This week I have been mostly… by Ollie
July 25, 2009, 1:53 pm
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What have you been doing?


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This week I’ve mostly been listening to Wesley Willis’s “Rock N Roll Will Never Die”.


Comment by Kevin

I’ve been biking/running while listening a lot to Vampire Weekend and Of Montreal.

I’m also currently reading a book entitled Five Quarts which provides a history of blood. Quite interesting.

Have you guys had the chance to check your email recently? I’ve sent you one last week. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Watched: Torchwood series 3 which finally premiered on BBC America this week. I enjoyed the 5 episodes in 5 night format, which I’d never seen done in the US before (made it easier for me to pay attention and the constant cliff hangers kept me coming back for more) while I thought the series itself was quite solid.

Read: Reread Matthew Reilly’s 6 Sacred Stones for the first time in a while. An enjoyable action/thriller beach read if nothing else.

Listened: to the original cast recording of West Side Story after realizing it was only 5 bucks on Amazon. Easily one of my favorite musicals of all time.

Comment by Chris

reading ‘the rest is noise: listening to the 20th century’
bought the hunches-‘exit dreams’ at reckless records while in chicago
got a free first class upgrade flying back from p4k cause I was nice to the ticketing lady
been going to the xxmerge festival celebrating merge records’ 20th anniversary

Comment by Garrett

I’ve listening to a lot of The Vines lately, and you aswell. Reading football news, sad about the rumour of Masche going to Barcelona, hopefully not. And Partying

Comment by Marcos

Texting the missus while she’s away in Norway. Working a 70-hour week. Spending the money on the following (rather than her, obvs):
Mini EP – The Wedding Present
Watusi – The Wedding Present
Saturnalia – The Wedding Present
The Complete Peel Sessions (6 disc (!) box set) – The Wedding Present
El Rey – The Wedding Present

And I’m a Guardian subscriber, so *thumbs up*

Comment by Matthew

love the fast show reference (L)

i have been after a girl that i get the feeling just isnt interested. see how it goes eh?

enjoying what should be the best summer of my life with some quality mates :):)

Comment by dave

been listening to Smashing Pumpkins all week (a friend just sent me the complete Aeroplane Flies High boxset,which is beyond awesome),reading Financial press at work,booked a DJ event for next montha,dn finally been registered to Uni.
not bad. x
ps : Nick Cave *thumbs up*

Comment by Veee

Got around to seeing Bruno, enjoyed it greatly and also got stuck seeing a horrible romcom thanks to my friend.

Listening to lots of Futureheads, Japandroids, MBV, Pixies, and the Medicine for Melancholy soundtrack

Keeping up with Comic-Con news, working dead end job, hot as balls in NY lately, snuck into my friend’s neighbor’s hot tub, and trying to get properly registered for class next semester

Comment by Nick

I’ve been listening to the Pixies and Pavement a lot. The band I”m in played a gig wearing all black on a black stage in direct sunlight on a 100 degree day.

I’ve been watching Buffy Vampire Slayer, for which my friends mock me. If only they knew how good it is.

Girls are more interested in me now that I kind of have a girlfriend. I throw myself at them for months with no success, and now that I’m not really available they want me. So goes the summer.

Comment by Wolf Black

Watched loads of Doctor Who that I had recorded from last week.
Read about half-way through “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman, which I’ve waited to read since it came out when I was in school.
Listened a lot to Throw Me the Statue, Yelle, Grizzly Bear (learned a song of theirs on the mandolin), and Phoenix.
I also went to the thrift store, endured the hot weather in Seattle, and didn’t go to see Micachu and the Shapes cos I can only afford free concerts at the moment (eg TMTS next week).

Comment by Clair

I’ve been kicking ass and breaking hearts.

No, that’s a lie. I crocheted a toy dodo while watching Spaced instead of enjoying the Chicago weather.

Comment by Kim

Been listening to music for ENDLESS car rides home. I’ve been wondering, how broad are your musical tastes?

