November 16, 2009, 4:34 pm
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Back in May I sold a load of my personal, old band t-shirts on our blog. It was a success and nobody seemed to think it was a disgusting exploitation of my position and of having 4,500 followers on twitter. Well, now that time has come again. I need more space and a little bit of pocket money and as a result have been ruthless and found another batch of 20-odd band tees I can do without (read – that are now too small for me/not black or white). Basically, I want to make enough room in my bedroom to have a CHAIR. So I can do the occasional thing vertically, rather than laying on my bed all day.

Slightly more expensive than last time I’m afraid, as previously I was stung by p+p. ALSO, for this very same reason, I’m restricting the sale to UK ONLY. Yes, I know, I’m an awful person.

Some of these tees are in better condition than others (but all perfectly wearable), so, without further ado, here’s the list (all include p+p).


The Smiths ‘The Queen Is Dead’ – S
Wolf Eyes – M
Lovvers – S
Hardly Art – M
Help She Can’t Swim – S
Kimya Dawson – XL Girls
Sleater-Kinney – M
the Blow – M
Blood Brothers – S
Slint -S 6
Bikini Kill – S
Goxxip – S
Why? – S
Johnny Foreigner – M
Parenthetical Girls – S
Tubelord – S
Sleater-Kinney – S
Girls – M (quite a small M)
Tender Forever – S
Xiu Xiu 1 – S
Xiu Xiu 2 – S


Micachu & The Shapes – S
Flying – S


Pwrfl Power – S
The Moldy Peaches – S

If you fancy buying any of these, or have any questions then please fire an email over to ROMANCEISBORING@GMAIL.COM, with the title “T-SHIRT SALE NUMBER TWO”. We can then arrange payment (via paypal).
If there are any pals of mine who I should have offered these to first, then holla.
Thanks for reading, guys.
If you are a band or label and object to me doing this with a product of yours, then I am very sorry. Please get in touch and I’ll remove it immediately/send you the money I made from selling the t-shirt.


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boo uk only

Comment by Garrett

With all these t-shirts of yours going out, do you ever worry someone is going to clone you from the DNA left behind on them?

Comment by ciaran

Aw, I was jonesing for that Tender Forever shirt too. What if us yanks paid extra for postage :D?

Comment by Laura

Oh, how I wish I was thin enough for that Blood Brothers t shirt 😦

Comment by Kevin

Viva USA.

Comment by Kyle from TX

UK only 😦

Comment by Rodrigo

oh my goodness! you have a lot of t-shirts, Gareth!

Comment by Julia

: ( I want one. Wish I lived in the UK.

Comment by Madeline

i’d like that xiu xiu t-shirt but i don’t think my mother would

Comment by eden

I’d buy that xiu xiu shirt if my schools
dress code allowed it

Comment by Olive

I should have one sent to my Aunt’s house in the U.K. …

Comment by Sophie

ahaha i was like OH sweet a blood brothers shirt! and then i realised it was the same blood brother’s shirt i own.

Comment by Alex

on the subject of your t-shirts my friend… is the one you’re wearing here: a Crass t-shirt (you’re already dead)? hard to tell from youtube quality. you’re really going to impress my if it is

Comment by rich

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