Romance Is Boring by LC!
October 25, 2009, 8:40 pm
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Our new album, Romance Is Boring, will be released on February 1st 2010 on CD, digital and vinyl.

There is plenty of time for conjecture and discussion, but in the meantime, here are some facts.

The tracklisting is as follows:

In Medias Res
There Are Listed Buildings
Romance Is Boring
We’ve Got Your Back (Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #2)
Plan A
Straight In At 101
Who Fell Asleep In
I Warned You: Do Not Make An Enemy Of Me
Heart Swells/100-1
I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know
A Heat Rash In The Shape Of The Show Me State; or, Letters From Me To Charlotte
The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future
This Is A Flag. There Is No Wind
Coda: A Burn Scar In The Shape Of The Sooner State

The album was recorded and mixed between March and June of 2009, in Seattle, Connecticut and Monmouthsire, with producer John Goodmanson. It features guest appearances from Jamie Stewart, Zac Pennington and Jherek Bischoff.

It is a record about the death and decay of the human body, sex, lost love, mental breakdown, football and, ultimately, that there probably isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel.


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Comment by James Walker

Woooooooo. Hoooray!

Comment by Laika


Comment by Chris von Slick

this is amazing news. i am inordinately excited now. nice tracklisting!

Comment by charlotte


This is really fantastic stuff. I’m a little tickled by the tracklisting – it looks like your tours around the US have leaked into some song titles, and I have to wonder if some of the UKers know what the Show Me State and Sooner State are. I will say, however, that I hate the Sooner State. I will also say that I hope the Lone Star State can make it in to any future track you might record.

Also, that appears to be a large amount of material, which I know all of us (fans) are excited about. Out of curiosity, about how much material was there that didn’t make it on to the album?


Comment by Kyle from TX


Comment by Ronald!

Excellent! I will be anticipating this every day until it drops. ❤

Comment by Anna


Although don’t wanna wait that long 😦

Comment by Sarah

Stupid question maybe, but is that the artwork?

Cause the handwriting looks like “Romance is Boning” which would send out a completely different message.

Comment by ciaran


Comment by eden

This is the most exciting news I have had in a while; the song titles are absolutely amazing, glad to see there’s a part 2. Can’t wait to hear what Jamie and Zac added to the album.

Comment by megan


Comment by leila


A different message for sure, but not altogether untrue!

Comment by Kyle from TX

Heart Swells/100-1 intrigues me so very much.

Comment by Jamie

How exciting! Agree with Megan, the song titles are excellent (I feel like adding an ‘as ever’ there. Is that allowed? Ah, what the heck, I’m going for it) as ever.

Comment by OlliB

cant wait !

Comment by chuck

This has made my day. Can’t wait.

Comment by David


Can we confirm/deny that script being the album artwork?

Comment by JMNix

No it’s not the album artwork.

Comment by Gareth

Do you know if you’ll be able to get it put out in Argentina?

Comment by fede

Yes. Heard four of the songs already. US tour? If so, come to detroit.

Comment by colin


Comment by ciaran

This day is getting better by the minute. First my favorite Spongebob came on, then I realized I had a pack of M&M’s in my purse (it’s the little thing), and now this! I’m glad to see The Sea Is A Good Place To Think About The Future on the list. You might have said if it was going to be on there or not but I am a bit oblivious. And the Show Me State reference makes me smile. I forgot about that until just now.

Comment by loren

are any of those songs the new one you played at lolla? I know you said it was called IIB but I’m curious.

Comment by kgmaley

cant wait. great song titles, will undoubtedly be matched with some great lyrics. very excited.

Comment by joshua!

i once auditioned to front a posthardcore band who had a song called In Media Res. WHICH SONG IS BETTER!??!?!?

oh wait theirs was called In MediUS Res.


Comment by christopher

Oh my god, I can’t wait for this, I think this somehow topped my excitement for LCD Soundsystem, The National, and Massive Attack’s new albums next year.