Comment by Ricky

I’ve been listening to Neutral Milk Hotel, the Dark Was The Night compilation, and LC!
I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting – designed my own hat!
And I’ve been researching an essay about turtles being caught by long-line fishing 😦

Comment by David

I’ve been…listening to a lot of broken social (as always), reading all the news coverage on the norwich north election because i had to for class, finally i have been putting off this paper i have to write 😦

Comment by Jasmine

I´ve been helping my dad out at the office (at least I´m getting paid for it), putting the finishing touches on my Zombies vs Unicorns embroidered bag, and rediscovering Bloc Party.

Comment by DianaS

i’ve been listening to kid a and tonight this week as well quite a bit so thumbs up to you ollie!

Comment by Daniel

This week I’ve mostly been working, and counting down to my vacation. Listening to the D’Urbervilles – We Are the Hunters, Pavement – Brighten the Corners, Phoenix – It’s Never Been Like That. Went to Hillside Festival, and will be listening Timber Timbre – st a lot this upcoming week, maybe also some Clues, The Witchies, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Ohbijou, Woodhands, and Final Fantasy! ❤ Hoping for less rain, more sun.

Comment by Julia

More or less been listening to a combination of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Joy Division all week so far (an odd combination I’ve found out).

And that “new war poetry” mentioned in The Guardian better have been carved in a door with a Stanley knife!

Comment by Dan

Belle and Seb!

This week I’ve been reading a lot, listening to a lot of Belle and Seb/Leonard Cohen/I Heart Hiroshima and then my week took a bad turn and I’m mostly moping and watching Teachers on 4od at the moment.

Comment by lrkn

I have been listening to some Tom Waits, some Neutral Milk Hotel, some Godspeed You! Black Emperor and LC! A fine little mix of styles if you ask me. That and working on a tiny little soundbooth I’m turning a closet into.

Comment by Kevin

Making a fancy dress outfit for a festival this weekend.

Comment by Lois

very nice Lois. quite original

Comment by Kevin

Been rather fixated on US Media coverage of Mighty Boosh’s first big trip over. Not that they came here to Chicago or anything, but hopefully it will go brilliantly.

Comment by Gregg

Why thank you, Kevin. The theme is nautical.

Comment by Lois

cute, Lois! I assume this is just something you’re doing, but it’d be awesome if there’s a festival that exists where everyone creates a fancy, themed dress-up outfit of some sort.

Comment by Julia

That’s a great idea, Julia. That would be the most splendid atmosphere. So easy-going with pretty and colorful views! That would be really interesting.

Comment by Kevin

Went to the Splendour in the Grass festival in Byron Bay, Australia and saw the amazing Dananananaykroyd! Got to love the ‘wall of cuddles’. They were my second favourite act right after The Flaming Lips who, if you’ve seen them live, you’ll know are hard to top.

Comment by Laurence

Julia, the festival does actually have a fancy dress theme. It’s done off a vote and then whatever wins, is the fancy dress for the Saturday of the festival

Comment by Lois

That’s fantastic! Take more pictures and share, please, if you like.

Comment by Julia

Sure, check back in a week or so when I’ve returned. I’m sure I’ll end up with some pictures of myself wearing it in a gloriously muddy field.

Comment by Lois

Iya Julia. I’m lazy with photo developing and I’m not sure whether you really care to see some girl off the Internet dressed as the ocean so much, but I’m getting my photos back next week sometime. Or maybe this week. I don’t really know. Soonish!

Comment by Lois

Loiiis from the forum! I care to see some pictures from this festival if you intended to load them to the interweb anyway. Don’t do it just to satisfy my curiosity!

Comment by Julia

Which forum?!
Yeh, they’ll be going on my blog or Facebook or something like that, so yehhh.

Comment by Lois

hehe…I’m on the LC forum although I haven’t logged in for weeks!

Comment by Julia

Better late (and shit quality) than never.

Comment by Lois

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