December 31, 2009, 3:59 pm

This was torture, I swear. Only one album per-band (so that it wasn’t just a list of Xiu Xiu/Elverum albums. That rule occasionally stretched a little (hence no TITSJ or cLOUDDEAD etc). I’d written some stuff but Rob blew that out of the water yesterday, so here we go. Expect adjustments to be made in the comments section, as and when I realise I made horrific mistakes. A Top 20:

20. Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia – Indian Ink
“Drunken strangers trying to lock their eyes onto a body that’s slowly disappearing”

19. Electrelane – The Power Out
“I loved you in the morning before the sun would come / you were the dawn to me”

18. Des Ark – Loose Lips Sink Ships
“You think I don’t know that my lover’s got a sickness that I can’t fuck him out of”

17. Les Mouches – You’re Worth More To Me Than 1,000 Christians
“Can’t find a noose, can’t find a razor, too good a swimmer”

16. Ten Grand – This Is The Way To Rule
“Don’t let them get to you first”

15. Help She Can’t Swim – Fashionista Super Dance Troupe
“Not everyone looks down on you, not half as much as I fucking do”

14. The Notwist – Neon Golden
“Leave me paralysed love, leave me hypnotised, love”

13. Mull Historical Society – Loss
“I tried to be afraid, I think that’s what you do”

12. Desaparecidos – Read Music/Speak Spanish
“Swing low satellite, hot white chariot!”

11. Tim Hecker – Harmony In Ultra Violet

10. Hymie’s Basement – Hymie’s Basement
“when you’re gone I nibble at your lip space”

9. The Aislers Set – How I Learned To Write Backwards
“If I’d never learned to love I would never have been hit by the train”

8. Gowns – Red State
“You’ve gotta look it in the eyes and say that I don’t believe, you gotta hold it under water so you see where it bleeds”

7. Black Eyes – Black Eyes
“The second you touched it it started to die inside, when you said “show me your tits” we were wishing you died”

6. Hood – Cold House
“We spit in the pond to give the fish something to pray to”

5. the Organ – Grab That Gun
“My neck hurts / ’cause I’ve been cutting moons”

4. Former Ghosts – Fleurs
“Who is going to love you like I do?”

3. The Microphones – The Glow pt. II
“And, like the moon, my chest was full because we both knew we’re just floating in space over molten rock, and we felt safe and we discovered that our skin is soft”

2. Parenthetical Girls – Safe As Houses
“Our hands, our glands are both on the rampage”

1. Xiu Xiu –Knife Play
“This is the worst vacation ever. I am going to cut open your forehead with a roofing shingle”

December 30, 2009, 6:20 pm

Oh dear, I spent way too long over this list. And I seem to have included at least 35% of all of the albums that have been released over the decade. Having said that, lists like this are what define a man’s worth and when I die, I hope that my headstone reads: “Chose Animal Collective’s Campfire Songs over Merriweather Post Pavilion”. And this I did, because I always work to THE FORMULA (2 parts obscure records by well known bands + 2 parts obscure records by obscure bands + 1 part well known records by well known bands in a desperate attempt to demonstrate how normal and likeable I am). So please like me, I’m so thoroughly cool and good at lists.

Akron/Family- Akron/Family

A wonderful, vital, pulsating album. Try to imagine a white horse galloping up a waterfall. No, that’s not a horse, that’s a unicorn. And why have you taken your trousers off?

Jim O’Rourke- Insignificance

That Jim O’Rourke as a solo artist has been so illusive since this record makes it seem all the more like a precious gift that he casually deigned to fart out for the rest of us one lazy, vacant Sunday whilst washing his car. His vocal is reserved and quiet, as if, reclined in his leatherette office chair, he is comfortably operating within the bounds of his own brilliance. This is no rushed job, however; the arrangements and the production, even the lyrics are all absolutely sublime. Son of a bitch.

Ben and Bruno- 100 Grim Reapers

Ben and Bruno is the beautiful, unsung project of Peter J Brant a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I first heard this when staying at the house of a wonderful lady called Bernie with the Seattle band Tiny Vipers after a gig. Bernie made a phenomenal vegan curry, got us some beer and put 100 Grim Reapers on. It was one of the most ethereal experiences of my life. And then I fell asleep and had a disturbing dream about accidentally pulling all the fur off Bernie’s cat and having to explain it. It wasn’t my fault, by the way, it was all just Velcroed on in the first place.

