The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future by LC!
September 9, 2009, 8:14 am
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Comment by dothebrokenrecords

This is fantastic!!

Comment by Bryce M.

holy hell! this is incredible! really really beautiful, song and video
would i be wrong in assuming this is from the new album?
even if it isn’t, i’m so grateful for this. lyrics and violin are lovely beyond words.

Comment by maddy

Oh wow. This is the best way to start a working day ever. Amazing. The strings are awesome.

Comment by Olli

Loving the strings.

Comment by James

Sounds great!
I really like the lyrics; really REALLY looking forward to the new album (whether this is on it or not.)
Thanks guys!

Comment by Joe D

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Why isn’t it working for me? I’m starting to get paranoid…

Comment by Patrick Boo

[…] Campesinos! have put up a new song for free download on their website, “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of The Future”. What do you think of Los Campesinos! […]

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[…] [via LC! Blog] Tags: free download, Los Campesinos!, The Sea Is A Good Place To Think About The Future […]

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omg omg omg omg omg “you could never kiss a tory boy without wanting to cut off your tongue” omg omg omg omg omg ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ love it so much.

(Considering I love LC!'s current direction, this seems a stupid question, but is the early sugar-rush really dead and buried? I was always hoping you'd write your own C Is The Heavenly Option [although I like the cover!]).

Comment by Samuel

Great song guys and gals – looking forward to playing it over and over – still laughing at the Record Box Project video! Too funny — one thing – try Porthcawl instead of Barry Island next time – Rest Bay – beautiful.x

Comment by Alfie

its awesome!!incredible! i love it!!

Comment by fernandorandom

This is quite utterly brilliant, will surely become one of my favourite LC! songs even though I adored the twee stuff from Hold on Now Youngster… I was trying to figure out how the hell Jamie Stewart could fit on an LC! album but I totally see it now. Reminds me of Why? too, except with strings – I don’t think I could have hoped for anything better! Thankyou so much!!

Comment by Stephen

[…] Los Campesinos! till we die. You could never kiss a Tory boy without wanting to cut off your tongue again. […]

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just cause you’re allowed to drink outside and have had nice weather all summer. stop rubbing it in okay? cunts.
with love,
from scotland, the land of rain and £40 on the spot fines for drinking outside xxxx

Comment by liam

Simply beautiful.

Comment by Ivy

[…] have uploaded a new song “The Sea is a Good Place To Think of the Future” to their blog. Download it there or hear it in the video below. Is the title B. S. Johnson […]

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this is quite possibly my favorite lc! track ever

Comment by Daniel M

Thank you that was beautiful, and i cant wait for the new album!

Comment by Jack

[…] You can watch the song with pretty moving pictures on the LC website. […]

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This is amazing.

Comment by J

ditto liam. i can’t hear the song but the video is making me homesick for summers and friends and lovely lovely days.

any chances of this being played on your UK tour? x

Comment by maudie

Absolutely fuckin fantastic

Comment by Nick

Thank you for all your feedback. I’m really glad people seem to like it.

Incase anyone was wondering, and because I cannot bear misquoted lyrics:


I grabbed hold of her wrist and my hand closed from tip to tip
I said “you’ve taken the diet too far, you have got to let it slip”
But she’s not eating again, she’s not eating again, she’s not eating again, she’s not eating again.
I ask her to speak French and then I need her to translate, I get the feeling she makes the meaning more significant.
She was always far too pretty for me to believe in a single word she said, believe a word she said.
At fourteen her mother died in a routine operation, from allergic reaction to a general anesthetic. She spent the rest of her teens experimenting with prescriptions, in a futile attempt to know more than the doctors.
She said one day to leave her, sand up to her shoulders waiting for the tide
to drag her to the ocean, to another sea’s shore.
This thing hurts like hell,
but what did you expect?

