Food Reviews – British Edition by Ollie
October 13, 2009, 10:32 am
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So the food reviews are back, and this time we have the chance to savour the delights of the UK.

Suggestions for places that are close to the venues would be much appreciated.  And I mean close, not places that a 30 minute drive away.

Here’s a reminder of where we are playing.

21st Oct – Kasbah, Coventry

22nd Oct – Joiners, Southampton

23rd Oct – Phoenix, Exeter

24th Oct – The Gate, Cardiff

26th Oct – Deaf Institute, Manchester

27th Oct – University, Newcastle

28th Oct – Garage, London

29th Oct – Zodiac, Oxford

30th Oct – Cockpit, Leeds

31st Oct – King Tut’s, Glasgow

Stay tuned.


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You release that in Manchester you are techincally playing in a restaraunt? yr playing upstairs at Deaf Institute – downstairs is Trof’s Cafe/Bar which does some pretty awesome food. Go get yrself some.

Comment by Matthew

Or in Manchester you could try Rice, on Oxford Road, 5 minutes from Deaf Institute.

Rice is awesome.

Comment by dave

Or if you’ve got nothing at all to do all day in Manchester, Art Cafe (near night and day café) is excellent.

Comment by Matthew

If you follow the main road out of Leeds towards Headingley for about 15 minutes you come to the Hungry Caterpillar vegan café which does good vegan food. Also 2 minutes further down from there is LS6 which is also tasty (but not as vegan)

Comment by Citra

Food in Deaf Institute is pretty lame, wouldn’t bother.

Comment by The Recognition Scene

For the sake of Gareth (and Kim, too? She’s vegan isn’t she?) there’s a really nice health food shop called Out Of This World which is about a five minute walk from The Cockpit.
It’s got a little deli counter with food to take out and I REALLY recommend the pizza slices and the chocolatey black cherry crumble thing they do. Both vegan obv.

Sorry to Ollie because I don’t know meaty places in Leeds!

Comment by Lois


Vegan. Awesome. And I say that as a meat-eater.
5/10 min walk from the venue. Good selection of beers.

Comment by Michael

When your in Leeds, try Moorish – north African cuisine – really REALLY yummy. They do meat dishes and some lovely veggie/vegan stuff. They do eat in and deliver too I think. Oh, and the inside of the reastaurant is beautiful. Here’s some reviews:

Or if you fancy a curry, theres a vegetarian restaurant nearer to the city centre called Hansa’s. Check it out here:

LS6 which is mentioned above is also really nice – it does a good mix of veggie/meat stuff and its packed full of retro furniture and decorations. There’s even board games to play while you wait for your food. Its up on Woodhouse lane, just past the University and Hyde Park:

Looking forward to seeing you guys again, hope you enjoy the tour xx

Comment by Sarah

Hi-Lo is just down the Cowley road from the Zodiac in Oxford. It’s a great little Jamaican place but be wary of it as this review can attest to:
“This is possibly the most eclectic and weird bar i know. I’ve known this place for a while and its got its own very unique charm.

The place is staffed by a tempramental and rather fearsome Jamaican man, Andy. Your experience of the place is basically dictated by on what side of love and hate you fall with Andy.

If he likes you expect sweet service and fair prices for Rum punches, plantains and oh so sweet Ting! There are no set prices here, just whatever Andy thinks your worth! So if you’ve never been before make sure you get to know him first.

Hi-Lo’s other charms include it being the only place on the cowley road open at 5am on weekdays, random jamaicans playing serious stakes at poker and the unique mix of claustraphobia and booming reggae music. In short I love it! and you will too.”

If that looks to scary then just up the road from the Zodiac is Rice and Peas an excellent carribbean takeaway. They serve all manor of foods including Goat Curry, Jerk Chicken, Oxtail. The people in there are very friendly.

Both these places are 5 minutes walk max from the Zodiac in opposite directions.

Comment by Jonny

Exeshed in the Princesshay area of Exeter is wicked. Really really really nice food and they have a happy hour where all cocktails are £3! Sweet!

