The Tour According To You by Ellen
November 3, 2009, 12:27 pm
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David in Coventry sent us this photo in, and I think you will agree it is a lovely shot


Again we our in Coventry and Richard managed to get some good on stage mid sing action

SAM_0303He also managed to get a kind of zombie esque shot of Neil crowdsurfing. For some reason I cant look at this photo without admiring the wallpaper in the ceiling. It’s just rather fetching.

GetAttachment-1.aspxAlan sent us this one from The Deaf Institute in Manchester, there is something rather overwhelming sad and bleak about this picture, like he is but a voyeur who will not allow himself to participate in the event known as “gig.” Or he just couldn’t be bothered to stand up. He kindly pointed out that Neil’s mum was sat in front of him.

cardiffGazz captured this three way sing a long in Cardiff with Tom and Gareth being Joined by Alexie Jo Fo on stage for  “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks.” For some reason they all look like they are singing Frank Sinatra.


Sebastian got this image from the Garage in London, it’s a rather moody shot with a Wizard of Oz lighting effect to it.

4060944919_73df3b8cc6Alex (from admiring Sparky shot in Manchester fame) also managed to get this picture from Leeds. As you can see we all look like we are doing a performance piece about the moral media panic over swine flu. Or something.

023Jamie took this picture at King Tuts, and we are all kitted out in our finest scariest halloween gear….cowboy hats, shorts and a repeat swine flu mask wearing. I went as Arthur Dent, which involved wearing Pajamas on stage, so I was incredibly comfortable, but no one knew who I was actually meant to be other then a really lazy person.

I was kind of confused by this picture, didn’t seem to fit into the criteria…


Ellen x


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That last one is milhouse?

Great pictures! I like the one of Neil crowdsurfing.

Comment by Johnny

Being over 30 is indeed a sad and bleak existence, and the need to sit down at gigs is a pressing one. The events known as gigs are no longer a participatory event for us elderly music fans, and alas I must continue to tap my foot well away from the world of mosh.

Comment by deadmanjones aka Alan

I’m dead proud my Leeds photo got on here. I feel like one of those kids whose paintings got shown at the end of episodes of SMart.

Comment by Alex

I knew you were Arthur Dent! The “Don’t Panic!” written on your top was the give away…

It was a really awesome show in Glasgow, enjoyed myself a lot. Big thanks to Kim for coming out and saying hi. See y’all in Edinburgh next feb, though i think i’ll be catching Gareth and Kim for a few Beers before that 😉

Comment by Mark

Swine Flu blows, you guys healthy again?

I just got Swine Flu (on Day 2 of it) and wondering how long this shit tends to last.

Comment by Nick

deadmanjones: there is something you’re doing wrong! i turned 30 in July and still head to the front at shows…as long as it’s not that rowdy, and LC! gigs tend not to be.

Comment by Julia

Hey, deadmanjones aka Alan! I’m with Julia. I’m over 30 too (33 in fact) and I was at the very front for both the Manchester and Leeds gig, each time with a friend also over 30. At Leeds I had a crowdsurfer practically land on my head but did not surrender my position. Don’t use age as an excuse – growing older is compulsory, growing up isn’t! :p

I totally meant to send in my photos but forgot… age does affect memory 😉

Ellen – I cannot believe no-one got your Arthur Dent outfit! Some of these music fans need a decent sci-fi education.

Comment by Gem

Thanks for the feedback fellow OAPs! Don’t worry, this was one night of sitting down; if only because the deaf institute is the only smaller venue with such a luxury.

Comment by deadmanjones

this tour looked so fun, wish i lived in the UK

Comment by Robert

To be fair Alan you did get a reallllllly good shot, so I will forgive you, plus the deaf institute was rather packed.
Mark- if people dont know who arthur dent is anyway then “dont panic” is not going to clear up the confusion so there.
Also I thought the last photo might be a ode to Skeater from Doug, but he might be purple with yellow hair…

Comment by Ellen

OK, Alan – I will now admit that I have sat on those seats in the Deaf Institute – for Joan As Police Woman. I had my fella with me and he likes to sit. Those seats are comfy with a great view 😉
And yes, nice photo – cool that you got that great big mirrorball in 😀

Comment by Gem

just echoing Gem’s sentiments as i too am a 30+ guy. don’t worry it’s only human to have those feelings. i’m not superman, i feel old at times.

what helps me out is
1) maybe this more of an American thing. but there’s a saying here ‘life doesn’t begin until your 30’
2) i get inspired by other people around my age. my #1 inspiration is kianna alarid of tilly and the wall. i always have a smile on my face when i see she’s 31 and i’m just two years older than her. she seems really at peace w/ herself. plus she energtic enough to stage dive
(scroll up)

oh, i liked the Neil crowdsurfing pic.

Comment by tps

i think the last pic is Milhouse from The Simpsons

Comment by Marcos.

Keep meaning to agree that the crowdsurfing photo is a great shot. I tried and failed to catch something similar each night. I never got my flash back on in time so just got darkness instead…
Tricky shot – well captured!

Comment by Gem

Gareth looks like he had to undergo amputation of both arms in the second picture.

Comment by Lois

i got my photos developed the other day.
was kim dressed as enid from ghost world in glasgow?

Comment by eden

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