November 2, 2009, 4:36 pm
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Here is an overview of our past fortnight, in the form of statistics, rubbish camera phone pictures and superlatives.

We visited these cities, in this order:


Percentage of venues which didn’t have toilet roll backstage:


Percentage of promoters which took any notice of the fact that we informed them a quarter of our band are vegan:


Best related quote: “Yeh, sorry, I didn’t know what vegan meant, so I got you some nuts”.

Percentage of Sold Out gigs:


We owe a huge amount of thanks to Nick Coppack of Manchester United Football Club who invited us to Old Trafford to do an interview for the magazine and have a tour. To be recognised by your favourite football club, I can tell you, is an amazing thing. It was also incredibly flattering that Nick was a proper fan of the band and came to the show afterwards and made requests. I could never tire of discussing mid-’90s league cup defeats, so thank you Nick.

Thank you to Les Savy Fav for DJing at our aftershow in London, and thank you to Wichita for organising such a spectacle. I was in a bad mood after the show due to getting punched in the face after going into the crowd and somebody wrestling the microphone from me and refusing to give it back. To rub insult to injury, after the gig they approached me and told me I was a great “modern poet”. Yuck. Who even thinks like that?

So spending the night dancing to ’90s club hits amongst good friends was an awesome tonic.

This is a picture of Stuart off of Copy Haho standing on Tim off of Les Savy Fav’s shoulders:

I had three of The Best Nights Of My Life on this tour.

1. A travel lodge, a putsch on a WH Smith and reckless abandonment of all regards of common decency.

2. After our Friday gig in Leeds. Dananananaykroyd, our own private disco, the first time we managed to get a DJ to play Dexys, dance offs with people I miss far too much, and conga lines.

3. Best gig we’ve ever played in Cardiff. Infront of family. It felt like a home coming. Watching members of some of my favourite bands crowd surf to our music. Silent Disco with newly found best friends and pals who’d come from out of town, alike. This is a video of us performing Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks with Calum off of Dananananaykroyd and Alexei off of Johnny Foreigner.

When we all got swine flu. I look forward, in ten years time, to being able to say “I survived Swine Flu”. Hats off to Kim who soldiered on through gigs despite vomiting non-stop for two days. Hats back on to all the “media outlets” who somehow managed to spin a badly informed news story out of three caps heavy tweets I made.

Thank you ever so to Rob from Sparky Deathcap for coming on tour with us. Having him as the 8th Campesinos! is something we’d love to make permanent if we could afford to (which we can barely with 7, so we’re gonna have to get famous or something). His musicianship really adds something to us playing live, and means I don’t have to play any instruments. Something I’m very grateful for. Also, his solo sets at the start of the evening were always amazing. I cannot say enough that I think Sparky is the best songwriter in the UK at the moment, and to have the chance to play in his backing band was a real honour. I hope we get to do it again sometime soon.

Copy Haho: We’ve made friends for life. I couldn’t have dreamt of meeting four people as hilarious and nice and just amazing to be around as them.
I would never complain about being in a band. There are loads of negative aspects, believe me there are, but they are far outweighed by the opportunities we have to play our music and to have a platform for the things we want to say and to create.
But the worst thing is saying goodbye.
You travel the world meeting amazing people. You forge really close bonds in no time at all. And then at the end of a tour you say goodbye and resign yourself to the fact you live hundreds of miles apart, and that the next time you’re in their city, they’ll probably be elsewhere, making other new friends to break their hearts. It’s like a divorce that neither side wants. And oh my god, the poor kids.

“but with XBOX Live, hope and skype I could find you in a keystroke…”

Never has this been so true as it is with Copy Haho.

Thank you dearly; Joe, Richard, Stuart, Rikki, Rob, Todge, Jason, Stan, Lewy, Ceri, Gavlar, Jason and Stacey. I love you all.

Everyone who came to this tour, thank you.
Every gig felt really special, and I feel like with fans friends like you, we can achieve everything we’d ever want. Thank you for letting us be a band, and see you soon.


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Thanks for battling through the swine flu, the Leeds gig was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

Comment by Alex

you were awesome in Manchester. thanks for the interview – can only hope to see you again sometime soon.

Comment by thepigeonpost

Sounds like you had a great tour. Come back to US soon!

Comment by Dan

Coventry was excellent fun. Next time I might bring vegan cookies!

Comment by Sarah-Beth

You tours look fun 😀

Comment by Stephen

Oops, that should be ‘your tours…,’ and the rest.

Comment by Stephen

and thank you for existing

manchester was easily my all time favourite gig

Comment by James Walker

Manchester was amazing, i’m going to have to commute to one of the gigs on the next tour D:

Comment by Ste

had a fantastic time in oxford. travelled down from cambridge with our 10 year old daughter who adores you guys. getting a t-shirt , a bag , some autographs and gareth being ace with her (she is still clutching the glock stick you gave her) was a fab memory for me and her. she is still on a massive high. thanks thanks thanks.

