September 29, 2009, 7:34 pm
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So here it is…

For four long weeks we scoured the independent record shops of the United States of America for what we deemed the best 7″s they had to offer. We then, selflessly offered them up to you guys to win, in what was, with hindsight, a ridiculously dull final competition question. Please, I assure you, it was just as boring for me to have to go through the 127 (ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVEN. Seriously guys, we’ve not even sold that many ALBUMS) entries we received. And you lot didn’t even have the decency to present your answers in a HILARIOUS video.

The fruits on offer were as follows:

  • Xiu Xiu/High Places 7″ Split (includes David Horvitz polaroid)
  • Lovvers Laughing Man 7″
  • Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Town Topic EP
  • BARR The Song Is The Single 7″
  • Dan Deacon/Future Islands 7″ Split
  • Cheap Time Woodland Drive 7″
  • Telepathe/Effi Briest 7″ Split.
  • Tokyo Police Club Tessellate 7″ (featuring Tom Campesinos! remix)
  • Zola Jesus Poor Sons 7″
  • No Age Eraser 7″ (SIGNED!!)
  • HEALTH Die Slow 7″
  • Times New Viking Stay Awake 7″ EP
  • bis Sweet Shop Avengerz 7″
  • Abe Vigoda Animal Ghosts 7″
  • Deerhunter Nothing Ever Happened 7″
  • Big Black He’s A Whore/The Model 7″
  • Bikini Kill New Radio/Rebel Girl/Demi Rep 7″
  • Art Brut Alcoholics Unanimous 7″
  • Q And Not U Hot And Informed 7″
  • The Smiths William, It Was Really Nothing/Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want 7″
  • The Hot Puppies Somewhere 7″
  • The Housemartins Five Get Over Excited 7″
  • Fucked Up Year Of The Pig 7″
  • Les Savy Fav Plagues And Snakes 7″ (Wake Up A Snake/Raging In The Plague Age)
  • Electrelane In Berlin 7″
  • The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Young Adult Friction 7″
  • Preston School Of Industry Falling Away 7″
  • Dead Science Tomlab Alphabet Singles Series 7″
  • The Mountain Goats Palmcoder Yajna 7″
  • Hearts Of Animals Hearts Of Animals 7″
  • Help She Can’t Swim Hospital Drama 7″
  • Vivian Girls Surf’s Up 7″
  • Gossip Gossip 7″
  • The xx Crystalised 7″
  • Low Santa’s Coming Over
  • The Locust/Melt Banana Split 7″
  • Mudhoney Touch Me I’m Sick 7″
  • Blonde Redhead Symphony of Treble 7″
  • Sounds Of The American Fast Food Restaurants – 10 Authentic Field Recordings 7″
  • Voxtrot Blood Red Blood 7″
  • Scout Niblett It’s Time My Beloved 7″
  • The New Trust Dark Is The Path Which Lies Before Us 7″ Album
  • Vivian Girls Wild Eyes 7″
  • Parenthetical Girls A Song For Ellie Greenwich 7″
  • Sleater-Kinney Get Up 7″
  • Dananananaykroyd Pink Sabbath 7″
  • Dananananaykroyd Black Wax 7″
  • Girls Lust For Life 7″
  • Miscellaneous Badges
  • A couple of ‘Zines

The box will also include the first signed 7″ of our There Are Listed Buildings single. Kind of puts the rest of that crap into perspective, doesn’t it?

Here is a photograph of Kim and myself holding the record box, just moments after thinking “this blog’s a bit text heavy, best get a picture in there”.

The suspense is killing you, I’m sure. This is just one of the many tricks of the trade I learnt from Kate Thornton, when we used to…well, enough about that. At the end of the day…there can be only one winner, and that winner is:


What a lucky sod, hey?

Guys, thank you for all your entries and for following the competition. We’ll do something similar  but less tiresome, sometime soon. Part of the reason it’s taken so long to announce the winner is because it was breaking my heart that you couldn’t all have a Record Box. And the fact I didn’t want to have to give it up.

Keep it Real,



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marry me lois?

Comment by michael

Let’s kill him!

Comment by Rodrigo

gratz to lois

Comment by Robert

Lois is now my new best friend.

