Food Review – Kansas City 12/08/09 by Ollie
August 19, 2009, 9:36 am
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As you may be aware from previous reviews venues can provide food for 
you rather than give you a buy out. There's a place in Cambridge, UK, 
that provided food for us once. It should have been £10 per person for 
which you can make an amazing meal, but instead they must have spent 
about 10 pence on each of us. I'll eat most of things but I refused to 
eat that.

So the venue in Kansas City provided us with food from their menu. I 
decided to go for a pasta dish, I've eaten too many burgers recently.

The pasta arrived in a bowl. The penne was cooked pretty well, just 
past al dente which was acceptable. The menu said it came with green 
olives. Now, I know have a colour vision problem, but I can tell the 
difference between green and black; they have very different flavours. 
I prefer black so I regarded this as a bonus. There was lemon juice in 
it but I detected no hint of lemon, there was a lot of onion and feta 
so I think this over powered the lemon.

As I reached the bottom I came across some pasta that was burnt. I 
have no idea how it had got burnt because nothing else looked like it 
had been near a frying pan. Odd.
It was a decent portion, and the staff made every effort to accomodate 
everyone, but perhaps I should have stuck to a burger?

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I think there might be some difference between the qualifications of green olives in America and the UK. It’s probably the same as with cheese, as most Americans prefer a milder taste.

Comment by Nick Kwilinski

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