Kris Jensen Memorial Fund by Gareth
August 19, 2009, 4:29 pm
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On the evening of Sunday, August 2, four members of our dear friend Rachael Jensen’s immediate family were involved in a fatal car accident while traveling home from their annual family reunion. As a result of the tragic accident, Rachael’s mother, Kris, passed away and her father and two brothers were rushed to an intensive care facility.

Though I never had the pleasure of meeting Kris, anyone who ever spoke about her, spoke in the highest terms. A kind, beautiful and self-less person. A true mother, held in the utmost regard by all those who she came into contact with. I cannot imagine the level of heartache and despair that must be felt at the loss of someone so loved. Indeed, all these words sound flippant when measured against the incident itself and its aftermath.

Our experience touring with Parenthetical Girls last year, is the greatest touring experience I have had in my life. I left that tour a different person to that which started on it, and the friendships I made with Zac, Luke, Eddie, Matt and Rachael are some which I will treasure forever. If it wasn’t for Zac and Rachael’s influence in particular, the entirety of We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed would never have had any lyrics and I would still be muddling around, wondering who I am and what I wanted to be doing.

As a small gesture, and in the hope that we can do a little to alleviate the subsequent financial burden faced by the Jensen family as a result of the nature of the US healthcare system, we have turned our forthcoming show at LA’s El Rey into a benefit concert, with all the proceeds from the show benefitting the Kris Jensen Memorial Fund.

We would like to express a huge thank you to our booker Matt Hickey, and to Goldenvoice for allowing us to do this, and being incredibly supportive.

Tickets can be purchased here.

The line up for this show, now reads like this:

Los Campesinos!
Ramona Falls
Former Ghosts

Doors at 8pm.

For more information on the fund, and to donate, please click this link.

Details on further benefit shows:
August 25 YACHT, Au, May Ling Holocene, Portland
August 29 Au, The Very Most Flying M, Nampa, ID
September 17 Built To Spill Neurolux, Boise, ID


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Thank you again LC!, Matt Hickey, and Goldenvoice for this beautiful gesture–the Jensen family is very moved by your generosity.

Furthermore, I’d like to express the great affection Kris had for the music of Los Campesinos!—checking in about you with Rachael on a regular basis, as if we perhaps just ran into one another every now and then about town.

Regular blog readers: please stay tuned for an online auction coming up in the next weeks to further benefit the fund. Thank you for your patience.

Comment by zac pennington

this is such a properly good thing for you to be doing… i was extremely saddened when i heard the news, my heart goes out to rachael and her family. i hope anyone who can’t attend the show can try and help in some other way.

Comment by charlotte

This brought tears to my eyes. I give my most heartfelt condolences to the Jensen family and urge everyone that lives within a travelable distance of this show to attend ❤

Comment by dothebrokenrecords

I was in a car crash a few years back, and for it I ended up with a lump of money that I only recently I could gain access to.
Once it is in my bank and stuff, I’ll be making sure a nice portion of it goes to this fund, I feel it’s a far more deserving way of using the money.

Comment by Lois

it gives me hope that something good can come from something so terrible. thoughts go to the jensen family, and to rachael’s father and brothers xx

Comment by maudie

Earlier this summer my boyfriend and i were involved in a car accident, he died on impact, listening, of course, to you! me! dancing!. I know how much stress and grief his family has had to deal with; without any financial implications the situation is still crippling. Wishing Rachel, her brothers and father all the stregnth it is possible to send through a comment box.

Comment by mia

words cannot express how sorry I feel… I hope that the support from these replies and the benefit shows help in any way whatsoever

Comment by Alex

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