Food Review – Exeter 23/10/09 by Ollie
November 10, 2009, 1:58 pm
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I enjoy playing Art Centres as they always seem to do good food.  The Norwich Arts Centre we played in 2 years ago did amazing food.

The Phoenix had a very fancy cafe bar which served a wide range of food.  I decided to go for a healthy option and picked Roasted Peppers with a garlic and cheese sauce, with cous cous and a homemade pesto.

IMG_0274The peppers were stuffed with courgette and aubergine, giving it a very soft texture.  The peppers were roasted to a nice level, retaining their bite and texture, whilst going soft and releasing those sweet flavours.  The sauce was nice, but it would have been fine as just purely some cheese grated onto the top of the peppers and placed under the grill.  The pesto, wasn’t how I imagined the pesto to be.  It almost had the consistency of boiled spinach, it didn’t really taste like pesto.  To be honest if I hadn’t known it was pesto, I wouldn’t have known what it was.  The cous cous was surprisingly dense and a lot more filling than I expected.  It had small slices of pepper and onion but perhaps could have done with a bit of spice to give it a bit more flavour and kick.

A tasty meal nonetheless, and thanks to all the recommendations to eat here. Extra special mention to the staff who brought us our food whilst we doing soundcheck.


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I love reading all your food posts. Do you cook yourself? Or do you just love being a food critic? What did you think of the food in Seattle? I know you guys spent some time here (that’s right… I know).

Comment by Simon

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