Joni Mitchell- Travelogue

This is a collection of orchestral re-recordings of songs from throughout Mitchell’s career, but rather than stumbling into re-hashed irrelevance, this record offers up something all the more poignant within the re-workings. By this point a large proportion of her vocal agility has been ravaged by age and a smoking habit that she has cultivated since her early teens, but perhaps as a consequence her phrasing and gravitas are heightened. Amelia, the soaring paean to the lost pilot Amelia Earhart suddenly transforms into a crippling summation of her emotional shortcomings from the loftier heights of old age; “maybe I’ve spent my hole life,” she sings, “in clouds at icy altitudes”.

Smog- Dongs Of Sevotion

Dongs of Sevotion probably lacks the cohesion of A River Ain’t Too Much To Love, but is an absolute tour de force of intense, minimal songcraft. Dress Sexy At My Funeral alone is a work of beguiling emotional complexity, dragging the listener in with a jangly tune and that old, detached Callahan wit before leaving them battered on the curb, mascara streaming.

Sufjan Stevens- Seven Swans

I once subjected Sufjan Stevens to a really terrible interview for my student newspaper, in which, before slipping him my demo, I remarked that Seven Swans was my favourite of his records. He seemed a little bit embarrassed and unwilling to talk about it- possibly because of the deeply personal nature of record’s religious subject matter- possibly because he was bored and hungry and overheard me drunkenly critiquing his satchel. Seven Swans appears at face value not to be as ambitious as his other studio records, but the intimate, pithy production of Daniel Smith emphasises Sufjan’s exceptional talent as a singer-songwriter in the classic mould. And for the record, I now own a satchel.

Microphones- The Glow pt 2

It’s tricky to isolate one Phil Elvrum record, he has been one of the few genuine musical auteurs of this decade, but this just shades it in my opinion. There are few more glorious sounds in life than the moment in the title track when doubled-up acoustic guitars surface with the line “I took my shirt off… in the yard”.

Papa M- Whatever, Mortal

This is a beautiful, mumbling, damaged folky record in the Louisville tradition, from just before that big alt-folk explosion that left everything covered in tattered cheesecloth and broken old bits of crumhorn for a few years.

Deerhoof- Apple O’

Well, it could’ve been any single one of their records, but possibly on the strength of Apple Bomb alone this album has made the cut.

Danielson Famile- Fetch The Compass Kids

I so desperately wanted to be in Danielson Famile. In fact I was once tentatively offered a support slot with them only to be bumped off the bill by some band called Los Campesinos!. It’s hard to imagine this record being made today, although Danielson have always been a law unto themselves and this is a joyful, unhinged masterpiece.

Joanna Newsom- Milk Eyed Mender

Seeing as Aleks chose Ys, I’ll go for Milk Eyed Mender. It’s easy to forget that when Milk Eyed Mender first emerged it was largely critically derided in the UK as kooky nu-folk hipster rubbish, but luckily in this instance the cream eventually rose to the top and still tastes as fresh as it did in 2004. What a neat little metaphor.

Lambchop- Nixon

As you may remember, 9/11 profoundly influenced everything that bobbed in its hellish wake, but it’s easy to forget that the world before it wasn’t exactly some sort of Dario G-esque utopian dreamscape. This record dates from 2000 and tackles the familiar theme of darkness and corruption lurking beneath the placid surface of American society. The arrangements are as rich as a Norman Rockwell painting, the lyrics wry and melancholic as a Hopper.

Brian Wilson- Smile

As anyone who has heard the original Smile recordings will attest, this record sounds like Jayne MacDonald and her cruise ship choir taking on Arvo Part’s yet to be discovered Ulysses, The Musical!. It lacks any of the intensity, spontaneity and sprawling mess of the original tapes, yet standing alone this is still a phenomenal, historic record.

Grizzly bear- Veckatimest

Sir Alex Ferguson always used to muse that if he only had “a team full of Roy Keanes” he would win every game until the end of time. In reality this concept is flawed: whilst steely in midfield, this would be a team hopelessly short on pace, finishing, a decent ‘keeper and at any one time depleted by 90% due to suspensions.

