RECORD BOX PROJECT 2009. ENTRY #12. by Gareth
August 20, 2009, 11:32 pm
Filed under: RECORD BOX PROJECT 2009
  • Xiu Xiu/High Places 7″ Split (includes David Horvitz polaroid)
  • Lovvers Laughing Man 7″
  • Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Town Topic EP
  • BARR The Song Is The Single 7″
  • Dan Deacon/Future Islands 7″ Split
  • Cheap Time Woodland Drive 7″
  • Telepathe/Effi Briest 7″ Split.
  • Tokyo Police Club Tessellate 7″ (featuring Tom Campesinos! remix)
  • Zola Jesus Poor Sons 7″
  • No Age Eraser 7″ (SIGNED!!)
  • HEALTH Die Slow 7″
  • Times New Viking Stay Awake 7″ EP
  • bis Sweet Shop Avengerz 7″
  • Abe Vigoda Animal Ghosts 7″
  • Deerhunter Nothing Ever Happened 7″
  • Big Black He’s A Whore/The Model 7″
  • Bikini Kill New Radio/Rebel Girl/Demi Rep 7″
  • Art Brut Alcoholics Unanimous 7″
  • Q And Not U Hot And Informed 7″
  • The Smiths William, It Was Really Nothing/Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want 7″
  • The Hot Puppies Somewhere 7″
  • The Housemartins Five Get Over Excited 7″
  • Fucked Up Year Of The Pig 7″
  • Les Savy Fav Plagues And Snakes 7″ (Wake Up A Snake/Raging In The Plague Age)
  • Electrelane In Berlin 7″
  • The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Young Adult Friction 7″
  • Preston School Of Industry Falling Away 7″
  • Dead Science Tomlab Alphabet Singles Series 7″
  • The Mountain Goats Palmcoder Yajna 7″
  • Miscellaneous Badges
  • A couple of ‘Zines.

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I want this even more now!!!

Comment by sinkpluscomputer

Hm, if you ever happen to be in Indiana you guys should check out the record stores there…they are supposed to be superb. Plus Arrah and the Ferns originates from there. 🙂

Comment by Patnoy

god this just keeps getting better & better!

Comment by leila

woah, shit, how much space is left in the box?

Comment by Trung

haha i agree, the box must be full by now, brilliant if not.

Comment by Marcos.

hehehehe. Your listening skills and/or math skills are impressive, guys. If the box is 3/4 full, that means there’s still 1/4 of it left open, or 25% if you want to get technical. 😀

Comment by Julia

Dang, nice shop. Everything really is bigger in Texas.

Comment by Eric

I will do ANYTHING to have that box!!!!! You guys are the coolest! 🙂

Comment by Madeline

‘Cheers guys’
This is getting RIDICULOUS! I love it

Comment by David

b-side on the Young Adult Friction single’s really great. not to mention LES SAVY FAV

Comment by megan

Geeze, and I thought I had superior taste in music! Looking at the list of vinyls i realize that I have many bands yet to discover. Perhaps this record box could help me with that…… Any band approved by LC! is sure to provide life changing music. Can’t wait to see what the finished product contains!! And that’s awesome that Tom did a remix of Tessellate. Can’t wait to hear it when I receive that box…..

Comment by Allison


Comment by patchworkpalisades

Hey, That was me who requested Young Adult Friction!!!

Comment by Ray

I agree, Les Savy Fav is a splendid add. Tim Harrington puts on a spectacular live show.

Comment by davidfromphoenix

Fact of the day – the good records shop was opened by Tim DeLaughter (of Polyphonic Spree fame) and he also runs the good records label.

That is all.

Comment by Jed

This is getting better and better. Please get some Okkervil River if you find some. <333

Comment by Tiago

Please get some Evangelicals!

Comment by Oscar (Houston)

stop being so good.

Comment by eden

It is getting painful to watch these.
I want it.

Comment by Clair

I’m glad you guys enjoyed Good Records. It’s my favorite record store in the entire world. I might be a little bit biased in that, but, really- it’s awesome (so are the store hours!)

Oh, and, nice selections there for the box. It’s going to turn out fantastic.

Comment by Alexandra

clair, you obviously don’t know what it’s like to be pure at heart… i’d really like to know how much money you guys put into this project. do you get discounts for mentioning record stores?

you’re all nuts.

Comment by Trung

If you guys got some Animal Collective all up on there, I would steal it. No joke. That’s my iPod in vinyl right there.

Also, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart? That makes me want to win that box so much right now it’s not funny.

Comment by Peter

how can this madness go on??????? it’s TOO good!

Comment by Lee

Gareth, it’s a bit random but do you know where I can get a Girls t-shirt ?

Take in consideration that i am from Portugal

Comment by Tii

Maybe. G

Comment by Gareth

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