July 16, 2009, 10:03 am
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Current Contents Of Box (to be added to lots):

  • Xiu Xiu/High Places 7″ Split (includes David Horvitz polaroid)
  • Lovvers Laughing Man 7″
  • Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Town Topic EP
  • BARR The Song Is The Single 7″
  • Miscellaneous Badges
  • A couple of ‘Zines.

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Lovvers Laughing Man 7″

Good choice ❤

Comment by Davelyy

Wow pretty good idea.

Comment by Joe

impeccable football jersey taste as always

Comment by tom

Fantastic idea, can’t wait to see the contents grow!

Comment by ciaran

tasty, tasty idea, guys.

Comment by Trung

Your competition should be person who looks most like me.

Hopefully I’ll be in with a chance.

Comment by Rob

Awesome idea 🙂 very sad I’ll be missing you on this tour by one day though. Stupid plane travel.

Comment by Jeska

Are fans welcome to bring contributions to the box at shows?

I cant wait to see you guys August 6th at the 9:30 club in DC!!! It will without a doubt be the best experience of my life

Comment by Joe

I’ll win this. I don’t know how, but I will. The content so far already has me drooling.

Comment by Cheky

[…] here’s the introductory video to Los Campesinos! record box project, whereby they tour the Unites States collecting 7″s before giving you the opportunity to win the collection. Because they’re Good Guys. Full details are at their blog. […]

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an amazing idea. can’t wait to see how it grows

Comment by fry

It’s really bugging me what team’s shirt that is, wanna fill me in (like craig david)? Looks cool though.

I think this box may be too indie for me and would need some sort of pandera-hope type DJ Quik or 2 Live Crew at the back.

Comment by Samuel

Looks like it could be the Malta National Football Team Jersey

Comment by Jon

Yeh, it’s the Maltese National Football Team shirt from 1994-96.
Had a good 0-0 draw with the Czech Republic whilst qualifying (or, rather, not) for Euro ’96.

Comment by Gareth

I want that box so bad! :#

Comment by MAfalda

Fancy you say that Rob… I think I look exactly like you. I win!

Thanks Rob

Comment by vanessa

i’d like some badges that take up space

Comment by eden

Ahhh wouldn’t that make my life.
Sucks I’m going to be on vacation for a while… hopefully I’ll still have a chance. D:

Comment by Clair

Congratulations for the future winner.

Comment by Eru


Comment by Lindsay

I love this. This is brilliant. I hope you will post the videos of you buying the records. I would watch that. x

Comment by ashli

only the north americans can compete? or south americans too? :D.
BTW i saw No Age a couple of months ago in La Trastienda (Yes, where you played!) and therefore deserve said box.

Comment by Marcos.

At no point in that video do I mention any restrictions on who can or cannot win the competition. Anyone will be able to enter.

Comment by Gareth

It’s my birthday today, so can this be my belated gift?!? 🙂

Comment by Jordan

This is very cool and I can’t wait to try to get. I would also like to suggest that when you get to Austin, you go to either Waterloo Records or An End of an Ear for your single buying needs.

Comment by David Glickman

Im so sad I can’t see you at the 9:30 club in DC. Why aren’t you coming to Virginia?

Comment by Robert

then im SO winning this.

Comment by Marcos.

OH MY GOODNESS! This is just incredible!
Los Campesinos!, you are amazing

Comment by David

Yes, brilliant idea. Vinyl lives on. At a Woods/Real Estate show this week I encountered a young man who was itching to buy some vinyl swag but, revealed that, alas, he doesn’t own a record player. Well now. I say, “Chuck those CDs and mp3s!” When the big curtain comes down, how ya gonna play ’em anyway. As my friend Bob says, you can always play your vinyl in a blackout with a paper cup and a pin.

Comment by Henry

This is a great post. You guys have quite a unique blog. NEVER CHANGE!

Comment by Julia

Gareth, where did you get that 7″ box from? I’ve been looking for exactly that for far too long.

Comment by Kaley

hi basil

Comment by ninja lulz

Okay. So I live in Pennsylvania. A state where you decided playing shows was unnecessary. But that’s not the bad part. The part part is that I am moving to a town located approximately 5 minutes away from D.C. TWO DAYS AFTER you’re August 5th show there. I really really hate my life right now and I am sad for not being able to see you guys.

Due to my horrific dilemma, I would like to own said box.

I love you.

Comment by Robert.

Robert, why dont you go there two days before you move in order to “get to know the place”?

Comment by Marcos.

I’m already going two weeks earlier than I actually need too.
And if I wasn’t seventeen and I had a job and money and a car I would totally drive down myself.
Fail or what?

Comment by Robert.

yeah, im 16 and i know what you mean. Tell your parents, maybe they’ll understand

Comment by Marcos.

please come to Chile…!

Comment by Fernanda

I am going to try as hard as I can to see you in DC. I don’t know if it would sell out and I would like someone’s opinion on this.

Comment by Different Robert

[…] Los Campesinos! – This Is How You Spell “Hahaha, We Destroyed The Hopes and Dreams of a Generation of Faux-Romantics” […]

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oh my god


Comment by tess

i am insanely thrilled! who doesn’t love casiotone, owen! and xiu xiu! i got pins by them lying around somewhere, meek.

Comment by cuddlefuddles

What does Gareth say at “You can probably expect a bit of____ to end up in there, probably a bit of _____?

Comment by Matt

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