September 21, 2009, 8:19 am
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It is our utmost pleasure to officially announce on this beautiful Monday, the joining of Kim Campesinos! as our new vocalist and keyboard player (and a whole lot more). As I’m sure most of you are aware, Kim joins the band following Aleks’ departure to return to her studies. In Kim we have a more than worthy successor. We are friends from way, way back, and I hope you’ll make her feel very welcome.

For the full behind the scenes coverage of her signing and exclusive interviews from LC! Stadium, see the video, filmed by long time LC! collaborator Ryan Owen, below.

Aswell as this, we can reveal details of the first single to be taken from our forthcoming album. Entitled There Are Listed Buildings, the song will be available to buy on our ever nearer October UK Tour, printed on one sided heavy-weight 7″ vinyl, with artwork (below) by the incredibly talented Cari Ann Wayman. After the tour, limited quantities will be available in stores. More news soon.

Kim’s first shows with the band, and your first opportunity to purchase the new single will be this October on our tour with Copy Haho and Sparky Deathcap. As follows:

WED 21 OCT Kasbah, Coventry 14+

THURS 22 OCT Joiners, Southampton 14+

FRI 23 OCT Phoenix, Exeter 14+ (01392 263518)

SAT 24 OCT The Gate, Cardiff 14+ (Also with Dananananaykroyd, Munch Munch and Internet Forever)

MON 26 OCT Deaf Institute, Manchester14+

TUE 27 OCT University, Newcastle 14+

WED 28 OCT Garage, London 14+

THU 29 OCT Zodiac, Oxford All Ages (Under 14s to be accompanied by an adult)

FRI 30 OCT Cockpit, Leeds14+

SAT 31 OCT King Tut’s, Glasgow 18+

Onwards & Upwards…

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Hi Kim!
can’t wait to listen to the 1st single
Exciting times in the LC! camp 😀 xx

Comment by Veee


Comment by dothebrokenrecords

Excitement! The lasses (and lads) of team LC! are always so damn pretty!

Comment by Jordan

I’ve been waiting to see who would replace Aleks, and I’m sure you’ll do great Kim!

Comment by Shawn

Exciting times! Can’t wait to see how she fits in with the rest of you delightful kids.

Comment by Bradley

i have always dreamed of holding up a shirt with ‘Britton 8’ on the back.

Oh man

Comment by Matthew

With knowing nothing about your ability or background… I can safely say I’m still excited. Welcome to Team Campesinos!, Kim!

Can’t wait to see your new lineup in action. Come back to the states soon!

Comment by Patrick

i will love forever campesinos (even though i already do.) if you could maybe do a transcript of the video? (A)

its just my computer is epic failing and has no sound on videos, the appreciation would be never ending if you did so, thankyou and goodbye

Comment by dave

Hello Kim! See you on tour!

Looking forward to the new single. Will there be limited copies available on tour? Don’t want to miss out on getting it.

Olli x

Comment by Olli

Exciting times! ❤

Comment by Charlotte

Welcome Kim! At the end of the day, I’m sure you’ll be amazing.

Have we got an album title yet? Seems odd to know the single’s name and not the album, but no real fuss. So very, very exciting!

Comment by Laurence

she looks… just… like… gareth

are we allowed to talk about that?!

the Jack/Meg White of the indie lower leagues? (except actually related).

Comment by John

Yay ^_^ it is good to hear that Kim likes shoes. Good luck!

Comment by Stephen

Amazing you were able to find someone with the appropriate surname. What are the chances?

Comment by ciaran

I feel so nostalgic right now… anyway, welcome 🙂 ..I hope everything turns out great 🙂

Comment by Fernandorandom

at the end of the day, I really love the track ‘the sea is a good place to think of the future’, and the new member looks way cool. can’t wait for the tour!

Comment by Alex

Heya Kim!

See you in Australia!

