December 10, 2009, 1:51 am
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It appears to be that time of year again where the NME Awards come rolling round. Now, I’m a realistic man. I’m aware that we’re not the sort of band that generally stands a chance of winning (or even deserves to win) awards. I’m not going to ask you to waste your time voting us as “Band Of The Year” or me as “Sexiest Male” (although…), but as I look down the list there’s one category that takes my fancy.


Name me another band who has documented its eating habits across a North American tour. Meticulously writing food reviews every day. FOR US AND FOR YOU!!

Name me another band that sells its second hand clothes on their blog. FOR US AND FOR YOU!!

Name me another band that has run a competition as engrossing as the Record Pox Project this year. FOR US AND FOR YOU!!

Name me another band that tries as hard to keep in touch with anyone who wants to keep in touch, as frequently and carefully as we do.

Every piece of news that we announce as a band is announced on this blog first. Before any press release or any nonsense like that, because we want YOU to see it, before somebody who works at the news desk of a webzine does. The only people who have access to this blog are us. No management or record label or PR person has a password to get into it.

I’m really proud of what we’ve created with this blog and some idiot part of me thinks “maybe this is a category we could actually make a splash in”. So, if you think our blog is worth it, please vote for us in this category. As a music fan, I think a lot of bands don’t make the effort they should with things like this. The effort to keep in touch with the people that actually let them do what it is they love doing. If we did anything in this poll, I reckon it’d be a victory for us AND for you.


You can vote for all the categories, or just for “Best Band Blog” ( if you don’t have any other preferences. You don’t need to submit any contact information or anything like that.

Thanks guys, you’re the best.

ps. If there are any band blogs you think are better, let me know and I’ll up my game.

pps. When I tried to get you to help me win PETA’s Sexiest Vegan of the Year Award, you let me down. Don’t break my heart again guys.


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Right On!

Comment by TheMattfish

Done. and done again.

Comment by Shannon

If you accept my darned Xbox Live request I might consider it. Afterall, you gave it me πŸ˜‰

Comment by Laika

Laika – will do dude. But I’m not accepting anyone I don’t know until I’m decent at MW2. I’ve too much pride for that. We’ve got some time off now so I will be playing LOADS and getting AWESOME and beating YOU.

Comment by Gareth

You got it Gareth.

C’mon guys, if any other blog wins it will be a travesty!

KUTGW LC! A win is duly deserved. xx

Comment by Adam

this is indeed the best band blog that i read. will vote immediately!

Comment by John

I’m totally down for Modern Warfare 2 when you stop sucking, that’d be fun

Comment by Nick

If we get enough votes to win and attend the ceremony i personally promise to a get wasted with Jack Penate and Kelly Osbourne and fall over on a dance floor and eat loads of vol e vants and dance to “sisters are doing it for themselves” and cry in the toilets because one of The Mighty Boosh spilt their beer on my new primark dress, VOTE VOTE VOTE.
(Thats not even sarcastic, I have never been to an awards party, apart from the Gairr Rhydd media awards, and this might be better)

Comment by Ellen

This blog wins strictly for the autograph-my-glockenspiel-key story alone.

Comment by Bob Caygeon

I do think that your blog is the best, but I like how the contributors to Xiu Xiu’s will post art or news once in a while.

Comment by Michael

this is yours, i know it

Comment by FEDE

I guess this is your cue to make the blog even better by posting more prolifically in yer free time between MW2 rounds!

Comment by Trung

Of course, I’d voted even before I posted that. πŸ˜‰ That’d be sweet, but exactly how long is not-sucking thing going to take? Haha. I know you’ve got MW2 to contend with, but I’d almost definitely recommend obtaining Left 4 Dead 2, especially if you’re a zombie-freak.

Comment by Laika

Granted I do read other blogs, but OF COURSE I’ve voted for you guys. None of the other lot ever gave me a record box.

Comment by Lois

it goes wikipedia, this blog, naked people — then the rest of the internet is just fat and gristle.

Comment by Eric

(Thanks for that blog,and the Nosferatu D2 discovery!)
Ellen, if you do go to the ceremony, videocumentary please? πŸ˜‰



Comment by Veee

you didn’t even need to post that for me to do it

Comment by James Walker

vote is done! If you dont manage to get a nomination it makes the internet a worthless tool. plus it would make the awards worth watching to try and catch a glimpse of the band sitting at whatever shoddy table they’ve been allocated.

Comment by Andy

I voted you guys for basically everything that fit, best of luck! I hope Ellen gets her way. πŸ™‚

Comment by Pats

consider it done, best band blog i know of, and your efforts are greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

Comment by Laura


Comment by Ian

your blog is all that and more.

yes voted. and don’t worry about those other band’s blogs; just let your blog cum naturally πŸ˜‰
IMHO, if i wasn’t having fun photography or blogging i wouldn’t be doing it.

speaking of pics mr. modest, your blog does have a nice little picture of you guys with your fellow countrywomen M.I.A. back in the days.

ha, i remember the sexiest vegan. hopefully there won’t be any sharpening of carrots this time around.

Comment by tps

Voted. You guys sure are good at this blogging business. But Gareth and Ellen watch out for Tegan and Sara, they are amazing bloggers and in fact is this competition open to Canadians I dunno. Anyway LC! to win and I look forward to reading the reviews in all the gossip collumns about that crazy Ellen Campesinos and her new best friend Kelly Osbourne πŸ™‚

Comment by Anna

My duty is done.

Comment by Mercer Finn

“If you misspell your nomination it may not be counted.”

Oh you guys are so screwed.

Comment by Glen

I’m assuming the robots analyzing the survey results will be able to link Los Campesinos! and, right? I wasn’t sure which one to put down. I feel you should have this category in the bag!

Comment by Julia

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