Comment by Nick

Hooray! Next year will be a good year.

Comment by Patty

This more than makes up for the lack of sleep and the ladybug infestation on my dorm room! February can’t come qyick enough, who needs Christmas and New Year’s is the most unsatisfying thing……..

Comment by Shannon


Comment by Jeska

Absolutely amazing, albeit I would like to know what makes an Oklahoma shaped burn…

Comment by Ben


I love you guys.

Comment by Jeska

Oh, never mind, the burn thing seems to be a common-theme, though I really hope the members of LC! stay away from hot objects shaped like middle-American states.

Comment by Ben

After having just let myself down very much due to the fact I can not make a rose out of tissue paper like most able-handed people, this has truly made my day about a thousand times better. 🙂
Gonna save all my Christmas money for this.

Comment by Clair

Yessssssssssssssssssssss! So fucking looking forward to this, The Sea Is a Good Place & Listed Buildings have been in my head for days now.
Love you guys x

Comment by Thommmm.


Comment by Madeline

“…(Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #2)”


Comment by michael

Awesome, most definitely looking forward to it. Excited most by a potential “Heart Swells” sequel.

Comment by Ben

oh merde! THIS IS TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT. now my homework will never be done, as i plan to continue daydreming about romance and how it is incredibly boring… or not. nvm lost the point.

but i still love you guys ❤ 😀

Comment by nina

if the tracklisting is any indication, i am gonna love this. thanks, mates!

Comment by thedannymorales

This is so exciting! It’s a bit eerie to see the references to Oklahoma and Missouri, seeing as how I was born in one state and lived in the other. Are you writing about my life? 🙂

Comment by Jordan

It’s your e-mail!

Comment by Rodrigo

YES! I’m so excited! hey it’s close to my birthday! nothing better than Los Campesinos for your birthday I would say..

Comment by Hanna

Yes I’m also excited for Heart Swells! and DMEB #2! I can’t contain my excitement.

Comment by Hanna

Im really excited about this album!

Comment by Robert

i’m going to explode out of sheer excitement.
i love you and wish i hadn’t heard of this news, the next few months are going to be unbearable.

Comment by Ben

I hope to GOD the album artwork looks like that. If not ACTUALLY that.

I fricking love you guys.

Comment by Joe

[…] The album was recorded and mixed between March and June of 2009, in Seattle, Connecticut and […]

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So excited. DMEB #2?! Can’t wait.

Comment by Miguel

15 tracks! You guys are the most prolific and generous band I know for great quality output. Thank you.
Feb 1st is marked in my diary – next to the SFX weekender which starts on the 5th – it’s a great week for music-loving sci-fi fans! Oh yes.

Comment by Gem

Yusss! Waiting patiently fer the preorder.

Also, obligatory ‘Puh-lease comez to Australia!’ despite the fact that you guys can’t just decide to pack and fly over…

Comment by Trung


Comment by David

Way too exciting!

Comment by Dave Rees

The song titles are awesome! February 1st seems so far away…

Comment by Dan

Is Feb. 1st the international release date?

Comment by Julia

soo excited for heart swells!
and please please please come back to mineapolis!

Comment by Audrey

Can’t fucking wait.

Comment by Peter

February 1st… over three months away. I can’t wait for the album. I hope it will entail another tour of the states, including Oregon. The awesomeness level has risen!

Comment by Wolf Black

My news reader lists unread items in reverse chronological order. A consequence is that I finished reading,

“It is a record about the death and decay of the human body, sex, lost love, mental breakdown, football and, ultimately, that there probably isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel.”,

and immediately moved on to an upbeat review of Hudson’s salmon creole. Knowing where to get good salmon creole is surely as good a consolation as any when you’ve learned there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

As with everyone else, I’m grateful that you’re making music, and am excited about the new album.

