New Caprica Trailer by Ellen
December 13, 2009, 2:32 am
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This is the new trailer for the upcoming BSG cash cow prequel  “Caprica,” which will be showing on the newly named “SyFy” channel ( did this channel really need the sexy phonetic makeover?)

Analysis of the trailer informs me its a mix between Gossip Girl and Frankenstein BUT WITH ROBOTS…. and James Marsters (1.01 for those who want to skip straight to the good part)

This trailer does not exactly fill me with a sense of awe or arousal, in fact it looks rather preditable, boring and the use of the term “frak” didnt even give me that sense of homeliness it once did. Plus I am not the first to comment on the lack of big arse spaceships. I assume the guys decide to bring their daughters back from the dead as cylons but one is the “evil” one and one is the “good” one and there is some kind of unease and misunderstanding and a shady government official gets involved and someone dies.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Ellen x


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This needs to fast forward to the first cylon war. And it definitely needs to answer how sentinent centurion zoe fits with the final five and humanoid models but seeing as how Caprica’s dramadramadrama has to get played out from what I saw from the trailer, this won’t happen til at least next season. I’ve got a feeling the 1st season could very well tank before getting to the good bits like Col. Tigh in a viper. What did you think of the pilot?

Comment by Clem

Wow. I think it was mostly the music that kind of threw me for a loop. If it had been different, I wouldn’t be so confused. So is it supposed to be a teen drama, or a show about life, and death, and war and all that good stuff? I love BSG, and from this it seems like a way to use the BSG franchise to appeal to a different audience.

Comment by DianaS

Rickety Cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Harry Watko

theres a pilot? WHERE

Comment by Ellen

It’s been on dvd for a while (in Canada and the US, but I thought in the UK too). Should be able to find it somewhere online!

Comment by Alex

I must tread carefully, but I am 3/4 of my way through season 2 right now and am so bloody addicted. Every episode feels far more depressing than the Wire and the Sopranos as well, so much doom and gloom!

Comment by Jay

season 2? I am completely out of the loop, i thought it had not even started yet in America? Are u some kind of time traveler Jay or is this the imaginary episodes you make up in your head on those rainy thursday nights

Comment by Ellen

The pilot was a 2 hour long episode/movie thing like Razor and released on DVD. Came out last spring I think? Regardless, it’s still gonna be aired as the premier next month.

Comment by Clem

Hmm. I watched the pilot and it was a long time ago and I need to watch it again because I don’t remember what happened other than it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be and involved a nightclub with lots of sex. And frankly after watching the final of BSG none of it really made sense/had any context in the ‘history’ if the history is what is explained at the end of BSG. Right?! There was a whole thing. I need to watch it again. Mostly I found the whole concept of Daddy Adama ever being a child unfathomable. Still, as there is no BSG left to keep me entertained [I am currently on the Epic Rewatch up to the final series its so awesome every time you watch it but I wish I could go back to having never seen it so I can watch it again for the first time and have my mind blown apart like that] Caprica will suffice.

Am I alone in thinking Caprica would be a fucking awesome name? Possibly for a cat.

Also is there anything James Masters ISN’T in these days!?

And … there is no Starbuck so really it will be a bit crap won’t it. Like those annoying filler episodes where nothing happens and Starbuck isn’t even in it getting drunk and falling off tables. Ah. the good old days.

Comment by Dianne

True, my favourite part was when she got drunk, fell off a table AND called Gator a gimp…i can’t find the Caprica trailer on the interweb 😦 so I mostly watch this on repeat

Comment by Ellen

The Caprica pilot is only available on Region 1 DVD – and probably be nefarious means but as it should be on TV soon, may as well wait. From the beginning it was always touted as a planet-based drama – considering how good they are at making sci-fi, the makers just don’t seem to want to accept BSG is sci-fi! I hurt the phrase “it’s not just sci-fi” as if sci-fi alone cannot be good drama in its own right… anyhoo, I digress (sorry!).
I will miss the spaceships. Everything seems better when set on a spaceship (or space-station with ships). That being said though, the best sc-fi I’ve seen this year was Dollhouse and not a spaceship in sight! So, if done thoughtfully and intelligently (the BSG guys so it should be!) it should make good viewing…
As for the that trailer though – it doesn’t fill me with awe or excitement either but I think that is mainly due to the awful voice-over! Why do American TV trailers do that! It would be better to let the drama speak for itself!

