Lollapalooza 2009 by Gareth
August 9, 2009, 6:47 pm
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So, yesterday we played Lollapalooza. Our first show in the United States, was two years ago to this weekend and was at Lollapalooza. We played on a much smaller side stage and were barely audible above the noise of Amy Winehouse playing on the Budweiser Stage. Two years later, we play the Budweiser Stage ourselves. I only hope we weren’t drowning anybody else’s set out.

It’s so surreal to think how far we have come in these two years, so thank you, even though I say it a lot, thank you for letting us get away with doing this.

(That’s Neil crowd surfing)

Also, my Mum told me about this bad boy, on Skype this morning:


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Jesus. First time I saw you guys was at Carling Academy (2?) in Liverpool. That crowd is easily 10 times larger.

Scary huge bouncers, by the way.

Comment by Kyle from TX

Oh, and your mum and I are eerily similar… I e-mailed that same Sweet Dreams video to someone today.

My summers include far too much time on the computer.

Comment by Kyle from TX

That’s an amazing crowd you got there! It looks so exciting and I am so anxious to see your performance in Austin!

Comment by rchalico

I can`t help suffering just thinking of your pale freckled skins under the American sun. Gareth`s arms look like they`ve been sun-gulped rather than kissed.

Comment by sil

You guys where easily my favorite band yesterday. I can gaurentee that you made a lot of new fans.

Comment by Sleep

That’s so deserved guys, SO DESERVED! Really. It is good to see so many happy faces. Makes me happy, even though I couldn’t be there myself.

Comment by gerlin

You did the same thing in Portugal, and confess… Aren’t we the greatest crowd evah? 😛

Comment by Vitor

That last video is wonderful and amazing.

And at this rate, in two more years your Lollapalooza golf cart is gonna be superluxe, with a hot tub and rocket boosters. Video that joyride for us, too, pls.

Comment by Eric

i bet you’re all dying to know who’s hand Gareth shook…it was mine

Comment by megan

You guys were so awesome yesterday! I’ve now seen you at both Coachella and Lolla, and I’m about to get tickets to see you in LA – can’t wait to see you in a show that’s all yours. Just don’t shortchange your setlist again, huh? We could’ve listened for a lot longer, for serious.

Comment by Jandy

wow i am definitely in that video! i’m against the rail and can be seen quite plainly around the 22 second mark. that was a really amazing show. also all the high-pitched girl screaming was definitely me. it was really really one of my favorite sets from the whole festival.

Comment by Chloe

Chicago is proud of your U.S. birth and anniversary! Spectacular show. Come back soon!

Comment by Linus

this show was so much fun!!!

Comment by Julia

Thank you for that awesome show, the sunburn was worth it.

Comment by Stevie

I’m so pissed I missed it. I live in Chicago but had to be out of town over the entire lollapalooza weekend. I was VERY pissed when I found out I couldn’t make it

Comment by mike k

Hope you had fun a the festival! As usual, you guys put on a great show. Yours was my favorite performance from Saturday, hands down. Can’t wait for you to come back to Chicago!

Comment by Rachel

This set was amazing! Loved it. I kept shouting for you to play accelerated reader and you’ll need those fingers for crossing the first song cause its great and i just wanted to sing “i’m not bonnie tyler and i’m not toni braxton” and the second one because i have never heard that song live. It was sad to hear it started with a mix and we throw parties you throw knives but the d bag in the crowd kept requesting it.. you just have so many amazing songs and you could tell it was not fun for you to play. Maybe i am just bitter that i didn’t hear the two i mentioned previously. But always great to see you live. You made my saturday by far. and i am pretty sure i touched ollie and gareths arse so double great. Wanted to see you at the signing tent but i made a deal with my friends that if we watched your set i had to watch arctic monkeys with them (LAME)

Comment by Vanessa

in what way was it sad to hear we throw parties you throw knives and it started with a mixx? the songs from the EP’s are amazing and i was ecstatic when they played them, i don’t know how those aren’t included in the “amazing songs” you mention. that d bag must have had good taste

Comment by megan

I look forward to the same energy! I trust your following will grow (immensely). The video offers something I could not see, for I am a 4 ft tall LFC fan. Loved it. Be safe, we (Chicago) want another visit!!

Comment by Chester Alamo & Costello

sorry to offend you. that is your opinon and mine is that we are beautiful we are doomed trumps those singles. like i said i am sorry if i offended you.