Comment by Trung

[…] Have created a really fine football-themed video to help introduce the replacement for Aleks who departed earlier this year. And at the end of the day, she’s […]

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It’s unbelievable Jeff!

Comment by Chris Kamara

i knew i recognised her
look at the last photo of this post
you’d think you were friends from way way back if she was sitting in gareth’s lounge room

Comment by maddy

Welcome Kim to my favouritist British band. They play the artful game, always with their head up working for their team-mates, in such a different manner from the pragmatist work-horse approach of the other bands currently in the British table. (Your only real competitors, the Arctic Monkeys do seemed to have combined an Anchelotti-esque playmaker style to their early pragmatism and could achieve something great to rival you in the future, but first they need time to adapt.)

With respect to your music, which I freaking adore, that Football Focus bit may have been the greatest LC! thing ever. If only more indie bands made sly digs at Ashley Cole. (No, “All My Keyfabe Friends” is still the greatest LC! thing ever.)

Comment by Samuel

she looks… just… like… gareth

are we allowed to talk about that?!

the Jack/Meg White of the indie lower leagues? (except actually related).
Comment by John September 21, 2009 @ 9:28 am

Oh man, totally. And not in a weird way, you are both incredibly snoggable.

Also- who’s shoulder on the cover?

Comment by Samuel

Welcome to the band, Kim!

Comment by Nick

Im still angry i never got to see you play at the Camden Crawl in 08, so look forward to seeing you in 09.I like football and i like music and i like new people, so i am excited.

Comment by francis

That football focus thing was the most awesome video I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Way better than that Charlie bit me video. Signing blows the Ronaldo to Real Madrid one completely out of the water too.

Welcome to the band, looking forward to hearing you on the UK tour!

Comment by dave

can’t believe the garage is sold out, bumders

Comment by martbowski

I love black Brits!

Hey Kim. =D

Comment by Rob

[…] Campesinos! have announced that Kim Campesinos! has joined the band as a new vocalist and keyboard player. Kim replaces Aleks […]

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As a sports journalist myself, I have to say that yall’s signing video of Kim was hilarious. Keep up the good work guys!

Comment by John (Jacksonville,Fl)

Also not directly on-topic but Ellen’s hair looks rad these days

Comment by Nick

“Fitting in really well, like a mobile phone up the ___”

New goal this week: I will find a way to say this phrase on every date I go on ( is like shopping for shoes), both as a litmus test and for the lulz.

Comment by Eric

Congrats Kim!! I’m sure you’ll be a brilliant successor! Can’t wait to hear your talent!!

Comment by Allison

Really cool artwork. Does LC! have a thing for clavicles? This picture and “held my left fist high above her pale right clavicle”. If so, I highly approve. I have a weird thing for clavicles as well. I like to bite them…..what?

Comment by Allison

Good luck kim, I can’t wait to hear the new single!
Gareth- will this 7″ be available in the U.S?, i sure hope so…

Comment by Eliot

AHHHHHHHHH! Can’t wait for new album!

Comment by Drew

she’s really cute! good luck!
looking forward to the new album guys.

Comment by miguel

welcome Kim xx

Comment by phatty73

HI KIM! Welcome aboard! Can’t wait to see you live with the rest of the crew. <333333

…Which will only happen when LC! decide to return to Portugal.

Comment by Tiago F

that is the funniest thing i’ve seen in ages, how did you manage to rent out the new Cardiff City stadium, looking forward to seeing Kim and the rest of you in Manchester next month


Comment by James

This is win!
BUT one question: I’ve got tickets to see you in october, and it says 14+ on the website, but on the ticket it tells me I need an adult if I’m under 16.
I’ll still be 15 at the time of the gig…
Um… what should I do?

Comment by Yash

Congrats, Kim!
Can’t wait to meet you when LC! is back in the States (preferably Missouri)! 😀

Comment by Jeni

Can’t believe you have Sean in your pocket now. How did that come about?