And all you can hear is the sound of your own heart
And all you can feel is your lungs flood and the blood course
But oh I can see five hundred years dead set ahead of me
Five hundred behind,
A thousand years in perfect symmetry

Best known left wrist right finger, through all the Southern States, on every video games machine they call her triple A.
There were racists on the radio trying to give up smoking, the chat show host, he joked “you have to wait for the government program”.
You talk about your politics, and I wonder if you could be one of them, but you could never kiss a Tory boy without wanting to cut off your tongue again.
A good place to look to the future is when you are sat at the sea, with the salt up to your ankles and a view of the end of the pier, you may look down at your model’s feet and wish that you’d just float away, and the weather here is overcast and the sea is the same shade of grey, so the landscape before you looks just like the edge of the world, but to the left side and the right side, either way is a crazy golf course.
The sea is a good place to think of the future.

And all you can hear is the sound of your own heart
And all you can feel is your lungs flood and the blood course
But oh I can see five hundred years dead set ahead of me
Five hundred behind,
A thousand years in perfect symmetry
A thousand years no getting rid of me
A thousand years in perfect symmetry.

Comment by Gareth

Ah, thanks, I was just about to e-mail and ask for lyrics.

The song is stunning. Really, properly incredible. I can’t stop listening to it. Thank you.

Comment by Miles

Amazing stuff. It reminds me of Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time but with less fuzziness. Been checking the site daily to try and catch this, so glad it’s here. Now I can play it over and over on repeat on the train tomorrow morning – I was going to revisit Brighten the Corners but this excites me more!

Now. Come to Australia!

Comment by Laurence

The Tory line makes me think of Coupling, but there’s probably no relation 🙂

This is gorgeous. It’s the first thing I’ve heard all day and nearly cried halfway through. Cannot wait for the new album, you’ve done it again, you brilliant bastards.

Comment by Jeska

This is utterly incredible. Incredible. This whole thing has me on the verge of tears.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about an album than I am LC!3

Comment by JMN

Harriet!!!!!!!! The strings are so beautiful. awesome. thank you.

Comment by Steven

This is amazing! I can’t wait for the new album. The chorus vocal is so amazing, especially the bit at the end. Really genuine lyrics (but when are they not with Los Campesinos! ?). And the video is just as amazing. I really found the contrast between the idea of the song and the party at the beach tied together by the whole “Sea” theme. Who directed that?

Comment by Shannon

Thank you ever so much. The lyrics are wonderful. I can not wait for more. Thank you again.

Comment by Daniel

This is the most gorgeous, depressing song I’ve ever heard. Holy shit. This makes me even more excited than I previously was for the new album.

When will I get to hear it live in Australia?

Comment by Mitch

This is beautiful.

Comment by Thom

this is beautiful and sad and amazing. i’m so excited about seeing lc! in oxford next month.

Comment by charly

LOVE THIS. Love the direction you guys are taking, sounds great! Can’t wait for the new album.

Comment by Peter

This >> Muse’s new one.

Man you guys are awesome. I cannot wait until October the 23rd. ❤

Comment by Sam

So so so so so so good. It made unistuff shopping in the likes of Asda and Matalan much more tolerable.

Comment by Lois

i cannot get over this. wonderful

Comment by megan

Thank you Los Campesinos! for making my life a million times better. as if the day couldnt get any better that HEALTH released Get Color today, then I stumbled upon this. This is great I love the sound and I love you all!

Comment by your little helper

This will on repeat on my iphone for several weeks!

Comment by Justin Leon

A thousand years no getting rid of me
A thousand years in perfect symmetry.

That has to be the most beautiful set of lines ever written.

Comment by Erin

Perfect Balance. Perfect Song.

Comment by DianaS

you made me shriek in delight

Comment by Matthew

Absolutley wonderful xx

Comment by Dianne

Thank you so much… It was great. Lovely, lovely song.

Comment by Ben


From everyone, thanks so much for the free download. I haven’t given it a proper listen yet, but I just wanted to let you know that from what I’ve heard, I think I’ll like the new direction of the band. I do miss the twee, I do. But it seems that as I grow up and mature, so does your music. I appreciate that.

Hope the US treated you well,

Comment by Kyle from TX

Stunning is definetely the best word to describe this. I had chills watching this. Morbid, happy, hopeful, regardless the mood of the song, you manage to make everything beautiful..I would have to say that this is undoubtedly your most emotional song..I really can’t wait for the enw record. Please, continue to astonish me.

