December 19, 2009, 2:04 pm

“Misty Water Coloured Memories”

My Favourite Albums of The Last Decade with Thoughtful Memories Attached to Explain their Significance in my Life

The Distillers –Coral Fang

The last album Brody and Co released before they decided they didn’t like each other any more, and this pop punk gem reminds me of getting the side of my lip pierced so I could look more like Mrs Dalle when I was 18…. therefore this also reminds me of using popular culture to formulate my attire. Not that I do that anymore.

Alkaline Trio – Good Mourning

I listened to this album obsessively on a family holiday to Gran Canarias because otherwise I would have had to make conversation with my family. I also thought Matt Skiba was the be all and end all of men (I was 16ish) Now look at him. He hasnt aged well.

The Dresden Dolls – Yes, Virginia

The second album from the Boston pair, which featured the amazing “Mandy Goes to Med School” and “Backstabber” (One of my favourite music videos, along with Amanda Palmers karaoke videos of Avril Lavigne songs. Youtube it. It’s gold.) Because I was part of The Dolls mailing list I got to pretend to be a “living statue” at their concert at the Astoria, I held up some fan art and didn’t move for a bit before the gig. I also had to clear a space (with other fan list people) for this interpretive dance group who performed a LONG “piece” wearing latex suits and gas masks whilst having a sponsored epileptic fit to some white noise. It was the worst thing I had ever seen.

Brand New – Deja Entendu

Just after this record came out I won a competition to meet them after they did an in store in London and I couldn’t find anyone to go with me but I had a “plus 1” so asked a random girl waiting around outside with a Brand New t shirt on. I think she may have cried. I was told by the lead singer that I had shakey hands when I tried to take pictures of him, but that’s because he made me nervous.

Bright Eyes – Fevers and Mirrors

I think I use to listen to this and cry about all the boys who said they would text me back and never did. This definitely coincided with that time I had a livejournal.

A Perfect Circle – Mer De Noms

James Maynard Keenan has a voice which use to excite me sexually. I put this on the classroom stereo during my art foundation course many years back and I was immediately ridiculed for my music taste and thus begun a cycle of self loathing and using headphones.

Venetian Snares – Rossz Csillag Alatt Született

I danced to this at a play in Edinburgh. There was a mandatory audience participation bit and we had to wear Venetian masks and do vodka shots whilst “raving”. It was horrible and it went on for ten fucking minutes, and I spend the entire time being very aware of my arms.

Jimmy Eat World – Bleed America

I was talking about this album the other day to a friend and immediately began to sing a medley of all the songs from it, remembering the times when I use to dance to “The Middle” and think that song was “all about me” and my untapped potential. I actually when to a “punk and emo” night in Bristol the other week and had a little dance to it, except I was six years older and it was just a bit sad/liberating.

My Ruin – Speak and Destroy

This sound tracked my first year of university; I was fat with long black hair and so was the singer therefore we had a kinship.

Reuben – In Nothing We Trust

I listened to this album obsessively when we were recording “Hold On Now Youngster,” and I still stand by my decision it was the best one they made before they split up because they had no money.

Biffy Clyro – Blackened Sky

Blackened Sky was their debut album, and I went to see them play at the Fleece and Firkin when they were still puffy and ungroomed and unknown and you know….making good music. WHY BIFFY WHY!


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i only actually like 2 of these records (distillers r teh greatest) but omg, so want to give you a hug for the blurbs.

Comment by Samuel

I don’t cry a lot or rely on texts from boys or have a livejournal but Fevers and Mirrors is one of my favourites ever. Déjà Entendu is great too.

Comment by Alex

My livejournal days consisted mainly of Bright Eyes, and certain emo bands that are just too embarassing to name. I miss those days, sort of.
Conor Oberst is still amazing though.

And YES to Yes, Virginia and Bleed America. Great records.

Comment by Allie

I’m so glad you put Deja Entendu on the list. There is not enough people who like them and still appreciate “indie rock.”
nice list Ellen!

Comment by Eliot

ellen, i think we sould be best friends

Comment by andrea

This actually looks alot like a list of albums I listened to back in High School and my first year of college. A couple of these I haven’t heard in years, others I pop in from time to time. Good list, sentimental favorites.

Comment by Nick

Totally small world – I was at the same meet and greet with Brand New. My then-girlfriend and I met them in that Virgin Megastore – I think it was the day Happiness in Magazines came out too.