Grizzly Bear conform as near to this model as any band can get, but rather than turning out a choir of tone-deaf bawling Irish midfield generals, they are four angel-voiced Ed Droste-alikes. Actually, come to think of it, Grizzly Bear are more like really good team full of fabulously talented players -like Newcastle, perhaps- but that wouldn’t have given me the chance to take a drunken swing at Ol’ Roy.

Animal Collective- Campfire Songs

Campfire Songs was recorded in one take on a porch in Maryland using 3 minidisc players with tiny Sony electret mics. The natural ambient sounds of wind and twigs cracking, coupled with the strongly impulsive nature of the performances lend this record a strong documentary feel. The record’s slow intimacy makes this feel more Mt Eerie than Merriweather, but in truth I haven’t heard anything else that really sounds like it.

Why?- Elephant Eyelash

As douchie as it will doubtless sound, I don’t think there could have been a more 00sie record than this. Broken bits of meandering, almost Tarantino-esque dialogue mixed with dazzling airtight couplets assembled with NASA precision, set to… OK I’m going to stop before I completely suck the lifeblood out of this album and all music for all eternity. Thnx.

Magnetic fields- 69 Love Songs

If Stephin Merritt weren’t such a contrarian, he’d be the Burt Bacharach of this century. Whilst Stephin too probably spends the vast majority of his time flashing toothy pianoside grins with a white towel draped around his shoulders, luckily he also possesses the kind of obscene lyrical wit that would make old Burt keel over backwards into the first chair trombone of the Tijuana Brass. 69 Love Songs sneaks into this list on the technicality that it wasn’t available in the UK until 2000, and ten years on it is as much a joy as it was then. A truly remarkable and audacious record.

Steve Reich- Daniel Variations

I’m just getting into what “they” seem to have dubbed “contemporary classical” but this was mind blowing. Steve Reich’s influence on indie music has been palpable (see: Sufjan), but equally indie music must have made something of an impression on Reich. Anyway, this is a choral and orchestral masterpiece.

Beach House- Beach House

Really cool record, but you know that already.

Joan Of Arc- Boo! Human

Probably the ultimate break-up album. I’m hazy on the details, but I’m led to believe that Tim Kinsella (formerly of Charlton Athletic) broke up with his wife and then wrote songs with titles like 9/11 2 and A Tell Tale Penis. It’s kind of like being a tourist in another’s personal living hell, but then so is a trip to Chester Zoo and that’s pretty popular.

December 30, 2009, 5:58 pm

Hello, Kim here.

I’m a woman of few words so i’ll let this list speak for themselves, also i’m worried i’ll slip into musicgraduateanalysismode.

These are my top ten albums of my decade…

Joint 10. Her Space Holiday
The Young Machines (2003)

Joint 10.Tender Forever
The Soft And The Hardcore (2005)

9. Life Without Buildings
Any Other City (2001)

8. Final Fantasy
Has a Good Home (2005)

7. Casiotone for the painfully alone
Twinkle Echo (2003)

6. Le Tigre
This Island (2004)

5. Xiu xiu
Women as Lovers (2008)

4. Help she can’t swim
Fashionista Super Dance Troupe (2004)

3. Why?
Elephant Eye Lash (2005)

2. Mika miko
C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. (2006)

1. Sleater-kinney
One Beat (2002)


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This one goes out to Father Christmas…

Rulez Britannia by Ellen
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This is a little video about our UK tour earlier this year, showcasing the first part of the experience complete with SWN festival footage, a guide to making the fabled Scottish beverage of choice “The Jaeger Bomb” and a trip to Manchester United. Enjoy my lovelies!

Ellen x

On The Leak Of ‘Romance Is Boring’. by Gareth
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To pre-order the album:


If anybody knows of a better deal. Please let me know.

December 23, 2009, 1:25 pm

Hello there.  What follows is my predictable list of mostly white people playing guitars that I’ve enjoyed this decade cut and pasted directly from Pitchfork.  I know it’s a cop-out, but it felt wrong leaving out so many significant albums, so I left it as a Top 30.  It’s still bothering me how many other good records could go in the list too.  But I did spend ages on it, I promise.  Taking a photo on Photobooth took nearly as long as well.  Who knew it was so easy to make yourself look like a paedophile?  I tried out a variety of poses, but settled for the burglar-doing-a-poo look, which I think I pull off rather well, thank you very much.  Oh, and I tried to compile a Spotify playlist to go alongside my list, but half the albums weren’t on there, so you’ll just have to fill in the blanks yourself or take my word for it and go and buy them… Enjoy.