Comment by Kevin

[…] new song, ‘The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future’, available for streaming here.  You can also download the song via that […]

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thank you thank you thank you

Comment by Andy

/brain explodes… Pretty dang good song here 🙂

Comment by Dan

that was amazing. thank you again, los campesinos! i love you and your music so much.

love the conitnuing direction. you guys are becoming even bettwer which i didn’t think was possible

fuck the beatles… this is the better 9-9-09 release!

Comment by patchworkpalisades

Great song guys. The darker the better if you ask me.

Best bit?

“This thing hurts like hell,
but what did you expect?”

a m a z i n g

Comment by Steven


Comment by martbowski

I love you forever LC!

Comment by James

LC! this song fucking rules.

Comment by radmike

this is amazing!

Comment by Griff

is this gonna be on LP3 Big G?

Comment by kieran

I think this is probably the best thing you’ve ever done

Comment by westie

Did you have to be mean to us Tories? : (

Comment by Thomas Byrne

Channeling your inner Dylan Thomas here? Maybe I’m only saying that because of the Welsh connection… but the man loved his women, and his sea seemed to spread out and engulf all four corners of the map.

Comment by dan

Good lyrics.

Comment by Ian Mathers

i like the song, it’s different but i think it will grow on me

Comment by Robert

Thomas – Yes. Apologies.

Comment by Gareth

Listen to so much. Saw you live at newcatle collage last year.. This song has simply made me certain to buy a ticket this year.

Wow amazing ambience.

Comment by West

I feel like I’m stood with my nose pressed up against the window of a great party that I was invited to but nobody can hear me knocking on the door for the music. Why won’t it let me download the track? I’ve tried watching the video but had to give up because my tinternet is slow and it was constantly buffering. Help! How can I hear this track?

Comment by Patrick Boo

There was a couple of tears from me. Is this the one you meant when you said you cried first time you heard it?
Amazing. Can’t wait till manchester.

Comment by Ste

Loved You Guys in Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Cleveland.
This song is brilliant.

Comment by colin

The trying to know more than the doctors line and the bit about all the videogames calling her triple A both completely slay me. Way to pack in the concise storytelling, humor and pathos.

Comment by Sam

I’m writing this while my incredibly slow internet tries to download the song. The bit that I’ve managed to listen to which isn’t even a minute long is amazing. Gorgeous guitar, beautiful strings, all accompanied by Gareth’s amazing voice. Read through the lyrics and they held their own even without music behind them. Really, really incredible song. Thank you LC! for the download and preview and thank you for making such beautiful music. Keep being your wonderful selves 🙂

Comment by Allison

thank you 🙂

Comment by Becky

oh my god, this is so lush and gorgeous and so, so sad. the lyrics are brilliant, i keep trying to select bits to quote at people but i can’t possbly choose. i don’t understand how you are so good at doing wonderful things that bring me joy even though they are sometimes so very sad, but i’m so glad for it, please keep it up & come back to the states soon! i’ve seen you in NYC twice now and honestly i think i’ll try to if i can every time you swing by. ❤

Comment by Isabel

wow. This just made my day. I love you guys.

Comment by nothingspecial42

Wow, this is absolutely stunning, can’t wait for the new album and SWN. When the new Girls 7″ (finally) arrived this morning I thought the day couldn’t get much better… how wrong I was…

Comment by Gazz

great song, no sure why maybe the summer kind of feel but it made me think of my favorite summer album Unrest-Imperial FFRR

Comment by Mike Eidle

Oh my, I do like this.

Comment by Alison

the song is epic, thank you bunches =]

Comment by Val

It sounds so differnt from any other Los Campesinos! song but at the same time I would not mistake it for being anyone else. I feel like the lyrics are a step up from everything else you have done and the song is just beautiful. I really like it a lot guys.

Comment by Jayby

Just wondering, is this a pre-album bonus one like How I Taught Myself… or is it going to be on the album?

I feel like a sycophant but I like the new musical direction, as much as part of me is yearning so much for It Started With A Mixx back.

Comment by lrkn

This is absolutely stunningly beautiful. I know everyone has already said this but I thought I’d just let you know again.
You have grown so much in the past three years, positively so (even though I loved you from the very beginning). I might actually die of happiness when the new album comes out.