Comment by mrsheret

Ellen, I think we’re soul mates. Good Mourning is still one of my personal favorites and always my go to ALK3 album. Deja Entendu is an instant classic and I’ll never get sick of it. I was patiently waiting for text messages and listening to Fevers and Mirrors, too. However, I think it just made listening to it better. Very nice.

P.S. And yes, why isn’t Matt Skiba aging appropriately?!


Goddamnit, I was totally expecting to never have to listen to ‘The Middle’ again and then I read this.

Comment by Luke

Ellen, you have validated me and my previous musical tastes. Thankyouthankyouthankyou

Comment by Hannahsaurus Rex

I’m felling like an idiot….
(I don’t know most of these bands..)

Comment by Joaquim

Absolutely no argument for JImmy Eat World, Brand New, Alkaline Trio, APC or the first Biffy Clyro album. Those were good times for us.

I prefer ‘from here to the infirmary’ though 😉

Comment by Audio Antihero

Do you have any photographic evidence of your ‘living statue’ experience at the Dresden Dolls show? Please share if you do!

Comment by Jordan

Grinning the whole time I read this. You took the thoughts right out of my head for a few of them.

Comment by wordcore

‘I think I use to listen to this and cry about all the boys who said they would text me back and never did. This definitely coincided with that time I had a livejournal.’

Genius. I had a moment recently where I tried to listen to this album and realised this exact statement. Have you seen Conor recently? Wrong.

Comment by Di

it’s Ellen! really interesting commentary. (ex. dresden dolls, brand new etc)
hahaha “cry about all the boys…” funny stuff. wait, maybe i shouldn’t be laughing about this.

Comment by tps

Did you grow out of Bright Eyes or are you sticking with his new “mystic valley” and “monsters of folk” projects? Cool list, it’s a pretty big contrast to Gareth and Olly.

Comment by Simon

Mrsheret, thats so bizarre! Were you at the backstage meet and greet thing which was really awkward, or did u bump into them after? Jordan I do have a picture, but i dont know how to post it in a comment from my desktop, coz im a muppet? I was actually a bit embarassed about posting this list of stuff, because my music taste has mostly (and understandably) always been made fun of quite a lot in my life, so over the last ten years its been something i have sometimes been shy about sharing, but im too old and senile now to pretend im not a massive loser, and i relish in it.

Comment by Ellen

I went to a club night a couple of weeks ago that played stuff like Jimmy Eat World and through the alcohol-induced fog I remember screaming along to The Middle in absolute glee. In fact I once went to a Jimmy Eat World meet and greet, it was awesome.

Comment by Lois

Some great records here Ellen. Your comments made me go “aww” a few times. My music taste was also the subject of ridicule in middle school. Funny thing is, now they’re all listening to the shit I used to listen to back then.

Also, post the picture on imageshack or something of the sort, that should work. I think.

Comment by Tiago F

Yeah, it was the awkward pre-show we were at too… I have to see if I can find the image anywhere. I know it used to be on my old lj, but I truly fear trawling that.

Comment by Matt Sheret

[…] Ellen Campesinos!’ Favourite Records of the Decade “Misty Water Coloured Memories” My Favourite Albums of The Last Decade with Thoughtful Memories Attached to […] […]

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Oh yes, Good Mourning, Deja Entendu and Bleed America are some of my favorite albums.

I’ve also really enjoyed..
– The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound
– Heavens – Patent Pending
– Lightspeed Champion – Falling Off Lavender Bridge

Comment by Hugh

“Bright Eyes – Fevers and Mirrors

I think I use to listen to this and cry about all the boys who said they would text me back and never did.”

— I could’ve written this a thousand times over, in lipstick, over an angsty-enough collage back in my livejournal days!

Comment by tinyelk


I DO like Vertigo Of Bliss and Infinity Land though so maybe I got you wrong there… but we can all agree that that new one and puzzle are just rubbish compared to what’s been before.

Comment by xVegasusx

I must say Bright Eyes…a good choice indeed

Comment by Lee B

Ah that is a truly great list.

Good mourning is easily the best trio album, whereas bright eyes just got better and better. Brand New have turned into the greatest band to emerge out of america this decade.
the middle is such a tune.
Biffy are still increds 🙂


Comment by Alex S

such a good list.

also, your reaction to meeting the lead singer of brand new was about the same as mine. i was terrified when i met him, my heart was beating so fast. it’s silly, looking back on it.

Comment by Miss M

verry good.

Comment by Emo nick

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