Comment by David

Lois? Is it a man or a a woman?

Comment by TheSEA

oh wow. lois won. that’s nice. she’s super lovely.

Comment by joshua


Comment by Patrick

lois is a girl 🙂

Comment by joshua

Lois, did you know I love you?

Comment by Tiago F

congrasts lois. Can you submit the answers please?

Comment by Marcos.

Congrats, Lois. But I’m close to tears. Gareth, how did you guys come to make this final decision? Was it based on accuracy, timing, or something else? (just want to know so I can win if you do something like this again)

Comment by Madeline

It was all based on accuracy. Lois submitted her answer, got all the correct answers and didn’t add in any extras/guesses or anything. A few people got all the answers but also piled in some others that went against the instructions and guidance I gave at the start, so that seemed the obvious way to whittle it down to one.

Next time we do something like this, I’ll make sure the question’s a bit more exciting and a lot less laborious.


Comment by Gareth

Congratulations Lois!

Comment by Shannon

Congratulations, Lois!

Comment by Chris

Congratulations, Lois!

But what were all of the correct answers?

Comment by Jordan

Aw, congratulations Lois! You’re a lovely person and you deserve it!

Comment by Ally


i’d like to take this opportunity to propagate the rumour that lois is a boy. thanks.

Comment by lrkn

It’s funny cos Lois is actually my best friend and I only found out she won this through Facebook. FACEBOOK. Bad friend.

Comment by Katie

yay for lois!

speech! speech! speech!

Comment by Kevin

oh, but the labor was fun! i too am curious to see the correct answers. i promise i won’t protest and moan if my ‘extras’ are what did me in (H-Town? seriously, eric?) rather than my missing any bands.

Comment by Eric

congrats lois!!

Comment by leila

hey gareth, would you happen to know if my entry was one bogged down by extras, or did I miss anything? howzabout you post the winning list so we can all accordingly argue and say “WTF?!?! I WROTE THAT!!!!1!” ?

Comment by Ray

lois doesn’t believe she’s won.
i rang her and she was watching slow club.

Comment by eden

1. I AM A GIRL. If I was a boy I’d be called Louis, kay? Cool.
2. Please don’t kill me or propose to me.
3. Thank you for the love/kindness.
4. Eden is correct. I was waiting to see Slow Club and had various texts/phonecalls but didn’t believe it until now.


Comment by Lois

Congrats. If I knew a signed copy of the new single was going to be involved, I may have taken the time.

Also getting Usher ‘U Remind Me’ vibes off Kim Campesinos! – just hope you aren’t as crazy as ol’ bible camp kirsty was.

Comment by Samuel

Enjoy your record box.

Comment by Wolf Black

I think Gareth should sign all his posts as G-MONEY. Anything to release his longing to become a rapper.

Comment by Andrew

Oh wow I just noticed I get the new single!

Comment by Lois

Can we have a list of the correct answers? I want to know what I did wrong. 😦

Comment by Madeline

Congratulations, Lois! Great job!

Comment by Diana

congrats Loiiiiiiiisss!
now,let’s find yr adress and steal the box.


Comment by Veee

I soooooooooo want to get in Lois’ box now.

Comment by Kyle from TX

I already asked you once here where to buy a ‘Girls’ t-shirt online and you answered and all that but in the picture in this post you have what looks like a great ‘Girls’ shirt. Do you know where I can get it , Gareth?

Comment by Tiago

Tiago, it looks like Gareth responded to you on the There Are Listed Buildings post… I’m not entirely certain if that was a mistake on his part, but I’m guessing it was.

Comment by Kyle from TX

Hey Tiago,

you can buy a shirt like Gareth’s here:

Comment by Adam

I met Lois today:)
Shes nice and deserves it:)
But it won’t stop me from stealing it from her as I know where she lives now.

Comment by Thom

raaahg nicely done, Lois! Answers? :[

Comment by Oscar (Houston)

Yeah, I’d like to know two answers: 1. that one that kinda sounded like James Brown, and 2. did LC! count as an answer?

Comment by Julia

Zola Jesus is the very best. I saw her do an acoustic set and it was phenomenal. Zola Jesus, AAF.

Comment by KrissyRubbles

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