You guys are the best. I love you.

Comment by Gerlin

I just cried.

In a good way of course. You lot are really just so good, for lack of better word, since I can’t seem to come up with one at the moment.

Comment by Corinne

Well if the new album is going to be anything like this, I am pumped! It’s not as sunny as LC!’s other stuff but I really like the change.

Comment by Blake A

brilliant. magnificent. and several oter sinonims for perfect.

When i downloaded the song the mp3 file says its also the name of the album. Is this correct?

Comment by Marcos.


Comment by Fede

I love this! Great job Campesinos!

Comment by Matt

beyond amazing. seriously, you’ve outdone yourselves. this is perfect.

Comment by Andrea

Love this! This morning I had two minutes before I had to go so I just unknowingly threw it on a CD with How I Taught Myself to Scream and happened to have a bad day. This song was just perfect for the ride home and some how cheered me up, especially the What did you expect!? bit, so thanks for putting this out. 🙂 Love the new style.

Comment by loren

Amazing. I really can’t wait for the album.

Comment by Matt

Do I have to buy Quicktime 7 Pro to download?

Comment by Matt

am i loser for sort of tearing up at this? i still stand by it. lovely song. absolutely lovely. it sounds more grown up for you guys, but you’re still the best band ever because of it.

Comment by Peter

This is my new favourite song. Beautiful.

Comment by L.

This is great, thank you very much. heart the dynamics, the density of the arrangement, the rhythms of yr vocals. Is this by any chance that day at the beach you blogged about a few months back? did you know you were going to make it the video? And is there no experience that can’t be made sober with good editing and the right soundtrack?

Anyway, when the leaves start to change, I will drive around with this and a sweater on. thx again

Comment by Eric

absolutley brilliant song- one of my favorites, I think. it seems the beautiful anorexic foot-model is come again, not that anyone minds, of course. sorry for sounding stupid, but how exactly do you download the song? i cant seem to figure it out…

Comment by Kate

beautiful song- one of my new favorites, i think =]

sorry for sounding stupid, but how do you download the song? it wont seem to work for me… D:

Comment by Kate

utterly superb, can’t wait for the manchester deaf institute gig!

Comment by deadmanjones

Gareth, you fucking genius, (So is the rest of the band)

Comment by Eliot

each time i try to download it it’s only a thirty second clip? any suggestions? and it sounds amazing.

Comment by Caroline

I had to post for the second time today. The song is up on the LC! myspace if people are having trouble listening to it through buffering video or whatever. I must have heard it at least 10 times today. This better be on the new LP…it’s breathtaking the first to tenth times.

Comment by Kevin

😀 I couldn’t be happier with this song! Goddamn will this album be good! And I’m sure the inevitable tour will be better!

Comment by Rob

hi guys

another great tune – well done – cant wait to see you all in Cov.
was that video shot at Barry Island ??


Comment by chuck

Longtime reader, first-time poster. Just dropped in to say “Oh-My-God.”

Comment by Kyle S

This is what I will listen to on my walk home from school tomorrow. Perfect! Reminds me of Washington winters.

Comment by Clair

Oh my god, the percussion is just…Amazing
This has to be one of your best songs yet.

Notice the YET, the new album is going to be superb, I can feel it.

Comment by fede


Comment by Hollie

im am so excited for the upcoming album…ahhhh
great song!..i love it!!

Comment by Ana

You’ve made my day yet once more. Thank you.

Comment by calvin

Thank you, this sounds terrific

Comment by David

Props to harriet for the amazing strings 😀

Comment by Ray

rly, rly good.

Comment by tess

Really great, especially the lyrics. I like the narrative style.

Comment by Ben

Is the new header anything to do with the new album?

Comment by Clair

Can anybody help? I’ve spent the best part of a day seeing ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage’ rather than a download box. Does anybody have an idea why everyone else can download this track but me?

Comment by Patrick Boo

This is amazing. It’s already on my ipod. Yes this is the best day ever. 🙂

Comment by Victoria

G, is this based on truth? Either way it’s one of the most beautiful songs you lot have made thus far. All your songs are amazing, but this one is really moving.

