Food Review – Cleveland OH 06/08/09 by Ollie
August 8, 2009, 1:17 pm
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Infusion restaurants are quite strange sometimes.  I don’t really get the idea of covering a whole load of food areas.  I suppose its to attract people who perhaps don’t want one particular style of meal.  There is a restaurant in Cardiff that I have never been to it purely for this reason.  It specialises in Italian and North Indian, now I love both, but together I’m not so sure about.

The place I went to in Cleveland was a fusion but of a couple of countries that, probably not being closer geographically are closer food wise.  I went to Tree County; a restaurant specialising in Thai and Japanese food.  Call me boring, but I decided to go for a Pad Thai.  I never really want to eat anything that might cause my stomach to have trouble digesting whilst I’m playing.  I play it safe.


I got take out, which was fine until I got back to the venue and realised there were no chopsticks!  I suppose I should have asked.  It was a massive portion of noodles.  The noodles were perhaps slightly overcooked but only by about half a minute or so.  There was a lot of chicken in it, sometimes places give you a tiny amount, but this had loads.  The sauce was a nice consistency, the level of spice leaving a nice tang on your tongue.  The sauce was a lighter colour, but this didn’t really matter.

The only thing it could have done with was a few vegetables, even if it was just some tiny pieces of pepper.

Service was quick, and for a massive portion that I couldn’t finish it was top value for money.


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I really hope you carry on the food reviews in England. It’d be nice to see what restaurants are Ollie-worthy.

Comment by Lois

Boss show in Cleveland, too. Really amazing.

And Gareth, I hope I didn’t sound too ridiculous when I said you guys were my favorite band ever and then just kept running my mouth about nonsense.

Comment by Matt

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