Food Review – Lollapalooza 08/08/09 by Ollie
August 16, 2009, 7:07 am
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So my aim of getting people to buy me food for me to review has sort 
of paid off. We were asked by the people at The Cheeseburger Show to 
help them review burgers!

We were given two different types if burgers from the same Chicago 
joint. We tried the vegetarian burger first which was made from rice & 
beets. It was a chunky veggie burger, normally the patty is pretty 
thin, but this felt meaty. You could see the grains of rice & it had a 
sweet taste from the beets. The bun was a nice texture & a nice size; 
you knew you were eating a burger. There was plenty of filling in it 
as well. Unfortunately it had been hanging around for a while so it 
had gone a bit soggy.

The meat burger had the texture of a real burger, not the texture of a 
McDonald's burger. With them you might as well eat a bit of soggy 
cardboard! You could really taste the meat with underlying flavours of 
onion & pepper. Biteing into it caused the filling to start running 
down my hands. I don't know why but getting mucky hands seems to be 
part of an enjoyable burger experience. The downfall of the burger was 
that there was so much extras in there that at times I felt like I was 
eating a salad sandwich rather than a burger. I like my meat!

But they were very good burgers. We agreed that the veggie was one of 
the best we'd had. Best burger in the USA, well it is a contender, 
perhaps a burger special is needed? I'm sure members of Team LC! will 
be more than willing.

Last time we played Lollapalooza, I never really got to experience the 
catering, I think there was too much free Bud going about. This time I 
made sure I tried it. They had a massive selection of salad from 
lettuce to olives to peppers. Salad is always a nice thing at 
festivals where it is hot. I had some pesto chicken which was tender 
but not that pestoie. I had some oregano potatoes which were soft with 
slightly crispy skins. There were plenty of other dishes, & everything 
was labelled whether it was suitable for vegans & vegetarians. 
Unfortunately I couldn't taste everything as Animal Collective were 
playing, & I wanted to see them.

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the saddest, happiest vegan in the world.

Comment by Matthew Britton

and what did you think of Animal Collective? horribly disappointing, imo! 😦

Comment by Julia


is that Matt Britton from NZ???


Comment by Ged T(Mama Campesino!)


I took a brief look at your laptop at tonight’s wonderful show in Houston. Follow the steps in the below link to create a new profile on your machine. Once you have created your new profile you will want to log in and see if you are still having problems with the spacebar and delete button. If you are still having problems then you will be able to notify the Apple store that your laptop keyboard is definitely fucked and it is not a software issue related to your user profile. I hope this helps!

Comment by Mike

i forgot the link in my last comment 🙂

Comment by Mike


Animal Collective is a fantastic band. Merriweather Post Pavilion is mostly a disappointment, though.

Comment by Sean

Sean, I enjoy Animal Collective as a studio band, but I’ve been disappointed both times I’ve seen them perform. At Lollapalooza I just wanted them to play an actual song (and to use their words!). I didn’t end up watching their full set because I couldn’t bear it.
MPP is too long, but I still think it’s a great album!

Comment by Julia

Oh, I seem to have misunderstood you.
I thought you were saying you were disappointed in LC for liking Animal Collective (which is the mindset of most people who don’t like the band).
I’m with you that their shows are a bit dull with too much improvisation, but the Strawberry Jam and Sung Tongs era shows were phenomenal, with much less standing around pressing buttons.

And I don’t hate MPP, but it isn’t near as long lasting or enjoyable as anything they’ve previously released. Sometimes I think, if they halved Daily Routine, I would enjoy it so much more.

Comment by Sean

Oh, no! Not at all what I meant. It would be kind of pathetic if I were disappointed that Ollie liked a band that I wasn’t into. 🙂

My AC-loving friends share the same opinion as you re. MPP, so I think there could be something to that. I only started listening when MPP was released, so you could say that I’m a bit inexperienced. Any AC recommendations for me? I have the two albums you listed above, and Feels.

Comment by Julia

Feels and Strawberry Jam are, in my humble opinion, their best albums, interchangable as their best album. Then comes they’re first work “spirit they’re gone, spirit they’ve vanished” if you can get past their use of screechy synths.
Also, if you’ve got the time for such an inaccessible album, get Here Comes the Indian, if only just for Slippy, Hey Light, and Too Soon.

But that’s just my opinion, and nobody in the AC fanbase can agree on anything.

Comment by Sean

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