Comment by Allison


Comment by michael

Painfully beautiful, impossibly perfect.
And I don`t say that very often.

Comment by sil

Aaaaaaaand now we know Gareth’s politics?

Comment by Kyle from TX

This is beautiful! It reminds me of Why? too. I personally found this very touching. I have a friend who had an eating disorder and was at a clinic for a few months, earlier this year. She studied French too. She’s recently gotten well again (although still on medication). It’s hard to explain, but the first verse sums up everything incredibly well!
This is a really special song.
Thank you Los Campesinos!
Really looking forward to the tour. x

Comment by Psy

What a surprise, thank you for the wonderful song. It’s quite different but unmistakably a LC! song. Keep making such fantastic music.

Comment by Johanna

My dear Los Campesinos!,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. You are growing by leaps and bounds as artists, and I await the new album with great anticipation. Yes, the previous albums, EPs, etc. will always hold a special place, but you’re not looking back, for which I applaud you. Cheers.

Comment by Lomasney

I like it!

and i like twee also.

Comment by tps

My dreams are filled with your new album. After listening to this wonderful, fantastic, beautiful song yesterday, I had a dream last night about killing a man to get the first copy of this album made. Then the police caught me and took my c.d. and I cried and then they played Jimi Hendrix’ version of the American National Anthem over and over until I went insane.

So, moral of the story, wanting the album SOON.


Comment by Clayton

amazing! the video is so perfect too, such a beautiful song….probably one of your best 🙂

Comment by Mel


Comment by Rafael

Wonderful song, beautiful lyrics and a sublime balance between strings and guitars. If the rest of the album is anywhere near as good as this song you’ve got gold. Thanks LC for living up to the high expectations.

Comment by Kevin

Hi, still no luck – is this track still available? Does anyone have a clue as to why I can’t download it?

Comment by Patrick Boo

Like it. Not as dancey as previous endeavors, good to mix things up!

Comment by Tender B.

Try right-click, “Save Link As…”

Good luck!

Comment by fede

Holy shit! The new album must be amazing.

Comment by Eru

Thanks, got it at last – I was just being dumb, obviously!! Wonderful wonderful stuff, evocative and atmospheric. Like the best short stories, it sits inside you for a minute after it ends and you can smell it fading away – dusty copper and flaking paint in saline air.

Comment by Patrick Boo

this just made my year, thank you thank you thank you thank you for being such brilliant people!

Comment by Audrey

This is stunning.

Thanks x

Comment by daniel

all has been said before, but yes, this song is amazing, yes i can’t wait for the new album, yes i can’t wait for the october tour. And yes, the video is gooood.

Comment by Veee

I love this song. I’ve listened to it so many times already. It gives me the chills that’s how good it is.

Comment by Justin

amazing song guys 😀

Comment by Catarina

i am glad to say that it’s got that LC! quality of getting better with every listen, despite the fact it already started out as awesome.

Comment by Matthew

[…] be worth posting in normal conditions, but the song itself is worth the effort alone. The track was released by the band a few days ago as a free digital download, which you can take home from the link […]

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man…this song is sad and sweet, i cant stop listening to it!!!…,well i hope the new album is released soon!

Comment by Ana

I love it. Awesome song. Can’t wait for the album and to see you back in Montreal, Canada.

Comment by Petrellad

I just got a sad, fuzzy feeling inside. Amazing.

Comment by Wolf Black

beautiful video… the song gets better with it

Comment by josuempd

That’s beautiful, I love it, so excited for your new album.

Comment by Sarah

Absolutely stunning, I cannot wait for the album, its release is going to be an event and a half i’m sure…LC for life.

Comment by Nick Plowman

incredible song so pleased to have something new to obsess over.

but… is it me or does the video just really seem not to go with the song. just a thought. class song 🙂

Comment by dave

[…] PS – “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future” is available on Los Campesinos! website. […]

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[…] unos días, la banda de Gales, Los Campesinos!, estrenaron en su blog una canción nueva titulada “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future”, la cual […]

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this song is beautiful and inspiring. thank you so much LC! i hope that i will be able to write lyrics like these one day x

Comment by Paroma Guha


Comment by Paul

Simply stunning! What a great song! Almost wish you hadn’t posted it, now I can’t wait even more for the new album (kidding). btw I hope at some point you guys make it to Buffalo, NY. I want to see you guys so bad! Pretty please?

