Food Review – Bloomington IN 07/08/09 by Ollie
August 15, 2009, 8:17 pm
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First an apology; I'm suffering from computer problems at the moment 
so I'm having to write reviews in a laborious way. For all of you 
thinking I had died from food poisoning, sorry to scare you. My mum 
brought me up to have a tough stomach. I know there's a back log so 
I'll try to get up to date as quick as possible.

Certain types of food are fairly common in countries, so it's always 
interesting to find something new. In Bloomington some of us saw a 
restaurant that sounded good. The menu comprised dishes similar to 
curries and kebabs. We ordered our food before we even asked what type 
of food it was. I'll leave it until the end to tell you what country 
the food originated from.

Due to our food taking a while they gave us a complimentory starter. 
It was such a simple but a brilliant starter. We were each given a 
plate of sliced carrots that had been lightly fried inbolive oil with 
garlic & herbs. The carrots were very flavoursome, softer than how I 
would normally have carrots but with the garlic & herbs it created a 
simple but perfect starter. For my main I had North Atlantic Cod in a 
spicy creamy sauce. The cod was lightly spiced, & was so soft and 
flakey that it just melted in my mouth. The sauce had a sligt sweet 
taste so I presumed it had yoghurt as an ingredient. It left a slight 
tingle on your tongue, & this with the flufflness of the fish worked 
perfectly together. It came with some spinach which tasted like it had 
been steamed & then lightly fried in butter. It came with rice, a 
perfect amount for someone not playing a show but slightly too much 
for me. As you are aware I don't like being bloated on stage.

This was, & has been probably one of the best meals on the tour so 
far. And the name of the place; Samira's, a restaurant specialising in 
Afghan cuisine. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.

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you make Afghan cuisine sound tastey. I want some.

Comment by dave

Guh sounds/looks delicious.

Comment by Peter

in these reviews, i’m always interested in what Gareth is eating. Unless it’s Gareth posting this and he’s not a vegan anymore.

oh man

Comment by Matthew Britton

[…] about their time at Samira(dubbed as the best food on the tour yet), Landlocked Music, and more […]

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