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November 17, 2009, 4:08 pm
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I’m not sure if its cause I have got older or what, but I have started taking an interest in gardening.  Mine and Neil’s house has a small garden which is okay, its mainly concrete.  But I have decided to take it on as a project and turn it into a nice urban area where we can relax when we are not on tour and hopefully if the weather is nice, have barbecues.

My aim is to have an area that has some colour with some seasonal flowers, a small area for growing vegetables and herbs and hopefully encourage wildlife into the garden.  I’ve seen some sparrows recently and it would be great if they frequented the garden more.

Heres what it looks like at the moment.

Okay, I admit I’m not going to go Titchmarsh on it’s ass, but I want to make it a nicer place.

I’ll give monthly updates and pictures so you can all see what is going on.

This months work:

  • Clear out the rubbish that has accumulated.
  • Clear out the flowerbeds of any weeds, trim back any bushes that look like they might flourish.
  • Take out the old soil and replace it with new soil.
  • Plant bulbs for the spring, probably Daffodils.

Any advice on what to plant and when would be appreciated.  I’m going to be consulting my mum a lot on this I think.



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To start I would paint the brickwork in a warm mediterrannean colour before planting some evergreen climbers aginst it, perhaps ivy or bamboo. It depends on what look you would like to achieve though.
ps make sure Neil gives you a hand!

Comment by Ged T(Mama Campesino!)

Put up Birdfeeders and a birdbath first , at the very least you will get squirrels, which I like. so as you develop it the wildlife will be visiting.

Comment by JaneinMA

It’s getting a bit late to plant, but if you’re going to try with some bulbs, I’d suggest garlic. You don’t need any special bulbs – just buy a head of garlic at the grocery store and plant each individual clove. As far as flowers go, I had the best luck with plants that are native to my area. I planted one Black Eyed Susan plant and ended up with 5 sprouting up around my yard! Lavender is easy to grow, and attracts butterflies. Chives are pretty (have little edible purple flowers) and grow easily as well. One more suggestion – if you haven’t put the new soil down yet, put a layer of newspaper, and then the soil on top. This will help fend off weeds next season. If you add mulch on top of that, even better. Good luck, keep fit, and have fun.

Comment by Julia

Yeah Julia knows her stuff. It is a bit late in the year to garden. Gardening is pretty awesome once things begin to grow but its so disappointing and unfruitful (literally) until that happens. If you can bare to wait 4 months to begin you will have a fantastic garden full of life. I’d hate to hear that you put much work into it and then watched it die over the cold winter months!

Comment by your little helper

I’m just prepping for next year.

Comment by Ollie

Plant different coloured flowers in the shape of the title of your first single from Romance is Boring and use it as a cover.

Comment by Seán

Real life Viva Pinata. Good luck.

Comment by Dylan

I like how I can guess who wrote each blog post now.

Comment by Andrew

Be careful with animals (or family in my case) …they can destroy your plants…
Indian Cress or Monks Cress is an amazing flower I use to plant and you can eat flower….some years ago I planted a large area of corn.This post made wanna back with gardening!!!

Comment by Joaquim

Give the patio a jet spray cleaning; it’ll come up much brighter.

Comment by JD

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