Comment by Rob

I agree that that felt like a party that I wasn’t invited to. At the same time, it feels like a moment too precious to invade.

I thought I loved you guys, but then you swept me off my feet when Gareth walked on stage drinking from a two-liter coke bottle and Aleks sang her heart out even though she was sick. Now this.

Thank you from the bottom, top, and septum of my heart.

Comment by Diana

i refuse to listen to this out of context. album plzlollll.

150 comments, that’s impressive.

Comment by Trung

Awesome, can’t stop listening!

Comment by Acrobat

Hey Gareth, great song and even better t-shirt in the video. Wedding Present FTW! 🙂

Comment by leigh

It definitely speaks to me.
I play it everyday now, it just gets stuck in my head. People go on about the change of direction with the band but i love everything you’ve done and everything you’re doing! Keep it up :):)

Comment by Chloe

this song is too good for words

Comment by Alex

I’ve been listening to this two days straight now. It’s beyond words.

Comment by Maija

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat since you made it available, it’s spectacular. I look forward to hearing me, and to seeing y’all live again whenever you reach california again.

Comment by james

[…] ・ Los Campesinos! “The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future” コチラを右クリ保存で。いいタイトル&曲&PV! […]

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This song is ridiculously awesome, I really hope you guys put out a new album soon. I am so happy that to know that this song is out. Please come to Keene State College in New Hampshire. Haha

Comment by Bobby

Just five days after this comes out and suddenly it’s played on Spanish radio. I only just came into the room and heard “nueva cancion de Los Campesinos!, The Sea Is A Good Place To Think of the Future”, strings start, internet dies… Lame.

But yeah, you’re hot news on Spanish radio.

Comment by Ed

I am always worried when band I really really like puts out something new. Short time periods between recording always makes me increasingly nervous that I will be disappointed. Fortunately, when it comes to LC this line of thinking is total gobshite. Unbelievable lyrics and arrangement, one can only hope for a thousands years of this perfect symmetry.

P.S.’s: 1) Garreth do u have a foot fetish? 2) Ellen looks smashing (and the rest of you look quite sporty as well)! 3) Alex, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE!!

Comment by uyd4l

Seriously, fuck ME, that’s amazing

Comment by Greggsy

Thank you LC!

That is an amazing piece of music, and the lyrics are superb as usual. Just beautiful.

Comment by Rumpy

So what do I do w/ a 12 sec MP3 audio file? I am not able to d/l it fully. What gives?

Comment by DJ Unknown

Good lad for putting in the line about crazy golf, clearly time in Paignton well spent and an inspirational experience.

Comment by Dylan

More blogging from Ellen please.

Comment by Jamie


Grey sky today @ Buenos Aires. This song would do great up here. Hope it rains!

Comment by Mike de Placard

Almost forgot! It’s healing, like “the record is about to end” song or Blur’s “tender”! Keep it. Have nice days over and over!

Comment by Mike de Placard

The first time you hear “And all you can hear is the sound of your own heart” gives you such a great rush.

As a couple have said above, it’d be great to hear it played live in Australia.

Comment by TheMattfish

is anyone from the LC! gang going to Pavement in NYC?

Comment by Doug

Thank you so much for the song is a great sign of you.

Comment by tavo

Sorry. I am. The first show on the 22nd. Hopeful for a Toronto announcement as well. Seems likely.

Comment by Julia

p.s. I assume “LC gang” refers to the band, and not, you know, me, but anyway. As I said – SO EXCITED. 🙂

Comment by Julia

Sounds A LOT like Modest Mouse, but still a great song. Love it.

Comment by Peter

Great song :)!!

I love youu!!!

Come back to Mexico please!!!

Comment by Claudia

That’s a very pretty song.

I missed out on tickets to the garage, hopefully I’ll catch you on the festival circuit this year!

How embarrassing… I just left fan mail…!

Comment by Pedro

You guys are incredible.
Utterly amazing, you never put a foot wrong, even with this so-called new direction, just amazing.
Can’t wait to see you all in Leeds, then in Doncaster with the Cribs.

