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August 5, 2009, 6:57 pm
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As we embark on another wild and crazy journey across the land of cheese steaks and Ashlee Simpson, I am pleased to say that things have been rather lovely so far, although we are all gradually melting into little puddles of British charm with the weather being rather too hot for our pasty silken skin.

The van has welcomed us back with slightly uncomfortable seats and nearly everyone has taken their usual “spots.”  My own little caustrophobic piece of heaven is next to Neil who regails me with witty tales as well as offering me crisps. But anyway here are some completely incoherent thoughts which have taken an idle stroll through my brain in recent times.

I was lucky enough to experience some hipster barrista wit when I was in Manhattan with a coffee making expert asking me if I wanted a “paper or ceramic cup.” Took me ages to get it. Then I thought he was quite clever. Then I thought he was a idiot. Then I thought it was something straight out of an indie rom com. Then I thought he might be flirting with me. Then he said it to the next person in the queue. Then I realised that I was not one snowflake in a million. Then I cried.

We passed some advertisements on the way out of New York, one advocating shag carpets but frowning on the use of Narcotics. It stated “So No to Drugs. Say Yes to Rugs.”

“100 classic books” on Nintendo DS is the best pre-tour purchase I have ever made. I can read all the greats (bit of Dickens, bit of Poe) on my tiny little computer screen without the need for a mobile library! “Great Mystery Puzzles” however was not. It may be something to do with the fact that its designed for ages 3+ but the first level involved finding items to pack for your holiday in your room…. I am not too sure if that was the mystery solving I had in mind but  I failed the task anyway, not being able to find my binoculars.

Joe Puelo has forbidden some stock phrases from being uttered on this tour, including “In this current climate?” and “with this recession going on.” Fortunately none of us tend to talk about economics that much, so its been avoided thus far…. If he said we weren’t allowed to utter the words “she was well fit” or “douchebag” then we would all be in trouble.

I think someone threw a beer can at my feet during the gig the other day.

The concerts themselves have been going rather smoothly thus far with no major fuck ups, explosions or set backs. Apart from on the first night when I played the wrong note at the beginning of You!Me!Dancing! Luckily everyone noticed.

The transition from British drink measures to American ones has been a rocky one, with Tom having some difficulty adapting, this has lead to him making some rather witty comments on stage. On the first evening at Union Pool they were breast based, and on the second evening at Webster hall they were aimed at glasses wearers. You know your servings are really big right? Come to the UK and weep as you have a tipple of whisky and no money left.

Gareth reminded me last night much I loved the work of Lee and Herring, and in particular This Morning with Richard not Judy. You can watch all the episodes here

In the meanwhile, enjoy this this taster


Richard Herring and Stewart Lee are both at the wonderful Edinburgh fringe festival this month, with Lee at the strand and Herring at the underbelly.  I have seen Herring a few times, and Lee once, and they are both lollosome and roffoly. If you are going there then see some contempory theatre for me, as well as Neil Gaiman doing some of this,

Ellen x


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Glad to hear you guys are having a good time on tour. I’m gonna be at the DC show tonight and I’m really looking forward to it. Good luck!

Comment by Thomas

I have this little game where I like to guess which Campesinos! is writing the blog entry I’m reading and take pleasure when I guess correctly early in the entry. Today I was a winner by the phrase “gradually melting into little puddles of British charm…” Classic Ellen!

Can’t wait to see your reaction to the lovely August Texas Heat. See you guys and gals in Austin and Dallas!

Comment by Alexandra

I used to play that game, Alexandra, until I started using Google Reader, and it tells me the author of the entry at the top of it. No fun.

Comment by Lois

I booked the last two Stewart Lee tickets that were available for when I’m in Edinburgh today and felt oddly smug. I need some Richard Herring tickets though. I love the Stewart Lee site for putting all his old shows up, I say “you want the moon on a stick” way too much nowadays because of that show.

Comment by Alex

Edgar Allen Poe! I have an audiobook collection of Poe read by Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone somewhere. Amazing.

Comment by lrkn

Neil Gaiman as in the author of Coraline and Star Dust? My computer sucks so I can’t click on the link. Ellen have you had a chance to watch any True Blood? This seasons getting crazy.

Comment by vanessa

Ellen, I work at a comic shop in Austin and despite better judgment I seem to give comics as gifts to bands I go and see, any thing you’d like to read?

Comment by Sergio

AWWW sergio, you legend… I mean… maybe…. I will have a think tomorrow x and Vanessa i got up to two episodes back I think, dont tell me anything! And yes that Neil Gaiman. He said hello to me on twitter once. Possible highlight of year/life x

Comment by Ellen

can’t wait to see you guys in Cleveland today. I’ve seen you two other times. I live in Detroit, so the drive will be long, but its worth it.

Comment by colin

Well sergio, if you have either the 2nd civil war booky annual thing or the 3rd walking dead book about that would be simpy awesome? Oh or the first part of Promethea… I have heard its awesome….. God I am a demanding bint. Its just thats the most exciting offer I have had since I went home and my mum asked if I wanted a roast dinner.

Comment by Ellen


You should read David Lapham’s Young Liars. It is so insane and unfortunately ending soon but the first two trades are out.

Comment by Pierce

Promethea is awesome, the layouts are amazing, and it reads like a completely different Moore. We are always stocked on Walking Dead trades(cause, you know, they rock) 2nd Civil War(?) issue 2(?)

Comment by Sergio

Yer sorry, Issue 2 please! I am very very excited x

Comment by Ellen

Good shout on Lee and Herring. I take it you listen to Rich’s podcast with Andrew Collings? If not I highly recommend it. It’s ace!

Comment by Jed

Picked up the first six issues of Promethea, the third trade of Walking Dead, and seeing as how it’s impossible to get Civil War 2, I just picked up the trade, see you guys Friday!

Comment by Sergio

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