July 23, 2009, 2:17 pm
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It pains me to have to do this.

This is tantamount in the embarrassment stakes to, I dunno, standing in a room with all your ex-girlfriends and their new boyfriends and having to announce “sorry, has anyone got a spare pair of underwear, I’ve pissed myself”.

Does anyone know where I could get some decent glock beaters?

Useful ones have proven hard to come by, with them all being either too hard (which causes me to break glock keys (which is expensive) and the whole thing to sound EVEN MORE tinny) or too soft (which means it can’t be heard (I’m okay with this, but y’know)).

I used to have these really awesome yellow ones, but only had two of them and I nicked them from my senior school, so that’s not really a viable source anymore. But the last of those broke at Glastonbury last year. This is a photograph of the remnants. They’re one piece, plastic ones. Quite soft plastic though. Or at least not too heavy.

OR these are good too. They’re the ones Percussion Plus sends us every time we buy a new glock, BUT they won’t let us buy them individually (srsly, I’ve offered myself as “the face of Percussion Plus”, but they won’t bite. I even said they don’t have to use my actual FACE, but still, nothing). These are good, but I go through them too quickly because the…end bit, is detachable from the…stick bit, and so parts always get lost. It’s not uncommon for me to have to briefly halt a show to ask the front couple of rows to look to their feet to see if they can salvage what’s been lost (including my dignity).

I think I have one suitable glock beater at the moment. And that’s between both mine and Aleks’ glocks.

SO, if you can suggest any stockists, or if there’s somewhere near you that sells decent ones and I could send you money and you could buy me shitloads, that’d be really appreciated. Or if you work for Percussion Plus and have google alerts going on or something, I dunno. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you.


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Blog won’t let me post a comment. Oh dear. If they did all actually go through and I’ve spammed it up I’m sorry.

Comment by Rob

Dolphin have ones that look similar on their site. Dolphin have a store in Liverpool City Centre and they’re lovely guys, they could probably get them back in stock. I can go and ask if you wish.

This site seems to have them too. Not sure if they’re the same, they look like they have thick handles that go thinner then reach the head. Do they have a number/code anywhere on them? In the packaging/manuals for the glocks?

Comment by Rob


I’m missing a few words and I’m just guessing “especially”.

And sorry Gareth, no idea where you can get them. ): I could probably steal a few from my school but I’m on summer vacation so…

Comment by Tiago

These look like the first ones. But they’re hard plastic. These have the same description with soft plastic and a bigger head but no picture.

(The only thing better I have to do is eat and I don’t like the look of the bread so this is my job for the day)

Comment by Rob

You’re a hero, thanks Rob.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get hold of some of those red ones before we go to the US next week, and those yellow ones might also do the trick. Shall definitely take a chance on them.
Thanks a lot mate, really appreciate it.

Comment by Gareth

After some serious digging the only place that does the AM2/AM3 yellow ones (if they’re the ones you want) is an Australian musical education equipment supplier that makes no name stuff. They might well be the same ones you had in that case. Can’t find a site that states they’ll ship them to the UK so you’ll either have to negotiate with them directly or find a member of Aus Campesinos! to send them over.

(See what I did there?)

Your former music shop worker/slave,

Comment by Rob

Some other people commented with much more useful advice than this: I have an Angel Glock (yes it’s for children, but it is really fun to play with), and it came with plastic yellow beaters, very similar to the one in the picture. If it comes to that, you could get an Angel (they are really cheap) and just use those beaters?
Also, I was in one of the shows where one of the round things flew off. I thought you handled the situation very well!

Comment by DianaS

Aw, had this blog been posted a week or two earlier, I’m sure you could have got school kids a-plenty to commit petty thefts in their music departments before they finished for summer.

Comment by Lois

I dunno… maybe some of these will work? If not, I’m sure loads of beaters will soon be mysteriously disappearing from the year-round schools.

Comment by Val

Diana might be onto something too, but they sell those beaters separately.

AP21 look about right, and JHS gear is dead easy to find over here. Based on the AM/AP codes JHS might have made the Aussie ones too, or be getting them from the same people.

Comment by Rob

Gareth, care to divulge what’s written on the side of the red glock in the second picture? Are you trying to remind yourself not to stare at the hotties during the show or something?

Comment by Kyle from TX

I believe it says “Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with hot girls!!”. It’s a message from our US backline tech, Avel, to myself.
I should take heed.

Comment by Gareth

Comment by Joe

Check this out

Comment by John

Try any of these!

Comment by Caitlin


i have a lot of music stores by me, and one that i know of gots the glocks. also there is a “guitar world” that pretty much has everything you can imagine of in it.

Comment by cuddlefuddles

Try Jack’s Music in Red Bank, New Jersey if you’re ever in the area. They’re a great music store and can probably get you anything you want at a decent price.

I’d ask my conductor what the glock player uses in our orchestra but I believe those mallets are hardcore wood and would probably be too brash for music other than strange 20th century classical music. 🙂

Comment by Patty Rentschler

i teach music 2 days a week – educational suppliers are your friend. percussion plus do packs of 12 of the red beaters with black heads for a few quid. try chamberlains music when you’re back in the uk, they should be able to mail order you a pack or 5.


Comment by thom ashworth

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