Your best video yet. I suppose when Ollie’s eaten himself to death on tour somewhere following some dodgy taco and you replace him with Jason Bonham, you’ll be announcing it on an open top bus in a ticker tape parade down the Mall.

Comment by Dylan

HEY KIM! Welcome! I know for a fact all the very nice, enthusiastic LC! fans will welcome you with open arms. Good luck with everything!

Comment by Kevin

i knew i recognised her
look at the last photo of this post
you’d think you were friends from way way back if she was sitting in gareth’s lounge room

Comment by maddy September 21, 2009 @ 10:46 am

“maddy” should be a detective!

I am surprised she too is a red head, certainly there were other qualifications, right?

Best of luck Kim! You now have some of the greatest fans on earth. Can’t wait to see you and hear the new album.

Comment by Ronald

Fantastic video. 🙂 Welcome, Kim!

Comment by Julia

I’m getting that 7-inch (i dont have a 7-inch player admittedly but shush )

Comment by Ste

yes, who’s is that shoulder?

Comment by eden

To answer some questions…

– Yeh, loads of copies for sale on the tour.
-Not announced the album title yet.
– Sean’s a pal of our manager. And he was a proper lovely, funny bloke.
– Yeh, allowed to talk about that. She’s one of me sisters.
– Yep, clavicles are dead, dead sexy. This one belongs to Cari Ann, who did the artwork.
– Yash – what gig is it you’ve got tix for.

Thanks for being as nice as ever guys. Think this video might be my favourite “stupid attention to detail” thing we’ve done to date.


Comment by Gareth

welcome + good luck Kim!
we can’t wait to see you in Leeds (:
all the best LC! the new album cannot come soon enough 😀
love you!

Comment by eskimo!

sibling campesinos!

who’d have thought it?

Comment by Matthew

Great news and great video to match. Who let you lot loose at Cardiff’s new ground? Looking forward to the new single almost as much as looking forward to seeing Cardiff lose to Wednesday at the weekend now! GL Kim and keep up the good work the rest of you!

Comment by johnwilko

my favorite part was when he asked if she was nervous to fill aleks’s shoes and she said “yes, but i like shoes”
I was nervous about the new member but Im sure she’ll be great. Cant wait to her sing

Comment by Robert

I can’t get over how magnificent that first picture is, and Kim looks so cute in it.

Comment by Robert

This is fantastic. I love that you’re a ginger.

Comment by Alison

❤ Welcome! You will receive a full one-eighth of my LC! love and devotion. (Aleks still gets some.)

Comment by Joel


Comment by Jeff Stelling

Gareth, I’m going with Yash and a couple of other friends to the London gig. A couple of us are going to be sixteen the month after. Would we still get in?

Comment by Will

Hi Kim (you luck lovely)!! Good Luck!! Can’t wait for the new single by the way!


Comment by Stephen

this was a lot of information to receive at six in the morning. funny to see her little box on the side, too. very excited though

Comment by megan


Severely disappointed your little name on the blog is KimmyLittle instead of KimmyMallet but oh well. Incredible spot by Maddy.

See you in Manc. Happy day.

Comment by Lrkn

No Birmingham?

Comment by Kevin

will the single be available for download? I would even send you guys the price of the 7″, and promise not to share it, and you guys could email it or something…
I know im reaching.

Comment by colin

I’m excited to see Kim next month. HELLO KIM. I have the same leggings as you.

Comment by Lois

hi kim!

Comment by leila

Hey Kim! Lovely to finally ‘meet’ you!
And I love the video – it’s fantastic!

Comment by David

OMG. Where can I get one of those Los Campesinos! jerseys?

Comment by Mark

hahaha fantastic video!

hi kim, and wlcome! i really hope to see you all again in buenos aires =)

besos para todos!

Comment by caro

Welcome, Kim. You’ll probably be fabulous.
Will there be any way to get the 7″ here in the states, short of blackmail?

Comment by Wolf Black

Good lord this is the funniest and best video I’ve seen from a band since… well, ever. Los Campesinos!, you truly are my favourite band of the last few years.

