There Are Listed Buildings by Gareth
September 30, 2009, 4:52 pm
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“I think I’d do it for love if it were not for the money,
I’ll take any scraps that you can give”.



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Soft Toy Emergency are only from down the road. They’re shockingly poor. Even if Jen is smoking hot.

Comment by Lrkn

can’t wait to hear it :O

Comment by Christie Grinham

So are we saying don’t play promo stuff on the radio, or do? Or just bootlegged promo stuff? Because if you’re making it available I’ll play it on my show, along with the other new song. For any interested: –> or (warning, will open a stream in iTunes)

my show’s on Mondays from 8-10 pm eastern (america), and it’s p. much the best college radio broadcast I know of. Just sayin

man this turned into being about me i’m sorry. looking forward a ton to the new material

Comment by Garrett

I didn’t say anything about anything you just mentioned.

Comment by Gareth

Can’t wait!

Comment by Elvas

would it be possible to know around what time in the morning so people in different time zones can set the alarms accordingly for the occasion? It would be greatly appreciated!:)

Comment by Shannon

I anticipate Friday morning, Last.FM tells me I’ve listened to The Sea is a Good Place roughly 41 times in the past couple weeks, can’t wait.

Comment by Nick

Haha. Your devotion makes my heart swell.
I’ll probably put it up when I wake in the morning. So, sometime between 8 and 9 (GMT) I’d imagine.

Comment by Gareth

Thanks again, for you’re devotion and attention to your fans, which once again has left me smiling. I’m sure the new song will be superb and thank you for once again expanding my vocabulary of British-isms

Comment by Ben

Another great reason for friday to come sooner.
You guys are great

Comment by colin

This is quite possibly the best 30 seconds I have heard in ever so long

AAAUGH this album wait is making my heart explode

Comment by JMN

If that promo is “poor quality,” I can’t wait to hear the real thing!!! You guys are amazing! How soon can I buy the single in the US?

Comment by Madeline

i quite like that fool’s gold song…
just kidding, i’m way too “biased” to even consider voting for something else…im waiting till you guys stream it here though, 30 crap quality seconds aren’t really worth it…

Comment by fede

Yay! Alarm will be set for two! Totally worth it that 30 seconds was the best 30 seconds I’ve had in a long time.

Comment by Shannon

This makes the fact that Friday is payday inconsequential. I am so content waiting for the new song. The guitar riff in the sample reminds me of “My Year In Lists.” I love it!

Comment by aimee


Comment by Samuel

Voted for you and waiting to hear the whole thing from the source. Can’t wait. Considering getting up at 3 am and waiting for you to post.

Comment by Joel

voted. wish you guys good luck. by the way i have a question, did Kim already sing in The Sea… or this is her first song?

Comment by Marcos.

Pretty sure they recorded everything when Aleks was still around.

IN OTHER NEWS: this song is great!

Comment by Ronald!

Voted. I like what sounds like horns in the new single! LC is getting more and more interesting with each snippet revealed from the new album! I think it be safe to say everyone will be rising early to catch this. Your supporters love you, LC! We really appreciate the community you’re trying to build with this blog. I think it’s been a smashing success so far and will only continue to grow with what I’m sure will be even more success due to the new record. Good luck!

Comment by Kevin

voted too, good luck guys. can’t wait to hear it

Comment by elsilentbob

Marcos – we have made it very clear since announcing Aleks’ departure that she sings on the coming record and Kim does not.
Tiago – not sure mate. I got this from a gig, and I know they’re selling this design on their current tour. I’ll keep my eye out for a way to buy one online and let you know.

Comment by Gareth

I voted last nite 🙂
these 30seconds are really really good,can’t wait to hear the whole thing. tomorrow between 7 and 8am for me then! 😉

Comment by Veee

I voted and can’t wait for the single.

And hey, look what I found on ebay!

Haha. 🙂

Comment by pats

Check out Los Campesinos! on itunes store (and the comments) pats for more LOLZ

Comment by Alex

the single is AMAZING, and it’s looking like tomorrow is going to be a great day for me

Comment by Robert

I can’t wait for this new single. I want Friday to come right now. I’m getting up early just to wait for it to be released.