Best of Decade

Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Life Without Buildings:  Any Other City
Mogwai: Rock action
Califone: Quicksand/ Cradlesnakes
Sun Kil Moon: Tiny Cities
Jim O’Rourke: Insignificance
Low: Things We Lost in the Fire
The Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs
Yo La Tengo: And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out
Grandaddy: The Sophtware Slump
Deerhoof: Milkman
Modest Mouse: The Moon and Antarctica
LCD Soundsystem: Sound of Silver
Why?: Elephant Eyelash
The Mountain Goats: Tallahassee
Super Furry Animals: Songbook (Yes, I know…)
Sufjan Stevens: Illinois
Radiohead: Kid A
Bloc Party: Silent Alarm
Microphones: The Glow Pt.2
Joanna Newsom: Ys
Smog: A River Ain’t Too Much to Love
Cat Power: You Are Free
Animal Collective: Feels
The National: Boxer
Arcade fire: Funeral
Fiery Furnaces: Gallowsbird’s Bark
Jens Lekman: Oh You’re So Silent Jens
Wolf parade: Apologies to the Queen Mary
Broken Social Scene: You Forgot It In People

December 22, 2009, 6:25 pm

These are some of my favourite records from the decade. I don’t want to say that they are “My Top Ten Records Of The Decade” because I’m not sure what that list would look like. They are in some kind of loose order. I had a top 20 but it just seemed like a bit of a cop-out. If anyone wants to see the other 10 records I can post them on here.

Saetia – A Retrospective – 2001
Hot Snakes – Suicide Invoice – 2002
My Latest Novel – Wolves – 2006
Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American – 2001
No Age – Nouns – 2008
Arcade Fire – Funeral – 2004
Grandaddy – The Sophtware Slump – 2000
Blink 182- The Tom, Mark and Travis Show  (The Enema Strikes Back) – 2000
Meneguar – I Was Born At Night – 2005
Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot – 2002

December 21, 2009, 10:06 am

Apologies for how rubbish I am at writing about music. Basically, these albums are the absolute shiz…

Misery is a Butterfly: Blonde Redhead
I first came across this album when I was doing a bit of background research on our producer John Goodmanson (ha). I love albums that take you on a journey and seem to sustain the thread of a story throughout. I feel like this record completely transports you into another realm, there’s something really magical about the string arrangements and the breathy, almost desperate tone of the vocals.

The Blow: Paper Television
I’ll never forget seeing Khaela Maricich perform songs from this album at 1 in the morning during a club night on a Saturday night in Nottingham. There must have been about 20 people watching, with everyone else around acting like idiots and failing to realise they were missing out on a really special moment. I swear she sang “True Affection” to me…

Dirty Projectors: Bitte Orca
“When the child was just a child, it did not know what it was…” If Solange Knowles can see how genius this album is, it must be true.

Life Without Buildings: Any Other City
One of the most disappointing moments of the last decade was falling in love with this album and then having Gareth tell me I’d never get to see them live because they’d broken up.

Joanna Newsom: Ys
It took me quite a while to decide which album of Miss Newsom’s to feature on this list. In the end Ys won out because I think as a complete album it’s perfectly put together. I listen to it uninterrupted from beginning to end and never find myself tempted to skip a track. It’s just a beautifully crafted musical experience.

Electrelane: No Shouts, No Calls
According to iTunes “The Greater Times’ and ‘To The East’ are part of my top 25 most played and I think it’s consistently been that way since I first became aware of this album (‘Cut and Run’ probably also features when I’m going through those periods of wallowing in self pity).

Animal Collective: Feels
Wikipedia tells me they describe this as their “love record”. There are also some handy eloquent descriptions of the technical innovation and specific tunings that were used during recording…  All I know is that this was one of the first things I bought on vinyl because I couldn’t think of anything  I’d rather do with my time than listen to ‘Did You See The Words’, ‘Grass’ and ‘The Purple Bottle’ on record.

