We Are Beautiful, We Are Tat2ed by Gareth
September 20, 2009, 9:41 pm
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Still waiting on someone to get a “This is how you spell……..” tattoo…

Comment by ciaran

….and I thought I was obsessed!

Comment by Justin Leon

Looks like someone had to one up the last tattoo…

Comment by Kyle from TX

i’ll be next

Comment by megan

Something for us all to aim for.

Comment by Matthew

Still waiting for the first person to get all the Campesinos! faces tattooed on their back, a la

Comment by Ffion

agree with Kyle.. definitely interested to know who had theirs first..
i’ve thought of several band tats but have never been able to decide on one i’d want.. so i just went with bass/treble clefs to represent all the great music i love.

Comment by kimber

Nice. Is it the consensus that this is the most tattoo-ready LC! line? “This is how you spell…” would be impressive, especially if it were tattooed on someone’s member, for any number of reasons.

Comment by Eric

I think “WAB, WAD” is more beautiful and has more meaning for people than “This is how you spell…”

Comment by David

the joke was This is how you spell’s full title length 😛

Comment by Nick

Anyone got a link to the last tattoo? I’m interested to see what I’m getting one up on. Mine is about 4 months old so theirs was likely to be first anyways. 🙂

Comment by Nikita

Can’t see her face, but I bet she’s hot?! I think it’s nice that someone can relate to something so much that they need it on their body. Seems like some people are synical and got the idea there might be some kind of competition involved? If you think about it, there’s no worse reason to get a tattoo to one up someone, perhaps she never even saw the other person’s tattoo (I know I didn’t) Anyways I think it’s neat x

Comment by Austin

you’ve destroyed the hopes and the dreams of a generation of faux romantics.

Comment by Matthew

anyone else thinks it’s ever so ever so slightly presumptuous to have ‘We Are Beautiful’ written on your person?! I know I couldn’t get away with that.

Comment by John

@John i don’t think it’s presumptuous. i figure the language is inclusive; whoever’s reading it is part of “we.” it’s rather nice like that. till you get to the doomed part.

Comment by Eric

I found the other tattoo. It’s really lovely.

Most people will relate when they read it to both feelings of being beautiful and feelings of being doomed, although of course the first half is a little nicer to think about.

Comment by Nikita

Ive been wanting to get “I am incredibly sincere” in a scratchy text on my high forearm for a while

Comment by steezin

menh, I don’t think it’s obsessive to have a band-related tattoo. and the only presumptious thing about it is that you’re assuming you’ll care about the band for the rest of your life.

Comment by Julia

i agree that for those that know the reference or have a generally poetic jena se qua about themselves seeing “WAB…WAD” inscribed on another’s person should invoke the proper sentiment. however for those less familiar with LC! philosophies or generally reluctant towards introspective thinking it could be misread (or perhaps appropriately as I do not know the tatted individual under discussion) as a proclamation of exceptional physical appearance, in which case it could appropriately be considered presumptuous.

Comment by Ronald

I agree that it could be seen as presumptuous by those not familiar with LC! or those who would/could not see the proper sentiment, but it’d also seem presumptuous to those people that I deemed myself doomed as well as beautiful? Which would be quite sad, really.

But as I obviously am a LC! fan, I don’t mind either way really, as I know why I got this tattoo, and I love it. [For now! ;)] haha.

Comment by Nikita

No matter who’s wearing the tattoo, WAB, WAD does not sound like an arrogant proclamation to me.

Comment by Julia

See, I don’t see it as presumptuous because I’ve never interpreted the lyric as a declaration of outer beauty. Everyone’s beautiful in their own specific way.

Comment by Alecks

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