Comment by Vanessa

I would like to comment on the last video posted of Gareth crowd surfing. In addition to seeing you at Lollapalooza live during that very event, I had the absolute pleasure of seeing you guys at the Fine Line Cafe in Minneapolis earlier this spring. During the encore, Gareth also plunged into the crowd in a similar fashion as shown above. Both times that I attended the events my body was one of the main weight bearers and balance keepers in the process, if not the main stabilizer. By no means do I want to suggest that I was offended by such repeated behavior, although normally I would consider it rude and just disrespectful. Rather, the momentary discomfort was naught compared to the sheer exhilaration and adrenaline pumping thrill of being in the real shit during some of my favorite shows. I guess the main thing I’d like to say is that whether Gareth is truly seeking me out of the crowd and our paths are meant to cross, or whether it’s just a fluke, I just want to thank you. Keep making awesome music.

Comment by Jeff

if you’re offending anyone it’s the band

Comment by megan

We played the set we wanted to play. We were always going to play WTP,YTK. I think it’s a good song to play at outdoor festivals, whereas YNTFFC, a song that I like more, is about eating disorders and a suicide pact, so, not exactly a fun time song, and on this occasion we were there to enjoy the sun.
We decided to play Mixx because it’s short and I quite like the reworked version we’ve been playing.

Comment by Gareth

This show was spectacular! I was about 5 feet from the fence at the stage! Along with Of Montreal, Vampire Weekend, and Ra Ra Riot this was one of the best shows at Lolla.
p.s. I went to the autograph booth and got to meet you guys, you’re all so nice and down to earth! You probably won’t remember, Gareth, but I was the one that thanked you for going over and talking to that girl that was late for the autograph line. And again, awesome job!

Comment by Nick Kwilinski


Comment by ABZ!

I loved that show. It was a sweltering 90 degrees. It was also the first time I’ve ever seen Ollie with a shirt on. That doesn’t really make sense to me…

Oh, and YNTFFC and Accelerated Readers are 2 of my favorite songs (especially “Fingers”) that I have yet to see live. Please come to Boston and play them.

Comment by Babe Lincoln

I was also at Lolla, and you were well awesome!
I went mainly to see you guys, cause the last time you were in chi-town, i believe it was 21+. I’m surprised to say you were the best there (against live show veterans YYYs). keep on being grass green.

Comment by Sarah Streit!

I’m actually surprised to hear that you guys are playing WTP, YTK and Mixx, Gareth.

I thought you thought all that old twee stuff was rubbish, eh? I still like it, so I’m not complaining…

Comment by Kyle from TX

We’re playing a different version of Mixx now. Lyrically it’s the same, but musically, different.
And WTP,YTK is rad live, cos we get to do a massive noise jam.
This tour we relearnt everything we could potentially play. Want to give all the oldies a run out before Aleks’ departure, as it’s unlikely we’ll play some stuff afterwards.

Comment by Gareth

The Aleks thing makes sense then, and I’m excited to hear the reworked sets.

That said, I’ll also be showing up to the shows with my old Shred Yr Face Tour poster that some of you signed. Don’t think I won’t be hunting the rest of you down…

Comment by Kyle from TX

ahhh that last video! it looked so good! i wish i could’ve been there! one of my favorite songs of yours as well!
vanessa- all i can say is that you are lucky to have seen los campesinos, that should be enough. and come on, arctic monkeys too? you are seriously complaining? suck it up. i wish i could be so lucky as to have seen both..

Comment by Hanna

The show was great! The entire set was insanely fun. I even got a pic with Gareth. YESSSSSS

Comment by Drew

No way, Hanna, I think Vanessa is right on with her judgement of the Arctic Monkeys. 🙂 And I’m pretty sure she wasn’t complaining about LC!, just stating which songs she would have liked to have heard.
I was with you on Accelerated Readers, Vanessa – next time we need to be louder, I guess.
P.S. I was amused by my section’s concern for Neil at the end of the set and the fact that he didn’t seem to return from the pit. hehe.

Comment by Julia

Amazing show! My friend Devin and I also got a picture with Gareth. We were on our way to MSTRKRFT when i spotted him. It was the highlight of Lolla ’09 for me.

Comment by Lauren

Just wanted to say thanks for playing such a great show and doing the autograph tent afterward. I got to meet you and told you guys about my band that does your covers. Gareth, you also hugged my band mate, who wasn’t in line because we didn’t have enough money to buy another CD and they wouldn’t let her in. It was greatly appreciated and you guys signed my Lolla poster. It’s hanging on my wall proudly. Come back to Chicago soon, I’ll be sure to be in the front row this time!

Comment by Eleni

I saw you guys when you came through Chicago in February, and had to see you again at Lolla. Your set proved to be my favorite of the entire weekend-great job! (I must say, though, I am a little bummed you didn’t play Minor Emotional Breakdown.)

Comment by Ashley

what an amazing show it seemed to be. Im glad you all had a good time there, keep it up! 😀

btw, Ollie, you rock.

Comment by Marcos

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