVE Generic American Rock.

I tried to watch Cursed and gave up at least ten minutes into the film. I have re added it to my list purely on teh promise of Joshua Jacksons penis. Although from memory, I think this may be the reason it was added to my list the first time. Maybe I had a headache, or wasn’t in the mood the first time.

I have to wait until next Wednesday to see HP which displeases me greatly.

Comment by Dianne

I agree with the person who said Teen Wolf needs to be on this list, any werewolf who can dunk it like he can deserves a spot on the list.

Comment by Nick

Ah, so bummed. That SFX special is no longer available here. I must check out Dog Soldiers, at least.

Comment by Julia

i do like wolf like me,
did Dr.Acula feature in the list? i do hope so

Comment by dean

I completely forgot about Teen Wolf, that was a accidental omission, and I have not seen An American Werewolf in Paris, but I shall.
James: You are right, that episode is awesome, it’s up there with Tabula rasa where Spike thinks Giles is his dad. Also it has the shark head demon in.
Gem: I think that your boyfriend needs to man up, put on his leather trousers and if you can’t find any cliffs you will have to make do with a small hill or a recreation of a medieval castle complete with “sex cliff” using sticky backed plastic and cardboard.
Ryan: I love Angel so very much, but I can’t compare it to Buffy as I feel it is like comparing your kids, you know, you love them both but in different ways… I also can not forgive the untimely and unfair demise of Fred just as her and Wesley finally got it on.
Hugh: Is it worth watching then? It’s actually set where my mum lives so that drew me in
Dianne: Oz and Tim from spaced combined may still equal my ideal man. Also I liked the way Oz was considerate enough to actually die his eyebrows the colour of his hair that week.

Comment by Ellen

Yeah It’s worth a watch. It’s really less about the characters being monsters, and more about their day to day problems. It’s only 6 episodes long, and I’m pleased to see they have commissioned a second series.

Comment by Hugh


I know this is barely relevant, but I thought you might fancy these two to tide you over until the R2 DVD release: more Dollhouse episodes. – Epitaph 1 (password: 114) – unaired pilot Echo (password: 100)

Comment by jamesthegill

are these new unseen episodes? I will have a look, thank you very much! x

Comment by Ellen

I was pretty just as in love with Oz as you, and then a year ago I met a pretty quiet ginger boy with a guitar and black nail varnish. ‘Lo, he is mine.

Comment by maudie

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