Food Review – Southampton 22/10/09 by Ollie
October 25, 2009, 7:48 pm
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The Joiners is on an odd street.  There seems to be a large amount of take aways on the street considering its size, and as the only establishments that warrant take aways are few on the street it seems quite odd.

We ended up in Hudsons.  We had aimed to go to a Chinese but this caught our attention first.  Hudsons is a Caribbean restaurant serving items such as Jerk Chicken, Goat Curry and Red Snapper.  We were the only people that were in there, and the owner/chef seemed very keen to entertain us.

I went for Salmon Creole.  The menu description didn’t really seem to describe a creole.  I was expecting something similar to a Gumbo.  What appeared was a Salmon fillet covered with Cajun spices and grilled.  It was actually very nice.  The outside had been blackened to a nice level, allowing you to experience the crunch as your teeth hit the soft salmon flesh inside.  The spices left a nice tingle after you had finished chewing and they weren’t overpowering that you couldn’t taste the salmon or needed a glass of water to quench the fire in your mouth.


The salmon came with a nice salad of apple and tomato.  The sweetness of them contrasting nicely with the spice of the salmon.

Despite us saying that we only had 45 minutes the chef took longer than that so we ended up having to take the food away.  Don’t eat here if you’re in a rush.

But it was great value, great food and they even had a record player playing.


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I could very well go for some salmon right now. It sounds perfectly cooked! It has to have a little crunch! Oh to be near this place!
Where did you eat in Exeter? I’m very intrigued as to where is good to eat in my adoptive home town!

Also, whilst I’m here (well, I say that like it’s a somewhat rare occurrence, not a daily one, as it is) I must say I’m very very over the moon-ly (more so than even a new Radiohead album happening, or anything really!) excited for the new album! It will make February less of a nothing, when is this all going to end month, and more of a ‘oh man, when is it LC! day’ month.

And finally, Gareth, if you read this bit, it was super awesome to meet you down Exeter way (I was way more excited for meeting you than Johnny Marr!), as you’re in the best band this side of forever, and you’ve aptly proven that someone from round our way CAN do something with their life that is meaningful and not just dubstep or farming!

Hamish xxx

Comment by Hamish

The street the Joiners is on is a peculiar one – it’s in the middle of a part of town that has a really bad reputation locally, on the edge of a slab of estates and high-rises, and very near a college and churchyard with checkered histories.

Ordinarily, it wouldn’t be on most people’s walks home, unless they went to the Joiners, or lived right there…

Except that the main halls of residence for Solent University are right there on the end of that road, which means that it’s the nearest spot for any students not wanting to cook, but also not wanting to walk further than a few hundred yards!

There didn’t used to be that many takeaways or restaurants down there, but there’s an ongoing effort at gentrifimacating it, so little galleries and food places keep popping up there.

Glad you enjoyed the food (and gig?) in Southampton… We really, truly loved the gig!

Comment by Nicolas Papaconstantinou

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