Food Review – Coventry 21/10/09 by Ollie
October 22, 2009, 10:47 am
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So we were told that the venue had in house catering.  What actually happened was that they ordered food in for us.  It was nice of them to do that because it meant that we didn’t have to go and find anything, but this meant our choice was limited.  We had food from a place called Oregano.  Supposedly the best place for food in Coventry.  It was basically a take away pizza joint.  I decided, perhaps to avoid having a pizza a lot on this tour I would opt for one of the pasta options.  I went for Spaghetti al Carbonara, which instead of coming with bacon or pancetta, came with sausage.  I thought it would be worth trying.

The food appeared about 30 minutes before we were due to go on stage, so I had a few mouthfulls.  The pasta was al dente, which was good.  The sausage gave it a funny flavour and it looked like a regular sausage just sliced up, fried and chucked in.  No chorizo I can tell you that.  The sauce was creamy but it needed a lot more garlic and black pepper.  There was a faint taste of cheese but I doubt it was parmesan.


The one good thing about it was when I came off stage and had some more it hadn’t congealed or dried up.

The pizzas looked good, but if this is the best place in Coventry well…


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that looks… urgh

Comment by Matthew

You’re just lucky that they didn’t fire up the barbecue in the beer garden. The rest of the tour would probably have had to have been cancelled.

Comment by Adam

Just tell me you didn’t eat that out of the pictured aluminum tray with a metal fork. My metal teeth will continue to sing(in out-of-tune-auto-tune) until you do.

Comment by eric

even ASDA ready meals look more appetising than that, hope you have better look on the rest of the tour

Comment by James Walker

Coventry is, well, Coventry. I live 10 miles away and seeing you guys was the first time I’d gone there in around a year. I don’t see much carbonara there, just looks like spaghetti with some meat.

Good luck with the rest of the food/tour!

Comment by Laika

That actually is minging! But I was at the show last night and you were awesome! Honestly, never seen anything like it in my life! Thank you Gareth for signing my top, you seem a real nice bloke and I will definitely be making an effort to come to another show (: Thanks for the most amazing night I’ve had in ages, and sorry your food was crap. Chloe x

Comment by Chloe

I have to ask before I forget, I was at the gig, and it was very damn good – nice to see copy haho again too.

But I believe the inbetween band songs were LC! chosen? is that correct? I was loving the choice of songs but didn’t know too many (I definitely remember a Why? and Help She Can’t Swim track)… I digress, any way I can get a list of the songs/artists on the mix?

Comment by Andy

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