Some more Lollapalooza… by Leks
August 11, 2009, 12:47 am
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Started with this…


Finished with this…



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I was walking past there as this was happening to go catch the train, and I’m really mad I didn’t see you guys!

Comment by Nick Kwilinski

Ha! At 0:46, I totally boarded the roflcopter. Man, I’ve been there.

Comment by Eric

I lolled, I lolled hard

and nice to see more blogging from Aleks!

Comment by Nick

i thought this might have been a video of the dude who climbed the fountain. this was better, though.

Comment by michael

I hope to be displaying some similar dance moves on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at your shows.

Also, nice man purses.

Comment by Kyle from TX

That’s how my Gran dances

Comment by Dylan

I’m all for the man purse. You could fit a lot of beers in there.

Comment by Drew

That’s pretty much how it started and ended for me as well (Friday was ok, but Rain+Bon Iver+ Fleet Foxes can really take it out of you). You guys were awesome! Me and my friend caught Neil at the end of Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheaks. It was a trip meeting you guys at the FYE tent. Best of luck to Aleks… we will miss you SO MUCH!!! All the best!!!

Comment by Coach

Who are they dancing to?

Comment by !!!

“I got soul but I’m not a soldier!” The Killers was an awesome way to end the festival!

Comment by Rachel

[…] Some more Lollapalooza… Started with this… […]

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