HOLIDAY!! by Gareth
August 24, 2009, 6:36 pm
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Since Friday, we have played three gigs in California. All these gigs have been close enough to our base in Studio City to mean we’ve stayed in the same hotel and commuted to each of the shows at the El Rey, Pomona and Costa Mesa (and all these shows have been so great. Thank you very much for coming along, and for being so friendly towards us). This has meant we’ve had some of the most leisurely, pleasurable days on tour I have ever known. Mornings spent lounging by the pool, before a short drive, a show, and then a short drive back, to a bed with sheets that seem almost homely. Brilliant.

And today we have a day off. Rumours of a trip to The Michael Jackson Death House, but no doubt about a trip to Amoeba. Expect some top class Record Boxing this afternoon.


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all 3 shows were amazing! thank you for touring the shit out of southern california. my birthday’s thursday, so seeing you guys all weekend was a bit of an early present. see you in san francisco 🙂

Comment by Daniel Morales

that last photo is amazing!

Comment by Hollie

i hope the money i paid to see you in manchester in october didn’t go towards that manyoo shirt.

Comment by Matthew

Nah mate, don’t worry. I made sure that money went direct towards paying Mickey Owen’s wages.

Comment by Gareth

Hey Gareth, did you manage to catch Summerslam?

Comment by Nick

good, i’ve got him in my team 😀

Comment by Matthew

If you have the time, I recommend checking out a double feature at the New Beverly:

Comment by Mike

jajajaja Owen has already started paying back, no? Although I think you should´ve used the money to keep Carlos Tevez!! jajaj
You´re great, Manchester Utd too, but Boca Jrs´ better! jaja. Bye!

Comment by Pablo

Amoeba is one of my favorite places ever =-)

Comment by Jackie

Like the new United kit! Looks nice.

Comment by Adam

Tots gonna beat you guys at the weekend 🙂

Looks fuuuuuuun.

Comment by Samuel

Fun to “meet” you all at the Detroit Bar. Thanks for making good on your promise to play. ps.. I don’t share the POV of “F Costa Mesa” like the other audience member. I rather like my hometown.

Comment by David

Wow, that place looks like paradise

Comment by David

That last photo is awesome. I think its the look of the girl in the background with the “Wait… is that one guy leapfrogging over that other guy?” look on her face that elevates it from solidly awesome to memorable status.

Comment by Chris

I enjoyed seeing Los Campesinos! at the El Rey and the Glasshouse. They absolutely killed at both shows.I was so happy to see them. And that last picture is absolutely amazing. I have never seen that before 🙂

Comment by Victoria

Got to see you at Coachella (amazing!!). My husband dug your gig at El Rey. With all his raves, I went with a friend down to Costa Mesa to catch you!! Hoping to catch you in San Diego!

Enjoy the rest of your tour!


Comment by Deborah

Who is on the back of your new kit, Gareth? Giggsy? Wayne? Do tell. Good luck on the rest of the tour. Seattle again soon???



Comment by Ian

Plain back at the moment. In the old days I had, at times, Mark Hughes or Paul Scholes. Or me own surname with the number 8. I’m a centre half these days though, so would probably be 4.

Comment by Gareth

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