Really can’t wait for the LP!

Comment by Dave Rees

Ohmygod, you kids are the cutest things ever. Every time I think you couldn’t get any more precious…

(HI KIM!!!)

Comment by Fresh A

Mark: It’s the Cardiff City home kit with Campesinos on the back instead of their current no. 8 who i think is… Chopra?

(It’s such a shame that dude couldn’t make the Premiership step-up, he’s killing it atm.)

Comment by Samuel

welcome Kim!

i still have the doubt if Ollie and Gareth are brothers

Comment by Marcos.

at the end of the day this is a funny video

Comment by tps

happy birthday new campesino

Comment by metamagical

I think every single Campesinos! just got one upped.
Kim has that alliteration going for her

Comment by Jayby

agreed, Jayby. Kim Campesinos! just rolls right off your tongue!

Comment by Kevin

sorry gareth, yr sister’s a real cutie.

Comment by Clem

welcome aboard Kim! ♥

Comment by Hugo

So it’s only a matter of time until they get big enough that thirteen year old girls start writing fan fics about them.

Comment by Robert

Yeah- how can/can I get that 7-inch if I’m here in the States?

Comment by Alexandra

hi kim 🙂

Comment by Christie Grinham

At the end of the day… HILARIOUS.

Comment by Huan

Im excited to have something in common w/ member of LC! i have an extended version of Kim’s name.. Can’t wait to meet you Kim!! Have fun on your UK tour! Hurry back to California!

Comment by KIMber

so is yyellow bird the one with the bleeding leg gareth?

Comment by eden

I now fancy kim.

I don’t like the sea song, it dissapointed me.

This is all i have to say

Comment by Justin

If “the sea song” “disappointed” you, then you’re gonna hate the record.
And I couldn’t be happier about that.

Comment by Gareth

Heh. I love your frank responses, Gareth.

Comment by Julia

Listening to bands grow and evolve and change is my favorite thing. When bands start sounding the same with all their new songs, it gets droll- which is why I love Los Campesinos! Seems like you guys aren’t afraid of experimenting with musical style. One of the reasons you’re my favoritest band!

Comment by Huan

i enjoy the idea of the sea is a good place to think of the future being a sea shanty.

Comment by Matthew

Welcome Kim!

Hope to see you in Portugal, we’ll miss Alek

Comment by Catarina

In my opinion there’s nothing ‘experimental’ about the new song
(or at least I don’t like the word ‘experimental’ in this case)

From really listening to their songs I know that LC! more than have the ability to sound like however the hell they want to sound like and so this new sound/style is no experiment and/or accident. This is just what they want to show us now, and I think it’s great!

I can’t wait to hear what else they have in store for us in the new record!

Gareth, about how many tracks will you guys spoil us with on the new record? I couldn’t find out what’s the record for number of discs in a multi-disc album, although country singer Vince Gill released a 4-disc, 43 song album in 2006, so yeah… anything close to that?

Comment by Hugo

I’ve got a yogurt to finish, the expiry date is today. That can be my priority rather than Agustin Delgado.

Comment by Gordon Strachan

Although the sea song is alright i hope there’s still some catchy upbeat tracks on the album.

Comment by dcnskdjcnskdjcn

I would also like to know whether we’ll be able to order the 7-inch in the States!

Comment by Corinne

Welcome Kim! Can’t wait for the new disc and to see you guys out in Seattle next year. Please?



Comment by Ian


Comment by Amanda

[…] And this video’s just a little fun thing they put together to introduce their new band member, Kim. Kim joins the band following the departure of vocalist/keyboardist Aleks, who left at the end of their summer tour to return to school. I’m a big fan of Aleks, but Kim certainly fits in well with the band and she’s charming in the video, so my disappointment at losing Aleks is allayed. (via LC!) […]

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the more redheads the better. hot

Comment by michael

If i do hate the record my heart will be broken

Comment by Justin

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