Things I find in the Street by Ellen
August 26, 2009, 12:53 am
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Sometimes I pick stuff up off the street.

It’s my shtick, my thing, my inner womble.

Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

When we played in LA I found a script on the street between the hotel and starbucks..


As far as I could decipher the main characters in this scene “Claire” and “Ray” are both spies, and have made some kind of vow to leave the spy business together but their work is spilling over into their personal life and they just don’t trust each other.

This is exampled when Claire used her CIA training to analyse their relationships


IMG_0245(its says Claire: I know the drill, ok. Deny everything, admit nothing, make counter accusations.)

Ray seemed really annoyed and oddly preoccupied wit at how much paperwork it took to stop being a spy.

Ray: I just terminated a 12 year contract with MI6. I spent an hour sigining non disclosure forms.

Ray also worried that Claire had double crossed him, but it turned out that she did leave her job, she just stole some passports first.

I think.

It’s not very clear.

The ending was pretty good though.


Anyway, the more I re read this gold, the more familiar it felt, until it struck me…

This is that Clive Owen and Julia Roberts film that isn’t closer.

This is a draft of Duplicity!

HAHAHAHAHA. I havent even seen this film anod now I probably wont….

Why would someone leave this lying around and not have it framed above their bed?I am hoping it is a section of Julia’s copy and has her tear stains still in it.

Surreal LA

Ellen x


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I don’t recommend you watch it… unless you’re in it for laughs.

Comment by Adrienne


Comment by Eric

Oh my. That really IS a script from a movie that millions of dollars was likely spent on! :O
I wonder if the capital K on the second kiss means it’s more passionate. hm.

Comment by Julia

hahahahaha i just laughed out loud

Comment by brian

have you seen orphan yet?!?

Comment by brian

No I have not, due to the fact Alek RUINED the ending for me… no not really, I asked her what happened. Best Idea for Ending EVA x

Comment by Ellen

I actually kinda liked Duplicity in like a throwback screwball comedy sorta way, but this is pretty a pretty awesome find.

Comment by Nick

err pretty a pretty? ok, I’m gonna either go to sleep or start writing back tracks for Lil Wayne

Comment by Nick

hahahahaa thats so hilarious! oh america and it’s faith in it’s people. is this what were supposed to like?? i guess we do, because these films make money. Hell, i did pay to see the sex and the city movie after all.

Comment by Allison

Ellen! I met a guy named Dave last night that claims to be friends with you. I would be more specific but I have no recollection of his last name. Theres no exciting ending to this story, thats it, but I was really really excited.

Comment by Allison

Seems like it was probably for someone’s acting class. Film scripts are most certainly NOT written in Arial or whatever font that is… They’re written in a very specific format under Courier or New Courier, if you’re tyin to be all fancy and shit. Either way, I would guess that the city of LA is littered with thousands of pages from mainstream films thrown out after someone copied them down for their acting class

Comment by JDAisnotamyth

nice one, BuzzKillington.

Comment by Ryan

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