We Are Beautiful, We Are Tattooed by Gareth
August 24, 2009, 3:59 am
Filed under: CHAFF

This was one of the most surreal, amazing moments I have had since being in Los Campesinos!. Thank you Erin.


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That looks awesome!

Comment by rchalico

shit, now that is fan devotion.

Comment by Trung

No, thank you guys! I really love all of you for being so genuine both times I met you. I love the music… and I promise to love the next release too.

Comment by Erin

That is so amazing. Such beautiful scripture! what a perfect lyric. I was thinking of getting LC! lyrics tattooed on the side of my foot but theres so many amazing ones that i can’t choose.

Comment by Allison

Wow, I’m kind of jealous I didn’t get it first. Nicely done, Erin!

Comment by Lisa

Wait til someone gets a full “This is how you spell “hahaha we destroyed the hopes and dreams of a generation of faux romantics” tattoo…

Comment by ciaran

I got a life sized tattoo of Tony Cascarino’s face on my arse thanks to you people.

Comment by Graham

I would totally get that tat.

Comment by Justin Leon

This is absolutely beautiful. The typography goes so well with the text too. Kind of jealous, even though I wouldn’t want a tattoo.

Comment by gerlin

That’s lovely, actually. The lettering style is just perfect.

Comment by Jandy

i thought about a forward russia tatoo for ages.

so glad i didn;t.

Comment by Matthew

that tattoo is so rad

Comment by Robert

Where was that done? Who designed/inked it? Much classier than like almost every other band-related tattoo ever….

Comment by Eric

It was done at Soul Expressions in Temecula, California. I specifically didn’t want it to look like any! hardcore/script-ish writing. I wanted it to be precise, yet flourished, to get the meaning across.

Comment by Erin

That is so brave. I can’t wait til i’m old enough to get an LC! tatoo. Numerous plans and designs are being brainstormed.

Comment by Victoria

Oh wow, this is really nice.

Comment by Nikita

i want to get this tattooed on my wrists

we are beautiful on the right
we are doomed on the left

im really excited about it, yours looks really nice by the way

Comment by jessikker

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