Food Review – Washington D.C. 05/08/09 by Ollie
August 7, 2009, 7:04 am
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So the 9.30 has a prestigious history and we were told that there would be pizza on arrival, and there was!  There was an ample supply of food throughout the day, they kept bringing us more and more food.  I had some tasty and very spicy soup.

My main at the 9.30 was a chili with rice and tortilla chips.  It was a small portion but it was listed as a starter.  The chili was spicy but not that meaty, there was a lot of vegetables in it but it was missing the classic chili vegetable of kidney beans.  It was a bit watery as well.  The rice and the chips were both very tasty, the chips had been clearly been homemade which is always so much better than shop bought ones.  Though the meal wasn’t the greatest the amount of food that we were given was amazing.  The menu was very substantial as well.


Another thing… everyone should try the 9.30 cupcakes they are amazing!  A great after gig treat.  Our merch girl even said they should be made illegal by how tasty they were.

IMG_0172I wonder what Ian McKaye thinks of the food?


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Dear Ollie,

I think the food is swell. I also think you’re swell.

Hugs and Kisses,
Ian MacKaye ❤

Comment by Ian Mackaye

Great show in cleveland. Many thanks to Aleks for signing my sister and I’s TShirts

Comment by Colin

Oh shit, those cupcakes look amazing.

Comment by Nick

y’all were rad in dc

Comment by michael

Their cupcakes are so good! You put on a great show, that one kid in the crowd who kept yelling for ‘we throw parties’ was kind of a punk though.

Comment by Allen

Im so disappointed I had to miss the show. Did they play their cover of Police Story? It makes sense for DC. I love the new shirt btw

Comment by Robert

this was an awesome night. thanks for the fun times, LC! 🙂

Comment by lisa

Dear Campesinos! Crew,

Your set at the 9:30 Club was absolutely amazing and I hope that the rest of your tour is going well! WAB, WAD has not left my record player, nor my walkman, since the show and Gareth’s signature is hanging soundly on my bedroom wall.


PS: Tell Neil that I have a ginormous teenage crush on him.

Comment by Joey

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