Marfa by Ellen
August 23, 2009, 12:42 am
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Between Houston and Alburquerque we stayed in a little place called Marfa, which is in an area where a lot of “No Country for Old Men” was filmed. It seemed to have a burgeoning arts community within it, lead by Donald Judd the architect and installation artist who had about four galleries on the main strip. Unfortunately for us they were all shut but that just added to the film set quality of the place…..

A few of us drove ten minutes out of town in the evening to go star watching, spotting some shooting ones and witnessing a lighting storm from a distance. All cliches embraced it was an awe inspiring goosebumps raising moment as stars in the UK are never that clear


A little way out of town was this Prada shop, which housed the 2005 collection,a diamonte encrusted security camera and no staff or means of getting in or out. So thats quirky




Ellen x


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i love the second to last photo!

Comment by leila


Love that you guys found Marfa interesting. I’ve lived in Texas for 20 years now, but I’ve never made it that far west. Sad day. Truthfully, few Texans have ever made it that far West. The state is just too big.

Comment by Kyle from TX

That Prada “shop” is a sculpture by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, which would be delightfully weird except it was partially funded by Prada so really it’s just artsy advertising. Still, kind of neat.

Comment by Miles

There are just some generally bizarre areas in the southwest. Roswell…vortexes…Boulder… I’m always wary of venturing past my great state’s western borders.

Oh, and, Ellen- We talked after the Dallas show. I told you about a documentary I made in England. I did upload it. Here it is. Just warning you that the sound got off with the video towards the end. And the entire soundtrack was made with apple loops in garageband so I’m sure you’ll understand why it’s so awesome.


Comment by Alexandra

Did the band look for the Marfa Lights? I pass through Marfa from time to time and love that town. My family’s last Christmas card picture was taken in front of the Prada store.

Comment by Jorden

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