Thank You Notes by Ellen
August 16, 2009, 10:39 pm
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As everyone knows writing thank you cards is the most painfully excruciating social expectance we have in polite society. Every christmas you play with the generic body lotions your relatives bought you just to prove that they have no idea who you are, and your mum reminds you that you now have to write fourty thank you letters WITH THOUGHTFUL BLOODY DETAIL.

On tour everyday is like Christmas but we keep getting wondrous stuff we genuinely  like, so well done , most of you know me better then my extended family and here are some thank you letters to show my appreciation….

Dear David,

You brought us cupcakes in Austin and they were truly awesome, I particularly enjoyed the frosting and the thought you put into getting a variety of frostings involved. I actually said to Alek how amazing it would be to have some kind of vanilla top and chocolate bottom, and there was one in the box so I was annoyed at my lack of originality but enjoyed the taste. Swings and roundabouts. I did clock you had some kind of bakery box when you came to watch the sound check and I did hope for some kind of buttercream treat but I think they exceeded my expectations. We are also hoping you could reply and let us know you are ok after the crowdsurfing, as I think you ventured into some empty space briefly…. thanks again

Dear Sergio,

I am so sorry I did not get to take my amazing gifts from you personally, I was in a state of dehydrated delirium and kind of wafted home after the show BUT Kelly (merch lady extraordinaire) gave me all the beautiful beautiful comics the next day.

Here is me with Civil War, which I have read (already) and loved, despite the fact I didn’t save my page and randomly opened it to a key plot twist thus ruining the ending for myself. Why do I despise myself this way? But thank you very much for my new exciting reading material.

Photo 234

Dear Jordon,

Your mum made us apple pie in Dallas, and then worried it would get a bad food review from the ever fussy Ollie.

Well she can breathe a well earned sigh of relief.

When I came back to the dressing room to sample my first bite of this beautifully presented pie post show it had already been attacked, and it continues to get eaten til this very day. It’s sitting at my feet in the van as we speak and I nibble at it. Your mother need not be worried that she used different apples, but I am worried when you said they were a pear – apple hybrid as I have never heard of such a thing, and thus think you are mental.

Cheeks kisses to all

Ellen x


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you guys have awesome fans
i shall thank you guys as well. wore my lc! shirt to uni today and made friends with a guy who drank gravy because of it. always nice meeting new people.

Comment by maddy

I am mental. Just call me Patrick Jane. I can’t believe you’ve never heard of hybrid fruit (such as our papple/applear/whateveritis), it’s like you live in a tour-van or something! You’re knowledge of midget and dwarf variations is vast and impressive, but you’re clearly lacking in the produce apartment. If only the Lollipop Guild was the Fruit-Hybrid Guild instead. As hybrid fruit goes, there are tangelos, pluot, grapples, plumcots, orangelos…I just got the image of a mad scientist laughing maniacally as his newest creation, Strawnana, came to fruition. Anyways, you can check out this site for more

It is rather impressive, whether forced or not, that you send out thank you cards after holidays. I have literally bought packs of thank you letters with the intention of actually writing in them and mailing them out, and I believe they are all still sitting in my closet. I don’t really know considering I never saw them again. Instead I give most of my thanks over the phone. And by that I mean that my mom abruptly hands me the phone mid-conversation with my grandmother and tells me to say thank you. Then I proceed to tell her that I loved the sweater (it wasn’t really my style), that it was indeed my size (it was way to big for me), and that I can’t wait to wear it (it will never see the light of day). But I genuinely appreciate the sentiment.
I’m glad you guys liked the apple pie, but you stole my pie pan(kidding, keep it. we didn’t really expect it back). Oh, and see if they have Honeycrisp apples next time you’re in Whole Foods.

Comment by Jordan L

OMG poor David he fell so hard on the ground, it was right beside me but I couldn’t react to catch him x_X
Anyways, I met him and he’s so nice, I hope the fall didn’t hurt that much. I think he didn’t even care that much because he instantly stood up to dance to Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks!

Comment by rchalico

Hey guys I’m super gald to hear that you enjoyed cupcakes and the assorted frostings.

I’m a fine (if a bit sore) from the fall. I actually wasn’t trying to crowd surf, but get on stage to sing “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks” with you guys like I had planed with the other girls who got on stage. But while I tried to get on, someone (I think it was the sound guy in the American Steel t-shirt) pushed me off and I wound up hitting the cement. I’m fine though and glad to hear you are as well. Hope you have a great rest of the tour and happy to hear the cupcakes didn’t make you sick.


Comment by David Glickman

Are these fruit hybrids for real? Can we get them in England? I’m really amazed by grapples and plumcots.

Comment by Lois

Oh, and as for the thank you notes, I too have to write them out. I’ve found that putting cute stickers of, say, cats around the edge of the letter make them seem way better, even if I’ve just written “Thanks for the hand-knitted shorts, they’re totally ace and really comfy!”, maybe you should invest in some stickers, Ellen?

Comment by Lois

I must say, I was terrified when you fell. So I’m glad to hear that you are doing alright. I hope the soreness goes away soon!

-Amelia (I picked up your glasses for you)

Comment by Amelia

Glad you dug Civil War, Im kicking myself for not bringing you the first two issues of Batwoman, J.H Williams does the artwork and it’s far more inventive than Promethea, and thats saying a lot. Had lots of fun at the show.

Comment by Sergio

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