Comment by michael lacey

I agree with Alex,
The Leeds gig was one of my favorite gigs you’ve done.


Comment by Oscar

I didn’t realise that you got punched in the face in London!? You did look a bit angry/unhappy on the photo I got. Anyway, at least that guy gave you a ride on his shoulders back to the stage..

Comment by mithis

Taken together with all the bands across the day, Cardiff was easily the best show I’ve been to all year. And I saw Bruce over the Summer. See you at the Thekla for some nautical action.

Comment by Dylan

By the way, what happened to the Kenickie thing in the end dude?

Comment by Dylan

Thank you (as well as Les Savy Fav on Tuesday and Dananana on Thursday) for the best week of gigs ever, not to mention my lovely record box. I had a brilliant time on Friday night!

Comment by Lois

Thank you los campesinos! for a fantastic event in manchester
Thank you Garath for grabbing my head (even if out of hatred)
Thank you Copy Haho
Extra special thank you to Sparky for putting Dave in his place and telling him to stfu.

Comment by Dean

As Ric Flair would say. Woooooooooo!

Mr. Gareth, that was an epic blog post. Was thoroughly entertained, amused, happy from your writing and pictures.

Speaking of pics, they weren’t rubbish. They all came out really well. Travel lodge pic was funny but true bc a room full of dudes, energy drinks, chips, and a girlie magazine. Neil and Rob looked great bc I probably would’ve been doing the same thing.

Loved the Man U pics bc everyone looked great.

As a hobbyist photographer I take a lot of pictures that turn out crap. But as I’m sorting through, I’ll stumble upon 1 or 2 that makes me think “Wow! that actually came out really nice,” I get a really big smile and I can’t stop smiling.

The first pic you posted I got that feeling. Everyone looked great as usual. Ollie and Ellen good 1. But HARRIET! oh man look at her expression/pose! 😀 and couldn’t stop afterwards.

Thank you for sharing with us general public the highs and lows of your latest tour. I don’t know you personally but your last Copy Haho paragraph. Vintage Gareth/Los Campesinos!

Lastly, Microsoft marketing used your music for Xbox 2009 E3 presser. Man U staffer is fan of your music. Crawl, walk, run right?

Comment by tps

thank you so much for the Leeds ‘shout out’ (as I believe they’re called). Gutted to’ve missed all of these dates, they looked amazing. And I agree with the Copy Haho sentiment. Lovely boys, apart from Richard 😀

Comment by Doug

You cannot believe how happy I still am that I went all the way to Leeds to see you. It was worth every second, it was just absolutely AMAZING. Best time I’ve seen you but that’s easy – Belgian audiences never are very enthusiastic. And they look weird when you can sing a long to all the songs. Not this time though. Let’s just hope I don’t catch swine flu for hugging you Gareth.

I wish it was March already so I could see you again!

Comment by Gerlin

I had an incredible time when you played in Southampton. It was one of the best gigs of my life (other than the time you played in Southampton before :D). I loved the golfball joke!

Thanks so much! 🙂

Comment by Joel

Thank you guys for putting on excellent shows. I made it to Manchester and Leeds and both were great. Also after a certain declaration was made in Manchester – glad it wasn’t repeated in Leeds (like a certain Michael McIntyre joke) – candid inbetween-song banter is always appreciated. Many thanks to Ellen for posing for a photo with me in Manchester and for generally proving that sci-fi geeks don’t all fit the media stereotypes. Hope you’ve all recovered from the swine flu.

Comment by Gem

Thanks for the Cardiff gig guys, was awesome to see people care about coming (back)to cardiff rather than hearing people pretend they are excited about the first time they’ve been to “way-ls”. Its probably the 5/6/7th time i’ve seen you in Cardiff, thanks for continuing to return and play different venue, if i’m being honest, i wasn’t huugely looking forward to last week, i haven’t really been tuned into the band for a few months, but nonetheless it was as always a unique performance.



And the Silent Disco was amazing, especially when everyone started to conga and a small few continued to listen to Jay-Z, a beautifully absurd moment. Also, a little too much enjoyment of homoerotic dancing on my part.

Comment by Lloyd!

Oxford was amazing. One of the best gigs I’ve been to in years. Thank you so much for coming down. xx

Comment by Sam

agreed…the oxford gig was the best gig i’ve been to in ages. I loved it =]
i stayed at Reading 08 to see you guys on the saturday, when i had food poisoning. i felt like a committed fan. And you made it through with swine flu.
Thanks for being a committed and ridiculously awesome band =] xxx

Comment by Tamsin

I had a massive grin on my face for the entirety of that video.

Comment by Josh

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