Attention Austin-Based Thrifters… by Leks
August 13, 2009, 5:39 pm
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Hello! We just started out on an epic 12 hour drive to Austin… which would probably seem more barable if we hadn’t all decided to stay out until 4 am last night…urgh. Fortunately there is a light at the end of this bleak hungover state: we get to wake up in Austin tomorrow morning and enjoy a whole morning/day off before we have to haul ass to the venue for soundcheck.

Which brings me to my appeal for some insider info. Can anyone recommend any good and (more importantly) CHEAP thrift/second hand clothes stores in Austin?

Any place that looks like this would be ace:


Thaaaaaaanks x


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can’t speak for austin in particular, but if nobody comes through with some good place, there is a sort of national ‘chain’ of thriftstores which is really just this big huge nonprofit deal called Goodwill, and they always have huge selections of good shit cause it’s the only thrift stores most people know to donate to. i’m sure you’ll be able to find a few in austin.

Comment by Garrett

and the advantage of goodwill is that their website should have store locators so you can get easy directions to them

Comment by Garrett

thrifttown in south south austin. really cheap and tons of stuff. failing that goodwill in north austin. can’t wait to see ya’ll tomorrow!

Comment by david in austin

try “St Vincent de Paul” On Congress.. “Family Thrift Store” on E. Oltorf.. not far from St Vincents.. Salvation Army also on Congress but a lil More south.. all the “goodwills”.. “thrifttown” is right next to a goodwill on Manchaca.. and there a “Savers” off South lamar..

Ok thats all I got..lmao I hope it helps 😉

Comment by MmmmVette

Check out Buffalo Exchange by campus or just about every store in South Austin.

Comment by ATX

btw when you’re in houston later, you should definitely check out cactus music and sound exchange!

Comment by punchlines

not thrift, but Parts & Labour (on soco next to Doc’s) is a really cool store that sells wares for local fashion designers and crafters. Really cool clothes and accessories (reasonably-priced)- I always find some of the neatest pieces there, and receive many compliments when I wear them.

Comment by kayla

This one is on 12th and salinas, so you head east on twelfth from the main interstate, I-35. See you tonight!

Comment by Jose

Unfortunatly since Austin is a college heavy on the hipster town, cheap and thrift rarely go together….. Family Thrift Store on E. Oltorf is as good as your gonna get, but you have to look hard. GO TO CASINO EL CAMINO FOR KICK ASS BURGERS BEFORE SHOW!

Comment by Jason T

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I only managed to get to “St Vincent” but I gave it a proper thrifting and came away delighted. They’ve got a Back to School special sale at the moment so everything is even cheaper than normal…bonus. x

Comment by Leks

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