Lolz in America: Part 2 by Ellen
July 22, 2009, 11:06 am
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Hello! Here are the continued adventures of Los Campesinos! on their wacky tours around America….except this time the subtitles are better.

I did intend on having the final chapter up next week but as you will learn from the cliff hanger ending my camera decided to stop turning on. I think it’s depressed, and no amount of enya and pep talks will convince it to hold charge.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and maybe learn a little something about yourself along the way

I love you


ps. In case you missed part one.


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horray! more posts

Comment by Alex

1) I want to know what was going on at the start.

2) I like Ellen’s voice.

Comment by Rob

Awww thank you Rob, after hearing it on camera so often I have grown to cringe at my dropping of my t’s and my incessant need to puncture each silence with a high pitched noise. x

Comment by Ellen

What in the world happened to the van window?! And being from a town in NJ where the Sopranos has been filmed, I think Ollie would make a great gangster. Fits right in.

Comment by Shannon

That first venue looked like an Adult Contemporary Jazz club, not a Rocking Out club.

Comment by DianaS

I want to know Ellen’s alternative life.

Comment by Different Robert

Aww It’s a bit sad that there was a camera right near my head in Seattle and I didn’t even notice! I do think I could hear myself singing along, as well, which is pretty bad.

Comment by Clair

was that a new song you were playing towards the beginning of the video cos’ i didn’t recognize it

Comment by James

That was glorious as usual. The alternative life bits cracked me up, along with the forbidden mural.

Comment by Chris

These have been terribly entertaining. Plus this one included the show I was at.

Comment by sleep

The Alternative Life thingy is super awesome!
great episode 2, well done !!

Comment by Veee

My favourite bit is Tom’s genuine upset.

Comment by Alex

the song that was played towards the beginning was a Pavement song called Boxelder.

AAhhhh real monsters. The last show on this popumentary was in Portland! I traveled there from San Francisco to view the show with my best friend…. Fleet Foxes

Comment by vanessa

Aw I wish I could’ve seen you guys live!

Comment by ilrattodelcaffe

That was some lovely ambient music.
p.s. Ellen, I have the same coat as you!

Comment by maddy

I wanted to hear Aleks and Ellen’s alternative lives.

Also these things are fantastic, thanks for taking the chance of annoying everyone with constant filming to provide delight for all of us 😀

Comment by Nick

Ah, as I’ve probably said time and time again all Part 2s should be called ‘Cruise Control’! Huzzah!

Comment by King of the Ducks

Nice work, Ellen. I see some skill development since the last one with the bleeps and the captions and all that! You kinda make me want to have the opportunity to have someone drive me around America in a bus. Hm..maybe if only the driver is Joe and he cares to imagine my alternative life. It is interesting that the only alt life spared from this video is Ellen’s…maybe we need a dramatic re-enactment of that one in a future video. Anyhow, I highly enjoyed this, and some of the bands on the soundtrack too (The National! Micachu! yay).
p.s. heheh..Vancouver “home of the X-files”
p.p.s. HAH – no visit to Vancouver is complete without an interview with Nardwuar?! He’s one of those guys that I wonder if he’s ever himself or always in character.
Bye bye now.

Comment by Julia

Just had a HOLY SHIT moment. I drove through that exact part of Minneapolis listening to the National no more than 2 hours ago. Also, can’t wait for Lollapalooza.

Comment by Drew

Hurrah! I found myself at the Milwaukee gig. I was hoping this might include some of your time at Turner Hall and to my excitement that’s exactly where it started =).

Comment by Angela

Fun fact about the Seattle show that you may not have been aware of. During the show, you managed to dislodge a piece of ceiling. Which, to put in (very) cliché terms means that Los Campesinos! managed to “rock hard enough” to literally “bring the house down.”

Comment by Ryan

haven’t heard that pavement song before

Comment by James

back to Lisbon soon for a concert will sold out in 1 hour

Thanks for the concert that you have given

Comment by zurgao

Its from the album Westing (By Musket and Sextant).

I share your sentiments Drew about Lollapalooza… It’s very sad about the Beastie Boys, but I’m a little more excited to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Comment by vanessa

Vanessa, I was lucky enough to see them recently at their stop in Minneapolis. Tool is simply too good to pass up to see Yeah Yeah Yeah’s for a second time in 1 summer. Please chear, dance, and sing excessively loud in my absence.

Comment by Drew

Nardwuar! He’s a Canadian treasure.

Comment by Kaley

I hope they were fantastic! I haven’t seen them play in years.

Yes I will be dancing for the both us.. unless I pass out first

Comment by vanessa

HEY! That’s me in the cap and red shirt right up at the stage at the Vancouver show when Gareth is looking for his Glock stick head thingy. That was a great show, Sadly the venue that it was at was shut down last week so more condo’s could be built, c’est la vie.

Comment by McBain

It seemed as if you were filming from under an invisibility cloak at 0:54.
Gareth in jeans on that stage threw me off for a moment.

Comment by Diana

No way! Nardwuar!!!

Comment by Brian

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