Comment by Justin

It’s like, everytime I think you have done the greatest thing ever you excel yourselves (is this even correct English??) and do something better. How is this humanly possible? Are you all superheroes? To me you are anyway. This sounds SO GOOD, I think that tomorrow is gonna be one of the greatest days ever. I am so excited to see you in Leeds and for the album and just everything LC! related.

Comment by Gerlin

holy shit just realized that this happens on my birthday
well timed gareth, well done

Comment by Garrett

My heart warmed listening to those thirty seconds. I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight.

Comment by Wolf Black

still haven’t slept. waiting for Gareth to post the song.

Comment by Manuel

Manuel, i feel ya. This is going to be epic!

Comment by Shannon

woah, this is properly awesome!

Comment by charlotte

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best moment of autumn! SO GOOD! The horns, the chorus, the hook, simply perfection. So glad I waited up for this!

Comment by Shannon

Fucking love it. Love it so god damned much. can finally go to bed now. thanks Gareth.

Comment by Manuel

Amazing, I expected nothing less from you guys though.

Comment by Lindsay

Ah, this is splendid.

Any chance you could post the lyrics, Gareth? I don’t want to make a mess of trying to decipher them myself. Although if it’s ‘we are but two atheists in lust’, I think I may have a new favourite lyric.

Olli x

Comment by Olli

AMAZING!! i’ve got a feeling the next few months are going to be so exciting for you guys!

and doubtless the best intro i’ve heard in a long time!

ps. Gareth grow your hair all long again ahah



Comment by Joe Brownen

lyrics please Mr. Gareth?
New Los Campesinos album and a New Football Manager October, is gonna be a good month!

Comment by Tom

Wow, brilliant work. Nice one guys!

Comment by dave

The best damn band on the planet. Thanks, you guys.

Comment by Anna

I don’t know if I should post the lyrics for every song.
Although it frustrates me when they are quoted incorrectly, the more lyrics I post on here, the less incentive there is for people to buy the record for a lyrics sheet, when the album’s released. Rather than just downloading it.
We’ll see.
You’re correct on that line though.

Comment by Gareth

i’ll be honest – the Lamacq clip dind’t really impress me too much, but this song in it’s entirity is awesome. Can’t wait for swn/manchester.


Comment by Matthew

See, I thought I was excited enough about the Glasgow gig. Then I heard this and literally squeaked with glee. Magnificent, kids.

Commence countdown.

Comment by Rachel

This is so great! Thanks for posting it. Now, excuse me while I go listen to it a silly amount of times while I wait for next year when I can get my hand’s on it and sing along in my car. That will be a fun day. Jeepers! I’m already excited about it and what is today? October second? Haha.

Comment by loren

so worth waiting for…reminds me of death cab for cutie’s “the sound of settling”, but still very campesinos!

Comment by fede


Comment by fede

never mind, its back now…

Comment by fede

fede, I had the same thought when I heard the sample on bbc6 the other day 🙂
brilliant song,as usual. still got the LC! madness, but sounds new anyway.I’m not clear here,nevermind.
I’ll take any scraps that you can give-might be my future tattoo. x

Comment by Veee

the line about being naked to the waist made my day

Comment by michael

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! and I second the love for the naked to the waist line.

Comment by Madeline

Loved you guys for ages now, and the new song does NOT disappoint! I reckon a long travel from cardiff to london is in order once again to see you! can’t wait.

Comment by Thom Cliffe

ajbdkhbsfkgdb1!!! amazing. i am so stoked for this album.

Comment by leila

Love it! Very much approve of the time signature and the use of soundcloud 😛

Comment by Christie Grinham

It’s brilliant! I can’t wait for the album.

Comment by Lois

this is the best song ever

Comment by Audrey

Gordon, where will Marion Pahars fit into the team line-up?

Comment by Reporter

Not telling you! It’s a secret!

