Food Review – Brooklyn 03/08/09 by Ollie
August 4, 2009, 2:39 pm
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Welcome back to another batch of the Los Campesinos! food reviews.  After some tips I’ve decided to try and broaden my vocabulary but coming from Somerset I doubt that will happen.

Due to the ethnic makeup of Britain you don’t really get that many Mexican restaurants.  Lots of places do fajitas but they’re not as good as getting them from a proper Mexican restaurant.  Having spent a lot of time in the States now I love Mexican and try to have it as much as possible.

Last night we played at Union Pool in Brooklyn.  There was no sign of a pool but there was a taco truck!  Having no time to try out the Peruvian restaurant next door (has anyone been?), I opted for the taco truck.

IMG_0168I decided to go for a beef taco.  He produced what looked like a very thin steak which he then chucked on the grill, cooked and then sliced.  The beef was very tender and had a slight smokey taste to it.  There was plenty of onion but not enough to give an over powering taste.  The tomato was juicy and sweet, providing a nice contrast against the steak and spice.  The spice level was perfect, it left a nice flavour in your month, and in this hot weather, it didn’t induce sweats.  I was told later they use the Rooster hot sauce which Neil is a big fan of.

The only downfall about it was there was so much in it that when you bit into it half the filling fell out.  But I shouldn’t really complain for only $3US it was great value and I thoroughly enjoyed it, apart from when I tried to eat the Lime, thats never a good idea!

Next we look at Manhattan.


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That taco looks tasty! But honestly, you’ll find great and real Mexican food when you return to Mexico!
And hey, I’ve tasted peruvian food before, and it’s great, just much less spicy!

Comment by chalico

Sounds/looks totally nom.

Dunno if you’ve seen it, but is a great reference for street cart / cheaper food in (surprisingly, midtown) Manhattan.

I only got to try the Jamaican Dutchy (gets my recommendation too) on my recent NYC trip; so many more to check out.

Oh, and if you fancy a burger, side of tater-tots and margarita pitchers, try near the Chelsea Hotel.

Comment by Dan

you haven’t had good mexican food until you go to Texas, I guarantee you. it’s terrible in the north. definitely get some when you come here in a few weeks:)
I’m excited to see you in Dallas on the 15th!

Comment by Sarah

3 dollars is a bit steep for a taco that small. My friend just got back from a trip to Peru and we planned on going to a Peruvian restaurant on the day we’re seeing you guys up in Austin. But to my knowledge, it’s not as good as Mexican food, we’ll see.

Comment by Leni

I have big hands.

Comment by Ollie

Have to agree with Sarah above! I go to school in North Carolina, and the mexican food there isn’t nearly the quality of the tex mex back home (Texas).

Comment by Kyle from TX

You should really try getting a taco or maybe even a “sope” or burrito from a taco truck in California. They’re great. And the beef is actually named “carne asada” (I’m not trying to be a douche, just informing you :] ).

and I must agree with @Leni, 3USD for a taco is a bit expensive. Normally they run 1USD.

And since this is the first time I comment on anything, I must say – I enjoy your entries :]]


p.s. you squeeze the lime onto the taco for flavor at your discretion. 😛

Comment by Fabian

I love that you know what rooster sauce refers to 🙂 For the record, I thought it tasted and looked like rooster sauce, but I’m not sure it is. Check your sources! What would the Guardian think of this..

Comment by Julia

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