RECORD BOX PROJECT 2009. ENTRY #14. by Gareth
August 26, 2009, 6:24 pm
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  • Xiu Xiu/High Places 7″ Split (includes David Horvitz polaroid)
  • Lovvers Laughing Man 7″
  • Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Town Topic EP
  • BARR The Song Is The Single 7″
  • Dan Deacon/Future Islands 7″ Split
  • Cheap Time Woodland Drive 7″
  • Telepathe/Effi Briest 7″ Split.
  • Tokyo Police Club Tessellate 7″ (featuring Tom Campesinos! remix)
  • Zola Jesus Poor Sons 7″
  • No Age Eraser 7″ (SIGNED!!)
  • HEALTH Die Slow 7″
  • Times New Viking Stay Awake 7″ EP
  • bis Sweet Shop Avengerz 7″
  • Abe Vigoda Animal Ghosts 7″
  • Deerhunter Nothing Ever Happened 7″
  • Big Black He’s A Whore/The Model 7″
  • Bikini Kill New Radio/Rebel Girl/Demi Rep 7″
  • Art Brut Alcoholics Unanimous 7″
  • Q And Not U Hot And Informed 7″
  • The Smiths William, It Was Really Nothing/Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want 7″
  • The Hot Puppies Somewhere 7″
  • The Housemartins Five Get Over Excited 7″
  • Fucked Up Year Of The Pig 7″
  • Les Savy Fav Plagues And Snakes 7″ (Wake Up A Snake/Raging In The Plague Age)
  • Electrelane In Berlin 7″
  • The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Young Adult Friction 7″
  • Preston School Of Industry Falling Away 7″
  • Dead Science Tomlab Alphabet Singles Series 7″
  • The Mountain Goats Palmcoder Yajna 7″
  • Hearts Of Animals Hearts Of Animals 7″
  • Help She Can’t Swim Hospital Drama 7″
  • Vivian Girls Surf’s Up 7″
  • Gossip Gossip 7″
  • The xx Crystalised 7″
  • Low Santa’s Coming Over
  • The Locust/Melt Banana Split 7″
  • Mudhoney Touch Me I’m Sick 7″
  • Blonde Redhead Can’t remember what it is, will have to check 7″
  • Miscellaneous Badges
  • A couple of ‘Zines.

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Does Sam, formerly of Test Icicles still work in Amoeba?

Comment by Colin Roberts

Melt Banana? Man, this box is going to be unreal to whoever gets it.

Comment by Bryce M.

hell yes! Melt Banana is a great band for this Recordbox. You should add some twee pop too, like Bunnygrunt, Cub, Heavenly or something like that

Comment by IL

Dunno mate. There was a box of 7″s that were from “people who have worked here”, but didn’t notice any Testicicles. Was some Mick Jagger though, so dunno what to believe.

Comment by Gareth

That Crystalised 7″ is already goin’ for like £15. Hype payz.

Comment by Jenn

“I’m not quite sure what this thing here is but-”
“It’s a giant penis.”
“It’s clearly a giant penis.”
“Well, I wasn’t sure-”
“It’s a giant penis.”

I love you guys. <333

Comment by Tiago

I love browsing the 50 cent 7″ bins at Amoeba. You can find all sort cool stuff.

Thanks for shows in LA. It was great to see you guys play a nice theatre in the El Rey then at the Detroit, a small club from my college days. A perfect way to end the summer.

Comment by brad

I’m bored to death x)

Can you Campesinos! reccomend some not well know stuff for me to listen?

Comment by Tiago

In defense of Neil’s hesitation, it could be a normal-sized penis and the men could be Lilliputians.

Comment by Eric

This is really going to be a delightful collection of stuff

Comment by Jeremy


Comment by David

I LOVE YOU LEKS, GARETH, TOM, OLLIE, NEIL, HARRIET, AND ELLEN! LC! IS THE GREATEST BAND EVER. ok now that my spiel is over I’m going to go listen to “You’ll Need those fingers for crossing” for the 173rd time… I’ll probably end up listening to all your songs again tho because They are kind of like pringles, I can’t have just one. thank you for awesome music.

Comment by Joseph

There are plenty of record shops in San Diego (which I am proud to call home). I’m not sure where you’ll be staying, but Off The Record is pretty good. It’s in North Park. M-Theory has more local stuffs and is in South Park. Folk Arts Rare Records is less more folksy/bluesy/vaudeville and is in Normal Heights. I’m also a huge fan of Nickelodeon in Normal Heights, on account of it’s “quirkiness”.

I hope you guys like San Diego enough to come back. I’m missing Street Scene because I go to an out-of-state college, but I’m arranging to go vicariously through friends/acquaintances.

Comment by Alison

When will the contest rules be announced/decided upon?? I want this more than life itself!!!

Comment by Corinne

When I get home.

Comment by Gareth

Ok, awesome!! I can’t wait! Have a safe trip home though!

Comment by Corinne

I saw you guys filming this! but I felt really lame just watching so I went inside

Comment by Jasmine

Jasmine, that is my favourite response i have read ever.

Comment by Matthew

Neil! Where can I get your t-shirt?

Comment by Ally

damn. This thing is magnificent, i really cant wait on what will happen next

Comment by Marcos.

holey maloney…. this box is da bomm!!!!!
can’t be good for the ticker!!!!

Comment by Lee

I cannot explain how much I need this record box. Ahh I can’t wait for the contest. I love Los Campesinos!

Comment by Victoria

whoa! Neil! awesome shirt..are Girls sellin those T-shirt? where can i get them? thx..

From Indonesia with love..


Comment by Xandega Tahajuansya

If theres any room leftover in the box, you guys should throw in some Radio Dept. Distorted white noise, Swedes, and dream pop. It will not disappoint!!

Comment by Allison

Oh! and we were promised jetpacks is pretty good too and also from edinburgh like elbows like swords! (i think?)

Comment by Allison

I bought a great cub/Tullycraft/Raggedy Ann/Weakling split the other day. full of tweepop greatness. I think some twee would be a great addition to the box

Comment by Ray

If you can put anything more in that box, something by Girls would be sweet .

Comment by Tiago

i love ollies shirt, where he get it?

Comment by larissa

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