Finally – yay for James Marsters being in it! He might be in everything but that’s fine by me – he’s usually given interesting characters. I also look forward to meeting him at the SFX weekender next Feb. I hope I get to see the Caprica trailer before this so I can think of something relevant to say rather than just grin ridiciously at him (fangirl freeze!).

Comment by Gem

The voice over is incredibly disconcerting…. but i shall give it a go when it is out here in 2000 and NEVER.
I think i will be pleasently suprised.
Who else is at SFX weekender Gem? Have you heard any the Marsters musical project, because I remember he played at The Point (a venue) in cardiff in second year of my uni life, and i couldnt go….although I did listen online before hand and it was really really awful, but that really wasnt the point.
I am sorry but i have to disagree about Dollhouse, it did not ignite the loins of passion within me, I found it fairly dull and full of uncharismatic characters apart from the wonderful Amy Acker/Fred (Angel is where it is completely at, so underrated, so wonderful), plus it never seemed to get to any kind of point as it where…. There were a few pay offs such as the end of the first series, but it still digressed to stand alone episodes without a interesting mythology really pulling it through…. and I love the Whedon so i say this with a heavy heart. On a non sci fi note, i recently started watching Californication, and although Hank is the ultimate in chauvinistic men with a “heart” it has some of the best lines in television….

Comment by Ellen

The Caprica pilot really impressed me, I went in with no expectations, and loved how you could see the seeds that lead into BSG. I agree they should fast forward throughout the show or else it’ll get boring real fast. I do think it’ll be better than most “prime time” show.

Yes Ellen, ANGEL is the shit!

Comment by Sergio

The Caprica pilot I found really uninteresting and filled with melodrama, I may continue watching if folks say it gets better but I didn’t really see anything to latch onto.

As for Dollhouse, I kind have jumped fully on board with this one now. Even though it’s been a slow and sometimes frustrating process. The first Season is a real mixed bag, the first 5 episodes alone fall into the “wow, this is pretty horrible category” but Episode 6 I really enjoyed and felt it continues to progress near the season’s end. I especially loved Epitaph One the finale that Fox decided not to air, I did actually find myself liking some of these characters more though. Although I am a bit of a Felicia Day fanboy so that might be part of the reason. Season 2 like Season 1 didn’t have the best first episodes but unlike Season 1 it didn’t take forever, ever since about Episode 3 it has been consistently fantastic and as the show is starting to come to a close it’s hitting on Battlestar level for me.

Californication is a show I’m still not really sure how I feel about. I liked Season 1 and liked Hank even if he as you correctly called it the ultimate chauvinist. I was really really let down with Season 2 though, I found that too often it fell into crude sexual sitatuions or that the sharp clever exchanges would dull emotional moments. I stopped watching after that but people who keep watching have told me that Season 3 is alot stronger than the first two, so maybe I’ll jump back on board, I don’t know.

Comment by Nick

is this the trailer you were looking for?

Also max as batman is hilarious!

remember series 1 of buffy when angel was hot? I always totally forget and then when I watch it i’m all whoa now where did half of you go.

Comment by Di

Apologies Ellen… I’m only just getting back to you on your question – I blame Xmas! 😉
Re: SFX Weekender (, there was John Barrowman but he has now pulled out. There is Gareth Lloyd Davies and Tom Baker, some authors and some other sci-fi related people. Not the best line up for a convention I’ve seen to be honest. We signed up early because my friend is in love with The Barrowman and a huge Dr Who fan. I was hoping for some more actors from other non-Who related shows too but no one good yet and it’s looking increasingly unlikely. Nevermind though – it is set at a holiday camp and my friend and I had booked VIP tickets which gives us access to the VIP bar. She’s making me dress up… I’ll need that access! Should be a good laugh regardless. I mean there is James Marsters…

As for his music project. We almost went to a gig of his when he played at Union Chapel (so want to go to a gig there!) but I couldn’t get the time off work so nope, don’t know what his music is like to be honest!

Shame you didn’t like Dollhouse. Although I agree about most of the characters, I loved the way it questioned the very nature of identity and personality. I also loved how grey the morality was, allowing you to think through the questions it posed without pointing you in one direction or another. Amy Acker’s character is the best though – she gets some good material early on in season 2 as well.

I replied so late I’m not sure you’ll read this but if you do – hope you’d have a great Xmas and have a great new year too 🙂

Comment by Gem

Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving the show, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Comment by Monty Ebesugawa

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