October 18, 2009, 10:27 am
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Only three days for us to wile away before the commencement of our first UK tour, in fact, our first UK shows of any description, in a year. One of the questions I’m most frequently asked in interviews is if we get a different reception in the US, compared to the UK. I always answer that I feel people are more excited to see us in the US, because we’ve travelled from far away and so it seems like more of an event, and we seem more exotic (especially because a lot of folk think we’re Welsh). I’m hopeful that our absence from UK stages of late creates a similar sense on this tour, because we, ourselves, are very excited to be playing at home again.

Another notable thing about this tour is that we’re going to be playing our full set as an 8-piece for the first time. Our good friend Rob will be filling the role of our very own in-house Bob Nastanovich, performing extra keyboard/glock/percussion/guitar/vocal duties, which will both allow me to flounce around the stage even more than usual and more importantly will add the subtle nuances to songs that we couldn’t possibly pull off with only 7 pairs of hands. Especially on the new material.

To return the favour, we’re going to be backing Rob up on some songs during his set. Rob, of course, is Sparky Deathcap, who we first had the pleasure of playing with back in March 2007. He was a brilliant songsmith then, but what he does now has gone above and beyond. He’s one of the most poignant, intelligent and humorous lyricists I could name. On a few tracks each night we’re going to be his 7-piece backing band and help (I hope) his songs become the fully orchestrated works they deserve to be.

You can listen to a load of Sparky Deathcap songs here.

What this all amounts to me saying is, we recommend you make it down to these shows early, in order to ensure you don’t miss Sparky, or the wonderful Copy Haho and to ensure we make a real evening of it. There’ll be decent music playing between the bands and all. UNLESS you are the sort of awful person that spends the first half of the evening ignorantly talking through a support band’s songs, in which case come down as late as you like. Maybe just in time for the club night afterwards. I know you’re a good bunch though. </safety wink>

Another reminder of the coming tour dates. It’s still highly recommended you buy tickets for these gigs, rather than risking turning up on the night because a) it’ll be cheaper now, and b) most of them are going to sell out, if they haven’t already. Unless you live in Exeter.


WED 21 OCT Kasbah, Coventry 14+

THURS 22 OCT Joiners, Southampton 14+SOLD OUT

FRI 23 OCT Phoenix, Exeter 14+ (01392 263518)

SAT 24 OCT The Gate, Cardiff 14+ (Also with Dananananaykroyd, Munch Munch and Internet Forever)

MON 26 OCT Deaf Institute, Manchester14+SOLD OUT

TUE 27 OCT University, Newcastle 14+

WED 28 OCT Garage, London 14+SOLD OUT

THU 29 OCT Zodiac, Oxford All Ages (Under 14s to be accompanied by an adult)

FRI 30 OCT Cockpit, Leeds14+

SAT 31 OCT King Tut’s, Glasgow 18+ SOLD OUT

Who’s in, and where you at?


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Oh god I’m so excited. Southampton AND London, yeeeeeah.

Comment by Charlotte

Is Exeter not even nearly sold out? As much as I love it, if it isn’t, it does seem to be a city of musical idiocy!

Comment by Hamish

It is indeed full of emos 😦
However! Me and my friend will be there to listen to all of the bands. There’s no other way to see a show than to go for the whole thing.

I cannot wait, and I’m truly sorry that Exeter has no music taste.
JoFo pulled a good crowd the other night though guys (and gals) you’ll be fine ❀

Comment by Sam

*Sigh*, I wish I could come to King Tut’s…

Comment by Ally

It’s more the fact that the venue in Exeter is really big. 450 capacity in a not particularly live music-centric city as part of a tour that hasn’t had any paid advertising behind it, on the same night as Bloc Party play in Plymouth. It’ll be by no means empty though. Tickets are selling well. I’m sure it’ll be great.

Comment by Gareth

I’ll be there in Coventry. I’m quite excited about the Sparky Campesinos/Los Deathcap! business, sounds very promising. Hhell, I’m generally VERY excited about the gig. I hope Coventry is nicer to you than it was to me last time I was there.

Comment by Miles

Leeds for me this time around. It’s times like this where I was still a student based in Bath with a girlfriend in York, so I could do 7 gigs like when you and JoFo played together. I mean, it completely bankrupted me then, and it would now, but I can always earn more money.

Comment by Olli

Our city would be live music centered if more bands came! Octobers been great for us (you guys coming and JoFo [who I should point out were up against Enter Shikari and Funeral For a Friend (don’t quote me on the second)])

If anything Exeter is getting a lot better of late. Thanks to the ‘indie’ bands like you guys who want to actually go there for the fans and not make the fans travel (that’s what Alexei was saying anyway). It’s really awesome πŸ™‚

The Phoenix is a pretty good venue by the way. It’s got a good capacity but it really doesn’t matter if half the people don’t come because it still has a pretty intimate feel to it in some respects I think… Personal opinion but still…

Comment by Sam

Leeds,so excited. Best gig lineup i’ve been to in ages

Comment by Shaun

That’s all nice to know.
Word on the street is that JoFo outsold FFAF and InMe the night they played Exeter, so that bodes well for…music, and Exeter.

Kim studied at Plymouth/Exmouth, so she’s a few friends coming to the Exeter gig. All of which promises to make it a good evening.

Comment by Gareth

I’ll be at the Manchester gig. I love it when bands and support bands play together. When I saw Blonde Redhead support Interpol, Interpol came on stage with them for a few songs and it was the highlight of the night when they played 23 together.

Comment by Alex

There is nothing wrong with InMe.

Comment by Lrkn

I “discovered” you for the first time last night / this morning, stumbled across your sound on youtube and then must have spent about 6 hours trying to listen/watch every video on there. Very impressed, hoping to catch you live soon, maybe Doncaster when you support the cribs.