Comment by Gordon Strachan

Great song! Can’t wait for the new album to be released

Comment by Dan

awesome new songgg, can’t wait for the new album. haha please have it out soon

Comment by Bobby

Holy Shit, I can’t wait for the new album!! This song is brilliant, very different to ‘The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future’ though (not a bad think, they’re both brilliant!!) 😀

Comment by Stephen

[…] desde hoy mismo se puede escuchar en su blog, o en esta entrada, este primer single There Are Listed […]

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and i thought “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future” i managed to plug my headphones into the computer i was using in sociology, managed to listen to it twice and now i’m listening to it at home and i’ll listen to it all evening, only 25 days before i see you

LOVE LC! FOREVER xxxxxxxxxxxx

Comment by James

ooops that was supposed to say and i thought “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the future” was good

Comment by James

You guys are changing lives. I just hope you know that. And with songs this good, you deserve recognition for it.

Comment by Kyle

Thumbs up, big smiles, &c.
This stuff makes me feels younger than I have any right to feel sitting in my office on Capitol Hill. That’s a very, very welcome feeling. Thanks. This is the good shit.

Comment by Eric

Eric, I can feel your pain working on the Hill. I was doing the same this summer, and intern work is a bitch.

Agree with the posts above that hear it as a sort of demented “Sound of Settling” by Death Cab. I haven’t had enough time to pick up on the lyrics yet, and I’m usually not good at hearing them anyway – the britishness of Gareth’s voice makes it hard for an American.

Comment by Kyle from TX

Kyle, I’m not an intern, I’m *old.* (ish)

Is it just the bop-ing that reminds folks of Sound of Settling? Or that, like that album blew that band up, these last two songs suggest forthcoming ‘splosions of recognition and fortune for LC! and in 5 years Gareth is going to marry whoever is Zooey Deschanel’s equivalent in 5 years (is ellen page too young for you)?

Comment by Eric

well this is amazing.
seriously, amazing.

Comment by rachul

When can this be able to be bought as a download on iTunes?

I need this on my iphone immediately!

Comment by Justin Leon

This is proper good, unusual time signature, but that makes it all the more interesting!

This album sounds like its going to be all about the water

Comment by Andy

I like this lots! Great job guys…I love the fact that every effort of yours is different.

Comment by pats

Love this!
I’m really looking forward to this entire album.
For the music and also for the lyrics.

Comment by Clair

It’s like Tweexcore and WAB,WAD had a musical bastard baby. And then they danced the jig down by the harbor. Sigh, it’s fantastical.

Oh and it makes me very sad that I’m in the UK in November and not October. Come back to America!

Comment by Bettina

haha so when i was listening to the song i had the page scrolled down halfway and the picture kinda looked like someone’s butt and my father walked in and thought i was looking at porn >.>

Comment by Robert

this song is great btw

Comment by Robert

It’s good but it hasn’t really grabbed me like “The Sea…”. Will give it a few more listens.

Comment by Ste

well this is wonderful. your album is already my favorite album of 2010. like maybe if jeff buckley came back from the dead then maybe you’d have some competition. but it’d still be tight. just the right amount of pop-flavored catchiness without losing any of the LC! passion & mess & general awesomeness.

Comment by Isabel

❤ the song.

New Los Campesinos album and a New Football Manager October, is gonna be a good month!
Comment by Tom October 2, 2009 @ 9:11 am

^^^oh dude, if I get a new girlfriend (potentially on the cards with this ridiculous cute girl) and the Gooners carry on winning this will be the best month since time began.

Comment by Samuel


Comment by Samuel

I came.


Comment by Eru

Classic song, love the horns

Comment by Nick

hm, this doesn’t sound like The Sound of Settling whatsoever. which is a good thing. All they have in common are the ‘bo-ping’ but I still wouldn’t compare the two. Amazing song though

Comment by megan

Beautiful. Gareth you are a truly unique and talented lyricist, and the band as a whole has an amazing musical style. Next time you come to Seattle hopefully I will end up interviewing you guys again and hang out or something. I never thought it would be possible to listen to a band that I could dance to while being miserable.

Comment by Simon

Yeah it’s grown on me a lot already.

Comment by Ste

love the new song… can i have a download link for it please?? i really need to dance to it on the streets =)

Comment by Richy

Lovely, Los Campesinos! This made for a great little birthday present today. Thank you!

Comment by Lomasney

This song is awesome! I can’t wait for the new album! You guys have to come back to DC or Baltimore ASAP!

