Roses Moments by Ellen
August 11, 2009, 6:40 pm
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This tour has had no shortage of precious roses moments and here are a couple of them so far.

(For Americans, Roses are a brand of tinned wrapped chocolate sweets traditionally brought at Christmas for your loved ones. They are meant to signify the beginnings of a special moment or memory that will be shared between the family for years to come, like that time you all sat and ate overpriced disgusting sweets on the sofa all Christmas day in front of the tv.)
The light in the venue backstage in Cleveland was not very practically to see by, but the orange hues it created were quite beautiful and really settled me before we went on stage.



Myself, Aleks and Tom watched “The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s” from the side of the stage, not because we are important but because we are persistent and have an air of desperation about our persons. Miss Alexa Chung and the Arctic Monkeys waltzed past the queue we were in to the open arms of Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and my post teenage hero Brody Dalle. We stood on the balcony and watched Miss O forget the words to maps, which kind of ruined the moment, but the crowd loved her for her fallibility. She was continually captivating and Nick Zimmer was perpetually elf like.


It was a pretty view that Lollapolooza.

The boys all embrace their inner boy band with varying rates of success.

If your bored then make up captions that are overtly more witty, in fact don’t do it just because your bored, do it because you want to and I want you to.

We are on the way to St Louis and did anyone go to comic con?

Ellen x


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so is that like a kodak moment for your soul instead of for your eyes?

Comment by Garrett

If you mean San Diego Comic Con then Yes! I was exhibiting with Team Phonogram and it was one of the most exhausting/brilliant weekends of my life.

Tour looks like a funtime! Enjoying the updates.

Comment by mrsheret

If eating sweets in front of the TV all day is how one marks the Most Special of days, then I swear half this country is living every day like it’s Special. heyoZING!

But I like this idea of the lc! boyband and will, instead of captions, invent personas based on this post. I hope they’re accurate. Based on pic#2 and his Anakin-like dark outfit, Tom is obvi the Bad One (like A.J. of Backstreet), the one who would date Taylor Swift with the intent to break her heart by downgrading to, say, Hayden Panettiere for the next red carpet event. Neil is clearly the moms’ favorite; I think it’s the sheepish smile, black lace-ups, and classic selection of a white wifebeater. Finally, that leaves Gareth as the one whose sexuality schoolchildren speculate on b/c there’s got to be one of those in every boy band. The shoes matching the jean shorts (or jorts as they say) don’t help, either, sorry to say. In the end it’s okay, though, b/c it gives you the best shot of being on Dancing with the Stars and the cover of US Weekly.

Comment by Eric

gareth appears to be
touching his nipples
in the boy band picture.

just saying.

Comment by baloy

1. these are neon guitars
2. these are two folks from the band “Los Campesinos”
3. Karen O is standing on a stage monitor god help her.
4. these are buildings.
5. Gareth is touching his nipples god help him.

These are witty captions what do you think?

Comment by Sean

The 2nd picture looks like the cover of an Urban Outfitters catalogue

and the last one looks like a scene from Top Gun

Comment by Nick

mrsheret, what’s your connection to Phonogram? A friend pointed out a reference to it in some LC! lyrics that I can’t recall right now. Hm.. will have to read it when I’m home unless someone knows what I’m talking about and can trigger my memory.

Comment by Julia

Mr sheret, was it mental? Where the costumes dazzling? Did you see Scarlett Johansson talk about iron man 2? any crazy fans? x

Comment by Ellen

Julia, the reference you’re talking about is in the song Ways To Make It Through The Wall with the lyric “And a room full of vacuum and a room full of air look the same” which is taken from the first issue of phonogram called Rue Brittania. I hope that was helpful.

Comment by Victoria

Thank you, Victoria. Forget reading tonight, I’m watching TV instead.

Comment by Julia

Ellen – it really was all of those things, although I failed to glimpse Scarlett. I did find myself sitting next to Bryan Lee O’Malley at dinner one night though. The fans I met were awesome, the fans I watched camping for Twilight actually seemed thoroughly normal, except for all of the cockroaches left behind when their tent village was removed.

And the Marvel booth had four Iron Man suits standing guard. Totally awesome.

Comment by mr sheret

mr sheret, you sat next to Bryan Lee O Malley? I am so completely jealous.

Comment by Victoria

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