Comment by Ben

I like this song way. Sounds a lot like Fevers and Mirrors era Bright Eyes, and I would love to hear more of that. Shame CO disowns his younger persona. It’s a great blend of sounds. Nice to hear you guys strip things down and get somber. More, and come to Sf. Please and thank you.

Comment by Jeremy Sullivan

sick track

Comment by ned

Wow… simply wow! I really love this song; but, I haven’t really come across a LC! song that I don’t love.

Comment by Joshua Barnett

[…] Los Campesinos! video makes me miss my 20’s. You can download the mp3 from the always-entertaining LC! […]

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this has been in my head foreva
so goooood
when does the new album come out!?

Comment by lisamartine

Just noticed that the Vimeo page for this shows viewing stats.

23.2k views! My MP3 player has been fecked so at least 60-70 of those have been me in college.

Comment by Lrkn

I had never heard of Los Campesinos! before…This was posted on a blog I occasionally follow. Sadly not wild about the video, but the song BLEW ME AWAY! I must have listened to it ten times in a row by now. Sheer epic awesomeness. Like seriously, one of the most amazing pieces of music I’ve heard recently

Comment by Dalton

[…] Download Link! Share and Enjoy: […]

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you guys still got and never lose it. Thank god

Comment by morris

[…] Album liegt im Startloch (kann man das so schreiben?) zur Veröffentlichung bereit. Auf der Band Homepage gibt es schon einen Song kostenlos zum herunterladen. Sehr löblich. Im Dezember gehts dann mit den […]

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Beautiful. Just beautiful. “And all you can hear is the sounds of your own heart…”

Comment by froggy


Comment by George

how come you always get to speak MY mind, whether i’m happy or thoughtful? geniuses. hope you’ll come back to rome even though there were like twelve of us at your last show. lots of love.

Comment by mars

This is a beautiful song. I’ve listened about ten times today. Thank you! First heard you guys when I was living in Canada – wish I had when I was living in the UK! I hope you love what you’re doing because we sure do.

Comment by Rich

[…] Here’s the video for “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future,” the first track that dropped a few weeks ago. Technically, it’s not the first single (”There are Listed Buildings”), but I’m not sure what that means in the world of digital distribution. Except, I suppose, that they’re selling vinyl editions of “There are Listed Buildings” at their shows. This is shot by bassist Ellen (the official unofficial videographer of the group) and a friend, and fits beautifully with the melancholia of the song. (via LC!) […]

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[…] a new song “The Sea Is A Good Place To Think of the Future”.You can download it […]

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I have got to say this is the best song i’ve ever heard, i thought that from “Hold on now youngster” it couldn’t get any better… I am amazed, keep it up, cheers!

Comment by Pablo

[…] the verses I expected the imagery to go the other way based on the general thrust of the lyrics; the video really helped me understand that this is, indeed, a properly uplifting track that helps us all […]

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is there any way that i can get hold of this without quicktime pro? i like neeeeeed this song! its amazing! xxxx

Comment by Katy

[…] So along comes ‘Romance is Boring’, the third album. Recorded around one of their North American tours, it is keyboard and vocalist Aleks Campesinos! last record with the band. A taster song, ‘The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future’ was uploaded to the band’s blog — an emotional tale concerning a girl who kicks ass on arcade machines, but remains scarred from her mother’s premature death. This is the band’s first genuinely touching song, and one I’d recommend to anyone — there’s no excuse not to listen, as it is a free single available to download here. […]

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[…] Grab a free download of “The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of the Future” here. […]

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[…] The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future « LC! 9 Sep 2009. Pingback by Los Campesinos! – Video und Download “The Sea Is A Good Place… Comment by Corinne September 9, 2009 @ 9:06 pm. Comment by Peter September 9, 2009 @ 10:03 pm. Comment by Hollie September 10, 2009 @ 12:22 am. I've spent the best part of a day seeing 'Internet Explorer cannot The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future « LC! […]

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[…] The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future Image by edsalkeld What better way to start a year than to have a picture with a title that manages to both be relevant and reference a Los Campesinos! song? […]

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