Comment by Steven

All my friends will leave me if I have to wait till next year for the album.

Comment by Ronald

gareth. is kim your sister? the similarity has just hit me

Comment by dave

Great song guys!! It has left me incapable of doing anything else than listening to it. Next year is currently too far away.

Comment by Fanny

Oh I forgot: Will the single be avaliable on iTunes in the future? After it’s offical release?

Comment by Fanny

The more I hear from the new album, the more I just want to walk around with speakers attached to me and introduce the entirety of Southern Indiana to your wonder.

Never stop being so freaking fantastic. I cannot wait for this album.

Comment by Jeska

[…] Los Campesinos! have posted a new single “There Are Listed Buildings” off of their upcoming currently untitled […]

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WOW that is sooo good! i’ve listened to the sea….about 60 times in the last week so its gonna be nice to have another new LC! song to play pretty much continously 🙂
keep up the amaaazing work, looking forward to swn

Comment by Mel


Yep, it was brought up in the Kim introduction post that Kim is in fact Gareth’s sister.

Comment by Kyle from TX

i love the Gordon Strachan comments.

Pahars would fit into any team, with his exuberant celebrations.

Comment by Matthew

We all want a new los campesinos! album to gorge ourselves with so deliver Gareth!
No one can wait til the new year, and I’m pretty sure you’ll lose ALL of your fans if you do release it in 2010.
Open your eyes, this is the 21st century no one waits for anything!
I’ve started walking to college (which is a 40 minute walk) cos i can’t be arsed to wait for the bus every day, which encapsulates everything I’m saying. The “bus” is a metaphor for your new album, and if anyone has to wait for it I’m pretty sure they’ll start walking to “college”

I’m thinking a Halloween release date will be sufficient. If not, giving us a single every few weeks will be good enough. I SUPPOSE!

Comment by Ahad

i love it!

Comment by emily

[…] ■Los Campesinos! の新シングル S“There Are Listed Buildings” – LC! […]

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Gareth, is it weird that I have a massive crush on you and only met you twice for probably less than 5 minutes combined?

Love the new song. Can’t wait to hear it live in Leeds!! Whats the turnout like for that one so far?

Comment by Allison

HEY!!… um… I just want know, ¿are coming to Mexico City with this album? …

xoxo aLe!

Comment by Ale!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Comment by Jeni

I love the new song it amazing¡¡¡!!!really please come back to mexico city soon we love you team campesinos =D

Comment by Daniel

Gareth, are you guys coming back to Montreal in support of the new LP next year? So I can know if I need to get the LP as soon as it’s available or if I’ll get it at the show (which I’d like to do because I would imagine the band would personally profit more from it)

Comment by Kevin

Gareth, you sometimes sound like the British version of Lou Reed. And that`s utterly complimentary!

Comment by sil

[…] – O ótimo Los Campesinos! marcou para ano que vem o lançamento de seu novo álbum. Antes, eles diponibilizaram uma ótima balada que contrasta com o estilo animado que marca o grupo, agora eles mostram as origens e fazem você pular com “There Are Listed Buildings”, primeiro single do novo álbum. A capa é essa e você ouve aqui. […]

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Apparently, Pitchfork has a video premiere for “There Are Listed Buildings” posted on the site.

Comment by John

Seconding how killer the atheists in lust line is. Oh,and there’s the equally killer line about being naked to the waist but not remembering in which direction right before it.

Comment by Sam

GAWD this is a good song. I first played it while a friend was here and it didn’t quite click, but I’m SO feeling this now. I love how there’s loads of tiny bits I keep noticing. Like the mathy-ness of it – (THERE IS A BIT IN 11/8). The way Aleks (I think?) sings at 1.57, even if I can’t figure out the words. And HORNS, fuck yes. It took some listening to get used to that dissonant lead guitar but now – GAH, so good. SO GOOD.

Comment by Stephen

Wow.. I just played it 3 times in a row. It’s a great song.

Comment by d3adend

[…] band’s post can be found here, but the stream is […]

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[…] betide my listed heart. ‹ […]

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[…] Los Campesinos! – There Are Listed Buildings […]

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[…] Los Campesinos! – There Are Listed Buildings […]

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