August 10, 2009, 4:14 pm
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… but the manc has got the “Champions” badges on her kit… surely a sly dig at the scouser.

Comment by Dale

Haha, truly heatwarming

Comment by Nick

heat definitely is warming, nick.

Comment by jonathan

Do not want.

Come on you Whites. Let’s go Cottagers!

Comment by Kyle from TX

Oh no. We’ve all seen Romeo and Juliet, we all know there’s only one ending to this story.

Comment by Eric

Thank you Gareth. It was a surprise and pleasure running into you after very much enjoying your set Saturday. You sold me, and I’ve since purchased 3 Los Campesinos cds. Such a bizarre little twist to a great weekend. I trust you will be in contact when you pass through Chicago next year. We will have to catch some footie at The Globe. Best to all LC, you made our weekend. Chester (LFC) and Sandy (M.U.). And yes, we do catch this fixture at Old Trafford and Anfield (together) on occasion. You’ll have to check out my FB pics!!

Comment by Chester Alamo & Costello

thats so sweet, you would catch me doing that with any crewe fans though.

Comment by James

Well see, that was totally intentional, so who’s the asshole now, Jonathan? cause like it was like ..summer and …was probably really hot out and like they’re a hot couple or something? so…yeah, I know, that sucked -_-‘

Comment by Nick

The best thing I saw was Gareth walking around.

Comment by sarah kathleen

there’s a thin line between love and hatred… lol*
The match yesterday was OK. Rooney gave United a chance of winning the cup but we lost it in the penalties :S

Comment by PauLie (paula)

at least its not MC and MU or Spurs and Gunners …that would just be wrong

Comment by Rodney

punch up at a wedding.

Comment by Matthew Britton

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