Best wishes

Comment by Matt

I’m really looking forward to this 🙂

Comment by Lois

What became of “Too Many Flesh Suppers?” I was really looking forward to it from what you had to say about it in your P4K interview

Comment by Ryan

w/r/t Ryan’s comment, would I be correct in guessing that it became The Sea Is A Good Place…?

Comment by michael

oh, goodness…oh, goodness– this is going to be insane.

Comment by Alexandra

“This Is A Flag. There Is No Wind”
Is this a moon-landing conspiracy theory reference?
Because if it is, then that would be awesome.

Comment by Steven

Will my favourite album of the next decade released a month in? I guess it won’t be LC! fault for the following diminishing returns from other people that can’t match their awesomeness.

P.S. Romance totally isn’t boring if you do it right and spontaneously.

Comment by Samuel

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff yes. So excited.

Comment by Charlotte

good news, this. DMEB#2 : awesomeness!
thanks for making this monday less…monday-ish.

Comment by Veee

Great!! Cannot wait!

Comment by D

[…] it’s always worth checking out Los Campesinos official website/blog for future […]

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Heart Swells #2: awesomeness!

So much excitement for this guys.

Comment by Josh

woo 🙂

Comment by Yash

[…] In uscita ad inizio febbraio 2010 il nuovo disco dei Los Campesinos!, Romance Is Boring.    […]

Pingback by Vitaminic

such a long wait!
but definitely worth it!!
Amazing gig in cov, see you in brum in december!

Matt x

Comment by wabwad

Four months and a week. That makes me sad. But then, reading the tracklist and the brilliant namnes of the songs makes me slightly happier.

Comment by Fanny

Omg! I am now having a heart attack! Can’t wait! Love the album name and song titles! Ahhhh I can’t wait until February! >.< Yaaaaaaay!I will buy ten thousand copies of it(okay, maybe just two)! XD

Comment by Victoria


Comment by patchworkpalisades

You put on the Myspace blog that there was more on the website, so I clicked the link hoping for maybe a streaming sample or more disturbing/compelling band photos only to find the exact same press release! Shame on the ol’ bait & switch.

Oh, hey – new album?! Um, yes please! All is forgiven. Huzzah!

Comment by Brett

I cannot wait!!!

I hope this also means another tour in the US!

Comment by Justin Leon

Best news I’ve heard in a while… Hope there will be a tour in America next year

Comment by Vanessa

I think in the past you’ve said that your next American tour will be in January. Doesn’t this mean that you’ll now have to leak the album if you want that “everyone’s singing along to all of my songs!” feeling? Artistic vision takes a backseat to ego-pumping anyday… 🙂

Comment by Eric

Also curious: in the 12 track name, is that the Charlotte of previous mention? She seems involved in a number of your maladies.

Comment by Eric

Thanks LC!

Only 97 days to go………

Comment by Rumpy

i shat brix.

Comment by Marcos.

[…] álbum sai dia 26 de janeiro lá fora e é descrito pela banda como “um disco sobre morte e degradação da carne humana, o sexo, amor perdido, loucura, […]

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Is going to be a loooong wait.

Comment by Eru

Amazing. It’s released earlier in Canada! January 26th. (

Comment by Julia

YYYAAAAYYYYY!! I knew you were going to end up calling it that! Love the song titles as well (massively excited about sequels to what are some of my favourite songs ever!!

Plus, I now have a t-shirt with both full album titles on.

Comment by Reece Lipman

woooooooooo hoooooooooooooo! artwork please! can’t freaking wait. and, as usual, song titles are amazing.

Comment by Rob


Not to be demanding BUT is there a significant amount of glockenspiel on the new album (couldn’t help but notice there was considerably LESS glock rock on WAB compared to HONY; I love the glock)? Also, has Tom written an incredible keys part for this album (I am thinking WABWAD)? The few songs we have heard are amazing but they don’t answer these questions.
Any tour info (Both times I have seen you guys its been a days drive into the heart of america)?
When can I get the single?

