LC! T-Shirt Sale by Gareth
August 26, 2009, 1:07 am
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A couple of weeks back I advertised the fact that we had new t-shirts for sale on this tour. We have done and they’ve been one of the most popular designs we’ve had. They were designed by our friend Sparky Deathcap, strictly for this tour and we’re not intending on bringing any home with us/having them reprinted. BUT we thought it fair in this case that we give those of you who have been unable to attend this tour the opportunity to buy the design. If I have my way these will not be available elsewhere online, or on any future tours. All new merch here on in.


If you would like to own one of these t-shirts modeled here, then you can do, by paying $23US or Β£14 to us at, via paypal. We will then package them up and send them out ourselves. This is a short term offer that will run until the weekend, when we start to get ready to come home, so please do not send any funds after 8am GMT on Saturday.

Please, in ordering, be clear to state what size you require. Sizes are as follows:

For reference, these designs are printed on Gildan tees (except for Girly, printed on Bay Island).

If you like, I will ensure your tee has been worn briefly by your chosen Campesinos!, at no extra price.

Thank you for your custom.


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are you guys gonna be selling these at any upcoming shows? say.. the one in visalia tomorrow? πŸ˜‰

Comment by deanna

Nice! Thanks πŸ™‚

Comment by Rodrigo

Yep, they’ll be available on the rest of this tour.

Comment by Gareth

Gareth, is shipping free?

Comment by Rodrigo

No. Shipping is not free. But I included it in the price listed. Otherwise I would have stated how much shipping was.

Comment by Gareth

I assumed it was included, just wanted to confirm. Thanks : ) Will order one tomorrow. And come back to Portugal!

Comment by Rodrigo

Great. Thanks a lot Rodrigo.

Comment by Gareth


Question – is the extra-large an adult mens’ extra-large, or a twelve-year-old-girl-version of extra-large?

Comment by Christin

Argg I really want one of these… I might actually buy one. What’s the woman doing on it?
Btw WHY aren’t you guys going to be at Leeds Festival this year/week? =[

Comment by Daniel

I suppose shipment doesn’t include REALLY neighbory-near countries like… uh… Mexico?

Comment by Gabi Millers

Less foolish questions please guys.

1. we’re not at Leeds festival because WE’RE IN AMERICA!!
2. XL is big. You could practically use it as a duvet cover πŸ˜‰
3. I included shipping in the prices.

Comment by Gareth

I knowww you are, but still… πŸ˜₯ You were a highlight last year (Y)
Anyway, yeah, possibly going to buy a tshirt now.

Comment by Daniel

Thank you Daniel. We had a lot of fun last year. Leeds is a great place to be.
I hope we’ll be invited back next year.

Comment by Gareth

I am super excited! I just dipped into my precious going-to-London-at-the-weekend fund for one of these. I must admit I was a little sad when I saw the last blog about them and realised I wouldn’t be able to get one.
I won’t lose this one at a dance competition, promise.

Comment by Lois

Bought one! See you Friday 30th October ~ I’ll be wearing it =P

Comment by Daniel

I’m a bit ashamed to be asking this, but… what exactly does the t-shirt depict?

Comment by Rodrigo

oh, i really like it,
when you come back here to Argentina, i’ll buy it πŸ˜‰

Comment by Deborah

Couldn’t afford Lolla, tho I’m in Chicago. Love the shirt! LC! members as models make me giggle a bit, I must admit.

Comment by Gregg

Bobby Moore raising the world cup. If he was a woman with her hair in a bun, and the world cup was a fish.

Comment by Gareth

Just sent you the money ;D

Comment by Rodrigo

What if you have a thing for feet, will it cost extra to have you all rub your feet all over a shirt?

Kidding! This is a good thing, though, as merch ran out of mediums at both shows I went to. Thanks for this offer!

Comment by Eric

Damn it, I forgot to mention the size :facepalm: That’s what happens when I buy stuff at half past three a.m. while I’m sleeping awake.
Can I send it to you in an e-mail? Sorry about the mess :/

Comment by Rodrigo

I’m very tempted to buy one, but about maybe a week ago I ordered the navy blue/yellow monster LC! shirt off the web site, and 3 weeks before that I ordered a LC! tote bag off the site as well (but I now don’t see it there anymore). Neither item has arrived yet. Does it usually take this long for shipments to arrive, or did my order(s) somehow get lost?

Comment by Emi

It won’t be lost Emi. You’ll get it, but the company we work with is shit and orders always take ages.
I’ve been trying to get people to let us change it but they ‘people’ won’t allow us to.

That’s why I’m selling these off our site, to cut out the middle man.

Comment by Gareth

heh. I like the Threadless-esque model photos. P.S. ladies with small rib cages (that should be used in a proper advertisement sometime), the girly shirts are a great fit. yup.