Fiery Furnaces: Gallowsbird’s Bark
My first experience of the Fiery Furnaces was watching them support Franz Ferdinand at the Birmingham Academy in 2004. I immediately developed a big girl crush on Eleanor Friedberger, bought the album the very next day (because in those days people still bought CDs) and listened to it on repeat for the next couple of months. The fact that I can still listen to and love it is testament to how amazing it is. I can’t really remember what I thought of Franz Ferdinand…

These are also really very very very good:

Arcade Fire: Funeral
The Books: The Lemon of Pink
Electrelane: The Power Out
Gang Gang Dance: Saint Dymphna
Joanna Newsom: Milk-Eyed Mender
Sufjan Stevens: Seven Swans
White Stripes: White Blood Cells
Why?: Elephant Eyelash
Wolf Parade: Apologies to the Queen Mary
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Fever To Tell

Merry Christmas kids x

December 19, 2009, 2:04 pm

“Misty Water Coloured Memories”

My Favourite Albums of The Last Decade with Thoughtful Memories Attached to Explain their Significance in my Life

The Distillers –Coral Fang

The last album Brody and Co released before they decided they didn’t like each other any more, and this pop punk gem reminds me of getting the side of my lip pierced so I could look more like Mrs Dalle when I was 18…. therefore this also reminds me of using popular culture to formulate my attire. Not that I do that anymore.

Alkaline Trio – Good Mourning

I listened to this album obsessively on a family holiday to Gran Canarias because otherwise I would have had to make conversation with my family. I also thought Matt Skiba was the be all and end all of men (I was 16ish) Now look at him. He hasnt aged well.

The Dresden Dolls – Yes, Virginia

The second album from the Boston pair, which featured the amazing “Mandy Goes to Med School” and “Backstabber” (One of my favourite music videos, along with Amanda Palmers karaoke videos of Avril Lavigne songs. Youtube it. It’s gold.) Because I was part of The Dolls mailing list I got to pretend to be a “living statue” at their concert at the Astoria, I held up some fan art and didn’t move for a bit before the gig. I also had to clear a space (with other fan list people) for this interpretive dance group who performed a LONG “piece” wearing latex suits and gas masks whilst having a sponsored epileptic fit to some white noise. It was the worst thing I had ever seen.

Brand New – Deja Entendu

Just after this record came out I won a competition to meet them after they did an in store in London and I couldn’t find anyone to go with me but I had a “plus 1” so asked a random girl waiting around outside with a Brand New t shirt on. I think she may have cried. I was told by the lead singer that I had shakey hands when I tried to take pictures of him, but that’s because he made me nervous.

Bright Eyes – Fevers and Mirrors

I think I use to listen to this and cry about all the boys who said they would text me back and never did. This definitely coincided with that time I had a livejournal.

A Perfect Circle – Mer De Noms

James Maynard Keenan has a voice which use to excite me sexually. I put this on the classroom stereo during my art foundation course many years back and I was immediately ridiculed for my music taste and thus begun a cycle of self loathing and using headphones.

Venetian Snares – Rossz Csillag Alatt Született

I danced to this at a play in Edinburgh. There was a mandatory audience participation bit and we had to wear Venetian masks and do vodka shots whilst “raving”. It was horrible and it went on for ten fucking minutes, and I spend the entire time being very aware of my arms.

Jimmy Eat World – Bleed America

I was talking about this album the other day to a friend and immediately began to sing a medley of all the songs from it, remembering the times when I use to dance to “The Middle” and think that song was “all about me” and my untapped potential. I actually when to a “punk and emo” night in Bristol the other week and had a little dance to it, except I was six years older and it was just a bit sad/liberating.

My Ruin – Speak and Destroy

This sound tracked my first year of university; I was fat with long black hair and so was the singer therefore we had a kinship.

Reuben – In Nothing We Trust

I listened to this album obsessively when we were recording “Hold On Now Youngster,” and I still stand by my decision it was the best one they made before they split up because they had no money.

Biffy Clyro – Blackened Sky

Blackened Sky was their debut album, and I went to see them play at the Fleece and Firkin when they were still puffy and ungroomed and unknown and you know….making good music. WHY BIFFY WHY!