Food Review – Manhattan 04/08/09 by Ollie
August 5, 2009, 9:06 pm
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Our band has an obsession with Japanese food.  Cardiff has three Japanese restaurants and I think this encourages us in eating more of it.  Our manager also has an obsession with Japanese food so much that he bought offices across from a restaurant, (a small lie…).  So after soundcheck LC! and our manager ended up finding the nearest Japanese restaurant to Webster Hall.  We ended up at the Sharaku restaurant.

The others opted for sushi whilst I had a a Salmon steak with V.S.O.D (whatever that means).  It turned up and appeared to have a Real McCoy stuck in the sweet potato mash.  If you do not know what a Real McCoy is, its a type of crisp/chip generally found in pubs to soak up the beer.  It was a strange thing to have in it, because it had no flavour, it was just a crisp/chip.  The salmon looked like a kipper just down to the appearance.  It had been cooked in a sweet sauce that contrasted nicely with the salmon.  However, having sweet potato as well meant that a lot of the meal was quite sweet.  I like to have a substantial amount of savoury in my main meal.  The broccoli amd rice helped, but the rice was not very sticky so proved pretty difficult to eat with chop sticks and I wasn’t rude enough to ask for a fork.


It was a nice meal but it was quite expensive for the quality.


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Oh dip. What must be the second closest Japanese restaurant to Webster Hall is Ippudo, the best “ramen and other casual Japanese fare” in town, affordable and transcendent. Unfortunate miss.

Comment by Eric

I’d be so disappointed if that turned up for me. Just saying.

Comment by Ellie

Hey, that’s kind of funny because my Boyfriend and I had Japanese just before coming to your show too. Next time you need a sushi/japanese food fix around Webster Hall or that Union Square area check out Yoshi Sushi.We’ve been there a few times now becuase they are yummy and are cheap (we are cheap/yummy food officionados). Thanks for coming to NY, I really enjoyed your performance.

Comment by Shayna M.

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