Comment by Julia

Personally attesting that these shirts are not only comfortable but highly fashionable. Gotten several compliments on it.

Comment by Bradley

Any chance on getting an XXL made? I know you said the XL is like a duvet cover, but a little more room would be nice.

Comment by davidfromphoenix

Hey! Awesome shirts! Ive got one! From lollapalooza! Gareth, I met you during the Yeah Yeah Yeahs set at lollapalooza! You’re an awesome dude! Can’t wait till the new album and tour! I’m using You! Me! Dancing! for a project tomorrow and how I relate to it! You guys rock!!

Comment by jared

Hey I already got one of those! The merch girl gave it to me for free! Kind of a trade off because I gave one of my tshirts to Aleks and one to Gareth…

Hey Gareth! No kidding, you should actually have my design printed and sell it, i think it would be pretty popular!

Ollie Campesinos! and Gareth Campesinos!

Comment by rchalico

I liked the design, and for some odd reason, I thought “I want to edit that picture” so I did. Here’s the link since there’s no way of posting a picture.


It’s not a virus – I promise :]

Comment by Fabian

a M is almost like a L.
for example, i got a Medium which is pretty similar to this MGS4 t-shirt in a Large size.

you can click on “Size Chart” for exact numbers.

Comment by tps

FYI: the “Size Chart” only shows up if you select size LG or XL. don’t know why

Comment by tps


Comment by tps

Nice shorts!

Comment by Hugh

Hee. I’m wearing the shirt right now.

Thought it was a reference to “I cannot emphasize enough that my body…” hence the useless mush on its beloved woman’s hands and the dripping heart.

Oh, well. I still love it.

Comment by Diana

Hey Gareth, did that jackass standing next to me really just ask if he could have your bottle of water? Seriously?! Thanks again for a great show tonight yall!

Comment by Trent

I love the shirt and these pictures, they will go perfect on my Los Campesinos scrap book page lol

Comment by Robert

I wore one of these shirts and ended up shagging Ellen DeGeneres AND THEN Tom Hanks, ON THE SAME NIGHT! Thankyou, Los Campesinos and Sparky Deathcap, for giving me fond memories that I can take into the afterlife.

Comment by Rupert

Leeds is great…

Comment by lace wigs

I get my GCSE results tomorrow, hoping i do well, get a bit of money, then i can stick some in my bank and get one of these before saturday 8AM GMT

Comment by Ste

Are the t-shirts fluorescent blue, like the picture in the article is showing, or are they more like the picture tps linked to (

“That’s why I’m selling these off our site, to cut out the middle man.” – Thank you.

Comment by Tim

[…] LC! T-Shirt Sale A couple of weeks back I advertised the fact that we had new t-shirts for sale on this tour. We have done and […] […]

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So that means I would have until 3am EST on Sat correct?

Comment by Justin Leon

@Tim fluorescent blue, sky blue, carolina blue. one of those blues. LC!’s picture are more accurate, use that.

ignore the color on that twitpic; that’s result of a bad combination of the camera and that website. SORRY!

it’s a really great shirt, thx to Gareth for choosing Medium for me.

Comment by tps

Probably sounds like a stoopid question but would the “girly” size similar to a men’s extra small?

Comment by finto

Cutting out the middle man is the Best Idea Ever. I’m wearing this on the first day of school!

Comment by jenn

Do they come with the short shorts?

Comment by Mark

rchalico, let me know if you are gonna make anymore of your shirts. I would love to buy one from ya.

Comment by davidfromphoenix

MATE, rchalico, that shirt looks awesome. +1 for getting that printed.

Comment by Josh

Damn, that shirt’s awesome! I’d buy one from you too.

Comment by Rodrigo

Are you guys bringing these to Buenos Aires when you come back?
You know Aleks promised you’d be back in Semptember, and promise is a promise πŸ˜€
I missed you guys the first time and I’m still having a hard time not killing myself for it…
Please, come back, if not in September, sometime soon!

Comment by Fede

Just got my shirt today, it’s so rad.

Comment by Robert

Mine arrived today ^^ Unlikely, but was it you who packed them?

Comment by Rodrigo

Why is that unlikely?

Comment by Gareth

Oh, I just thought that since you were on tour you wouldn’t have time to do it. Great then! πŸ™‚ The shirt is really cool.

Comment by Rodrigo

The shirt made it safely to Las Vegas. Thank you… your packing skills are impeccable πŸ™‚

Comment by Angeline

hey, its been like 15 days and my shirt hasnt come.. i sent another email to you guys too, and there was no response, so i was just wondering if you got my order or whats up…

Comment by Audrey

my shirt finally came!
thanks a bunchh!

Comment by Audrey

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