Also in Oxford, try Nosebag. It’s opposite the entrance to the Oxford University Union – nice tea and cakes!

Comment by Livo

Brick Lane Beigel Bake!! Its amazing, hit there before garage or Falafel King on notting hill both are amazing!!!

I’m so up for London, your ganna have to work hard to out do Jofo though ;D


Comment by Watko

Manchester: Eighth Day Cafe open till 7. Hippy vegan tastiness in all sorts of styles, and 476 feet away from deaf institute according to google maps.

Also sandbar is opposite deaf institute – serves food till 6.30, main draw is lovely real ales though.

Comment by deadmanjones


Whitelocks pub. Tucked away in a tiny alley just off Brigate (the main pedestrianised street in Leeds’ centre) is Leeds’ oldest pub which serves real, unpretentious home cooked food. They also always have about 8 different ales, often local, on tap.

Comment by Ed

The Cockpit’s just next to the train station in Leeds, so there’s plenty within a two or three minute walk radius, depending what you’re after.

Comment by Adam Hepton

Exeter –
There’s a lot of choice here. The venue itself has some pretty good food, but it looks quite simple.
A thirty second walk the hill down from the Phoenix gives you Pitcher and Piano, which is pretty standard as a restraunt goes…

In Exeter we’re pretty sorely lacking in good (non-chain) resteraunt, especially in the area around the Phoenix.
Sorry guys!

Comment by Sam

Oxford – Cafe Coco

Comment by ian

In Manchester there is this not bad Chinese buffet which is really cheap i think it’s all you can eat for about £6ish but it depends on what time you get there. If you head down Oxford road towards the Palace Theatre past the BBC offices and turn left just before you reach the palace theatre then you should find it no problem. The banter isn’t bad in there me and my mate greg had a great chat with a guy about the jon barnes rap in there. Alternatively there’s the sandbar whch i’ve been to with my dad just across the road from the venue which isn’t bad, but i’ve never had anything to eat from there before

Comment by James Walker

ooooooh there is a greasy spoon opposite scabby taps in leeds. its like in one of the arches of the bridge, very cheap and great early in the morning. see you on the 30th x

Comment by robbie lunn

Kasbah – Come to Warwick University, International House and we will throw you a dinner party, or an after party. We have one vegan living here. It will be wonderous. xxx

Comment by Jjoe

The Deaf Institute does an awesome Veggie Burger with spicy fries – the burger is a giant falafel. My friend’s didn’t rate their meat burgers so much though. The Deaf Institute is also a 5 min bus/ 20 min walk away from Rusholme’s “Curry Mile” – recommend La Haweli (always tasty) and Punjab (great dosas and lots of veggie options).

Comment by Gem

this is one of the best band blogs i’ve ever come across.

nice, nice, NICE.

Comment by antwan

Glasgow. ‘Where The Monkey Sleeps’. Less than 2 minute walk from the venue. Daytime only though, shuts at 5. Fill yer boots early. Easily the best independent deli/lunch spot in town.

Comment by King Henrik of Larsson

PS don’t be persuaded to eat in King Tut’s, even if it’s free. Cos it’s SHITE.

Comment by King Henrik of Larsson



Vegan plus Stephen Pastel’s music shop.

Comment by Josh

i know you’ve been to 13th note and mono a go previously, so definitely try stereo. Also, Ichiban for quick and delicious japanese.

(where the monkey sleep are great. they do my uni canteen and their brownies are pretty much the most delicious things ever)

Comment by laura

ps. it has to be mentioned that i last friday was the first time i’ve ever been to stereo for food and:
-we had to wait ages for a table because it was fucking busy (as it pretty much always is)
-the fajitas were not nearly as good as i was expecting. My boyfriend had the soup and wheatball flatbread however, and they were pretty delcious.

In summary: book ahead, and don’t expect the fajitas to be good. On Mondays the tapas is 5 for a tenner! It looks pretty delicious. I think I’ll try that next time.