Comment by Ron-T

i was hyperventilating when i read this! haha crazy…well i am indescribably excited!hope time flies fast haha…

Comment by Ana

There better be an American tour! I need to see LC! again soon! >.<

Comment by Victoria

[…] que eran mejores al principio, ¿no creéis? Por cierto, mola la auto-descripción que han dejado en su web: Es un disco sobre la muerte y el declive del cuerpo humano, el sexo, el amor perdido, las crisis […]

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Nice, guys. Very nice.

I’m definitely not hesitating about a purchase here. February is just too far away, though!

Looks mighty enticing, cheers!

Comment by Tevans

awwwwwwwwwwwww yeah

Comment by REX

MEAN!! CRUEL!! That’s what you guys are!!
Why make us suffer that long waiting for the new album??

Just kidding! Counting the days here in Brazil.
Love ya.

Comment by Renato

I needed some good news after the defeat on Merseyside this past Sunday. Well done LC! You have brightened my day

Hope to see you in Seattle again in the new year.



Comment by Ian

I think I love you more than my own family.

Comment by Tom

I haven’t been this happy since Ronald Reagan passed.

Comment by J

can’t wait. this is gonna be great. more than great, actually.

Comment by emily

[…] who asked. A couple of songs and videos have already dropped from the album, and now they’ve officially announced, titled, dated, and tracklisted […]

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just for irony’sake you should hold off and release the album feb 14th.. but so so so excited!

Comment by kimberxcore

thank you guys for being so prolific. You have been my favorite band since the first lp. Gareth your lyrics are second to none. Please come back to cleveland and maybe smoke a joint and sing songs.

Comment by john

Romance is boring was on the back of the booklet that came with WABWAD.
I’m such a nerd

Comment by Thomas

i like the o and the g

Comment by boarding B09

[…] Another single, another great song that raises the bar yet again off their upcoming third album Romance is Boring. One would think at some point the band has to slow down, but as long as the quality stays as high […]

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The title track sounded great when you played in London. I can’t wait to get it on CD!

Comment by Will

cant wait for documented minor emotional breakdown # 2. i loved #1.

Comment by Ryan

sweet i knew something was going to be announced, but jan. of 2010? why not during the holiday season…but i love “the sea is a good place to think of the future” the wait is going to be worth it…

Comment by TacoMusic

How long until this gets leaked?

Comment by David

Ahhhh, will be so good.
I saw you a at O2 academy oxford, you guys were amazing. Gareth, me and my friends talked tp you while you were sitting by the T-shirt stand, we had a picture with you! Thanks

Comment by Dan

shut yer face, David! Let’s all be patient together.

Comment by Julia

for you, David

Comment by soloman

Agree with Will, Romance Is Boring sounded great on Wednesday, really looking forward to the rest of it 🙂 I was the weird girl putting !s on the posters in the toilets 😛

Comment by Hattie

i could not be more excited about this. ugh, february hurry up!

Comment by Isabel

Leak it now.

Comment by Eru

Gareth you should put some signed albums up for pre-order. I would be willing to pay more if I could get one signed 🙂
My room does not have enough los campesinos paraphernalia. How else can I implicitly let people know that I have cynical views of romance and death?

Comment by Simon

I really really really can’t wait for this, but I promised myself I would be patient with this one. Any details on the vinyl release?

Comment by Tiago F

Feb 1st? My birthday! So going to get that after school when it comes around XD

Comment by Matt

Omg, I just cant wait!

Comment by Tsukasalink

Here you go gay boy. Send me sexually explicit messages. Come to London and kiss me

Comment by Romy

ahhhhh, i really really want to see the artwork..

Comment by Dan

[…] Campesinos! – Romance Is Boring ska bli intressant att höra, släpps den 1 […]

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[…] band, from Cardiff, Wales, recently released their second official album, Romance is Boring. Their U.S. tour kicked off late due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, which grounded planes in […]

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