All the best


Comment by mike

Yeah it does bode well for music doesn’t it πŸ˜›
Oh and by the way I just realised that saying ” it really doesn’t matter if half the people don’t come” sounds like I don’t think half the people who got tickets’ll come. They will, we’re not that bad I don’t think…

There were many jokes at JoFo about how pretty much every band hates metal πŸ˜€

Comment by Sam

i’m very excited about seeing you in oxford.

Comment by charlotte

I’m a total nerd. I bought tickets for the King Tut’s gig in July…two full months before I even moved here to Glasgow. I can’t wait!

Comment by Liz

Manchester and Leeds for me. I am incredibly excited for this tour! Not to mention the record box, too πŸ™‚

Comment by Lois

Oxford! Cant wait!

Comment by Becky

thx for the kind words about the US. unfortunately, IMHO, us americans did not do our part in selling out the gigs like you UK folks over there 😦 happy to see all those UK gigs sold out tho.

also, thanks for recommending people to arrive early to see Former Ghosts in LA. one of the most unique performances i’ve seen live. right up there w/ cold war kids.

and finally got around to all the music you’ve mentioned. really liked zola jesus and sparky deathcap. former ghosts was alright. xiu xiu, don’t know about, sorry.

this sparky and the deathcaps looks to be a real treat. enjoy it UK.

Comment by tps

I’d probably be right in saying that you don’t know which US shows sold out and the capacities of all the UK/US shows, so it’s probably best not to beat yourself up too much about it.

I always find it odd when people apologise for not liking the same music that somebody else likes. DON’T WORRY M8.

Thanks for yr nice words though.

Comment by Gareth

Now I feel really bad for thinking you guys are Welsh?


Comment by Ben

Clarification: we’re not Welsh.

Comment by Gareth

And have transcended being from anywhere at all, eh?

Comment by Ben

We’re all English, but studied/some of us still live in Wales.

Comment by Gareth

Thank you Gareth, I can stop being wrong now!

Comment by Ben

this is just making me even more excited, only 8 days till manchester

Comment by James Walker

Can’t wait for Coventry this week! Plus I get to interview you guys ahead of the first UK gig in a year, and the first gig with Kim!

Can’t wait, you were all so nice to me last time so this should be amazing!
And new material! Best. Wednesday. Ever!

Comment by Reece Lipman

I missed you while you were in Lisbon, now I’m fucked.

Comment by Eru

Will be at Glasgow; am tempted to come in a costume, but a) it might be kinda obnoxious and b) no-one wants to be the only person in fancy dress when everyone else is dressed normally.

Comment by John

Hey John
a) No way and b) Everyone wants to be in fancy dress when everyone is dressed normally
Also I think a few of us might dress up so lets start this unique and original trend now, on halloween everyone should dress up

Comment by Ellen

I find it ridiculous not to show up in costume to any Halloween gig. Where’s the fun in that?
Have fun with the UK tour, guys! I can’t wait for the next US tour.

Comment by Steven

As I mentioned, going to be at Cardiff. Got to fill the 4 hours before the names I recognise come on at 6. In addition to my earlier question, do you have any recommendations for bands to see in the day, or sights in Cardiff to check out? Otherwise I’m going to have to sift through myspace pages of the bands with the most badass names (Mostin’ III etc).

Dressing up isn’t ubiquitous at gigs (or anything else) on Halloween in the UK because people still haven’t got the zeal for it that Americans have (who, I understand, popularised it). I’m all for it, as long as you don’t go down the obvious bad taste road and choose posthumous Michael Jackson. Last year I saw nothing but Heaths/Jokers.

Comment by Dylan

Please play in Ireland!! We’re having a gig famine (not a potato one, we learned our lesson), even if ye only played in northern Ireland,please!!! 😦

Comment by Stephen

C’mon John-o. If it feels good to you, then do it.

What ideas did you have?

Comment by Jamie

If I somehow get a King Tut’s ticket and dress up, perhaps disguising my age somewhat, perhaps I could get it…

Comment by Ally


Comment by Ally

yay – see you in cov tomorrow then off to see dananana-etc on thurs in Notts ! cant wait …

Comment by chuck

I’ll be at Glasgow, and I’ll be dressed up. See you there. I’ll be the one in the red fairy skirt and matching hair. (Thought about fairy wings but I didn’t want to maim anyone’s face)

I’m ridiculously excited. You were fantastic in Glasgow (and Dundee) last year.

Comment by Rachel

Will be in Cov tonight, freakin excited!

Coventry isnt great but the Kazbaaaah do look after you. Come to Leamington, its lovely. In fact check out The Assembley, big new gig venue in Leamington! And its got Tammy Wynette’s caravan in the backstage bit πŸ˜€

Comment by King Wig

I’m coming to Southampton, can’t actually wait you are the best it will be amazing πŸ™‚ x

Comment by Meg

Heyas awesome gig tonight, new stuff is sounding amazing! some (ropey) pics are here:

Comment by King Wig

Luckily I don’t have to wait too much longer for SWN at Cardiff, I’ve missed all the UK dates thus far so I’ll be making up for that in a big way…

Comment by Gazz

Gareth, I proper don’t want to be the internet version of someone who shouts for songs at gigs, but what are the chances of WAAAR being played at the Manchester gig? I’ve seen you twice now and it’s not been played, third time lucky and all that.

Comment by Alex

I would get down on my knees and kiss all of your shoes if you manage to get to Dublin again. I missed your show last October ’cause I hadn’t yet reached legal adulthood.

Organise it, and I’ll organise my best lipstick for those Converse-clad feet of yours.

Comment by Jana

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