Comment by laura

NOODLE NATION! In Oxford that is! I promise you you will never have eaten chinese food as good as this!

Comment by Luke

Try Harry’s in Exeter. My friend went on a date there and I heard good things. Although they did bring her the wrong food… Or I’ll cook for you!

Comment by Hamish

in oxford, noodle nation & the nosebag are both fairly strenuous walks from the venue (plus noodle nation is a chain and fairly generic, if quite nice), which is quite far up the cowley road.

red star noodle bar is pretty much opposite the venue. i dunno if it does anything vegan but it definitely does vegetarian food as well as lots of meat (yay) and it has a great variety of stuff, plus it does takeaway that’s better than yr average. the pineapple & roast duck fried rice is like, properly amazing. they also do bento and all that. anyway, it’s great.

Comment by charlotte

Come to Edmonton,AB, Canadaaaa!!!!!! WE love youuu ):
just remember to dress warm

Comment by Cody

Leeds has a Maccy D’s! =D What more could you want?

Or you could come to my house in Bradford and have bacon and courgette pasta…you could always take out the bacon… =)

Comment by Barney

Chinaski’s is a 5 minute walk from King Tuts, and does the best burgers I’ve had in Glasgow. There’s some good veggie options, I’ll try to find out about vegan choices.
Or I’ll cook for you!

Comment by Duncan

No one has mentioned the sheer multitude of respectable food establishments awash within Southampton (thank you thesaurus!). If we’re talking day time munchin’ there’s a place called the Art House Cafe which is very nice (only sells vegetable-based food matter though). Otherwise there’s this awesome place called ‘Subway’ which some of you may have heard of – quite a sophisticated sandwich retailer I hear…

Comment by David

Whoever recommended Brick Lane Bagel – please note. That is nowhere near The Garage.

Anyway – Ottolenghi on 287 Upper St is very nice but a bit pricey. Probably a 10min walk away.

Also good and cheaper is Mem & Laz, it’s on 8 Theberton Street, which is just off Upper St. The Veggie Mousakka is amazing. It’s probably a 15min walk from the garage. Have a great tour guys! See you in London!

Comment by Paul

David – ‘Southampton is awash with’ is probably better English

Comment by Ellie

Seriously, I do a mean vegan/veggie/no meaty things Thai curry about 20 minutes walk away from the Phoenix in Exeter…

Comment by Hamish

Just a quick question about the tour:

How often do you guys get hit on after shows, and what’s your general reaction? I bet Ellen gets it all the time.

Comment by Jamie

wow! cut down for my slightly incorrect use of the word ‘awash’… tough crowd! 🙂

Comment by David

You aren’t playing Dublin, now where will i get sparky deathcap designed T-shirts to wowza the arts block lassies. Oh no. 😦

Comment by Lorenzo st. Dubois

ollie’s last name isn’t kitchener is it?

Comment by Robert

Oxford – Carne is an all you can eat Brazilian BBQ where you indicate that you want more meat by turning a traffic light-esque wooden block from red to green. It’s quite literally epic.

Comment by Gareth

also – Carne is a one minute walk from the Zodiac.

Comment by Gareth

Thank you for all your recommendations. People that offered dinner, we may come a knocking!
I’ll try and be as fast as possible with the food reviews.
Sorry Robert, my surname isn’t Kitchener. Nice to see that some people do recognise the iconic poster. It was an idea that I had, that was aided by Aleks C! Also I like being in the kitchen so perhaps I could be called a Kitchener?

Comment by Ollie

Near the garage – Tblisi. It’s a Georgian restaurant. Obviously.

Comment by ian

No Newcastle suggestions yet, eh?

Could try:
Does vegan and meat but is maybe 15 mins walk from the Uni…open from early though if your soundchecked earlys

Comment by Dangling Man

Maybe try New Horizons café on Longbrook Street in Exeter. It’s about 5 minutes from the venue, and middle-eastern-y! And I’ve heard very good things.

Comment by Hamish

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