UK Tour Notes by Ellen
October 23, 2009, 4:54 pm
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It’s rather bizarre to think that we have not played UK centric shows in a year, the last two gigs have made it seem like we have never been away. We have quickly settled back into the routine of sitting in a splitter driving along the M roads talking utter rubbish whilst  longing for  M & S themed service stations.

Those of you who attended the concert last night in Southampton can adhere to the fact it was a heat pit akin to the ninth circle of hell and the stage was littered with sprinkles of sweat. I would like to give a special shout out to the guy who informed me he braved the humidity despite the fact it made his hair frizzy. Well done.

The Juno Keyboard did not have such a good time and stopped making a noise that was pleasing to the ears. It was kind of like this “duhhhrrrhhr” noise….BUT Rob “Sparky” Taylor saved the day by distracting the audience with a long winded joke about a child on a death bed whose dying wish is for a golf ball,  if you missed out it was bloody funny and will be remembered as a golden gig moment for generations to come.

Coventry was also rather great, with the venue having a particularly fetching outdoor area with Palm trees straight out a LA beach party (I would imagine, I have attended none but I have watched The Hills.)  We also got to meet the lovely Copy Haho for the first time who made a few of us jagermesiter cocktail things, which had an elaborate name but in essence were said spirit and red bulls. I think they are meant to stimulate you before leaving you twitchy with a itching sense of your own mortality. Myself and Kim also got invited to go and dance with four drunk guys dressed like security guards who were attending the club night afterwards but the haunting sounds of a Lady GaGa remix did not tempt us (it was not even paparazzi, thats a tune.)

But all this waffle is leading up to a favour I have to ask…

I had a unfortunate incident a month ago where my camera met some water and they didn’t get on, so I borrowed my mums camera but she lost the connecter wire thing so….. I cant upload pictures.

I thought maybe YOU would like to send me some pictures of the gigs for documentation/making the blog posting look sexier/sexy photos of us for me to pleasure myself over! However only send one image which you think really summed up the gig experience for yourself, and the ones I like the most will get used. Remember my criteria is vague, and my judgement is awful. Send your pictures to


Ellen x


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Those Moto service stations are indeed absolutely lovely.

Comment by Lrkn

great gig last nite, despite it being hotter than the sun!

and that golf ball joke is a classic 😀

Comment by Tays

somebody fill us in on the golf ball joke!

can’t wait for mmonday’s manchester show 🙂

Comment by dave

new songs: how did they sound?

Comment by Julia

Had a great night on Thursday, despite the heat. The golf ball joke was genius, so were all of his jokes actually!

Cheers for a fantastic gig. 😀

Comment by Joel

going on monday, what t-shirts were for sale and what price?

Comment by Ste

Julia: Ace and Ste: some and reasonable

Comment by Ellen


Deaf Institute site says show finishes at 11pm. Last train is 10:53pm, so am I going to have to find somewhere to sleep or leave early or are they wrong or what? I’m not bloody leaving early.

Second Seetickets didn’t send my ticket and I don’t have the debit card I ordered with any more (bank took it and binned it when I changed my surname) so I might not be able to pick my tickets up at the venue. I’m ringing them again tomorrow to try and sort it but if worst comes to worst is there anything you can do to help?

Comment by Lrkn

Will anyone else be at the Leeds show in a Halloween outfit? I’m going to a party straight after so I may look a complete tit! =p

Comment by Barney

Cardiff was completely magical, it was an absolute honour to meet you all afterwards and thank you all for taking the time to speak to me. I have emailed a picture over, a difficult decision to choose just one photo.

Comment by Gazz

WoW. My pal’s just decided he’s not coming with on Saturday night 😦

Comment by Jamie

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