On The Leak Of ‘Romance Is Boring’. by Gareth
December 24, 2009, 2:20 pm
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To pre-order the album:


If anybody knows of a better deal. Please let me know.


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It really seems unimaginable to think that you would feel any other way right now. But I’d like to think we’ve got your back as well, Los Campesinos! x

Comment by Nina

Definitely downloaded the leaked album out of excitement. And I’ve already got my pre-order. It’s a great album, thanks for all your hard work!

Comment by Doug

Can’t imagine how crushing it must be to have someone do this to you. Got my pre-order in already and will probably download the leak out of pure, uncontrollable excitement. Happy xmas LC!

Comment by Graham

I’ve downloaded leaks before… but reading this blog and getting to (sort of) know you guys has really put things in perspective. You’re not just some kind of music-generating device that provides me with tunes, you’re people and artists who have created something really special.

A band that respects and values their fans enough to run a blog like this deserves for their fans to respect them as well. I am massively excited for this album, but I’ll stick it out and wait for the release date. I have no doubt it will be well worth the wait.

Comment by Dan

I’ve downloaded all your albums, and you’ve never seen a penny from it – but if not for those albums being popular downloads I would have never even heard of you. however!!! I’ve come to every show you’ve played in Toronto since August 2007 – so as much as this sucks for album sales – I hope you are aware of how much your popularity has grown based on the illegal downloads. your music is getting out there and you are making money playing live because after all music isn’t a commodity is it?

Comment by Rob

I’m very happy I let my sister convince me to not download it when I freaked out because I found out it leaked.
January 26th, here I come.

Comment by fede

Also, Is there any freakin’ way for you guys to put it out in Argentina, if not I’ll have to import it or something and its going to expeeeeeeeensive.

Comment by fede

i will always have your back, had it pre-ordered months ago

Comment by James Walker

This is a wonderful statement Gareth. I downloaded the link out of sheer excitement (knowing that I’ve already bought the CD and the vinyl), listened to it a few times then deleted it because I felt such massive guilt, seeing what you’ve been through with the leak.

Since then, I’ve not been able to get the lyrics out of my head, so I downloaded it again. I loved it that much. It’s a masterpiece, it genuinely is, and I can’t wait to see you tour it in February.

2010 is absolutely going to be (y)our year. Good luck guys.

Comment by Ben

Gareth, how much cash do you get when we buy it online compared to when we buy this at a gig?
I want the packaging BUT I also want to see you get maximum cash, I have taken to only buying albums at gigs because of this. Am I hideously off base? Why should Visa and the post office get more from the sale than you do?
I don’t mind the record label getting a cut, they support you BUT I want maximum cash to get to you as much as I want the finished product. That’s my reason for most of the way I buy stuff, the record business is still a multi million pound/dollar business so why is none of it coming to you guys.
And why is it ok for a reviewer to have it now who may not even like you but fans who adore the music NOT to have it. Sit back and realise the support and love that is out there for you and how so many people want to see you solvent and successful.
Merry Xmas to you and the band and a 1000% promise that cash for your album will be heading your direction from me.

Comment by Jane

Jane – I know your intentions are good, but your opinions and beliefs of the record industry are often a little ill-informed and overly-sceptical.
Wichita and Arts&Crafts are on our side. They give us the money to enable us to do this. They are not stealing from us, we are stealing from them.
Thank you for your support.

Comment by Gareth

I feel real bad about downloading the album now. I can’t undownload it or erase the songs from my memory (I’ve listened to each one about 15 times according to my iTunes), but had I known it was leaked out of malice, I would have waited for the release. If it makes you feel any better, I sincerely considered it my Xmas present from the music gods (and apparently some asshole with a grudge).

I love the album — it’s definitely worth buying. The reason why so many of your biggest fans (i know you hate the term but fuck it) are downloading your albums against your will is because the current model of music delivery is outdated. I can’t tell you the last time I went to the store to buy an album… well, I can — in 1999 when it wasn’t easier to just click a button and download it straight to my hard drive. Yes, illegally downloading is free and that is definitely enticing, but it’s also the BEST way to get music, regardless of money. There needs to be a better way to give back to the artists that people download and, in turn, love. Right now, the only positive for bands is that more people get to listen to them and concert tickets increase as a result. When you guys came to Dallas, I brought 5 friends — none of us would have even heard your music if not for illegal downloading.

Today’s technology makes it possible to transfer music freely almost instantly. That’s why every album leaks. A big problem is that record labels take way too much of the revenues from album sales. Giving artists only 10-20% of sales made sense 30 years ago when production and distribution were WAY more expensive for the labels, but technology has changed that. Eventually the market will change and we’ll have a better way to reward our favorite bands (I for one would love a 30-dollars-a-month unlimited downloads service that allows you to choose at the end of each month what bands get your money). Until then, things like this will happen.

I’m sorry that the leak was done out of malice. Regardless, it made a lot of us really happy. Here are some comments from my music source: “Happiest day of the year”, “This album is amazing”, “WHAT A GOOD LISTEN”, “<3 thank you thank you. sounds great to me!", "Awesome holiday gift. Thanks."… Literally, there are dozens of very sincere "Thank you's".

I (and many others) will buy your album once it is released. Consider the leak your unwitting Xmas present to many of your fans, who are positively delighted to hear your new material.

[Btw, out of the 50+ comments on the album, none are remotely negative. People fucking love it. 2010 will be your year, guys.]

Comment by Evan

Sadly is hard to get your stuff in southamerica, and we’re the only ones who can pronounce the name of the band correctly (besides spaniards) 😀

Comment by Francesc

BTW Gareth, one of my negative comments was about the way the visa company gets more from an itunes sale than you do, and part of my dislike goes towards ticketmaster and livenation. Wichita especially after seeing their twitter I am on the fence about, Arts and Crafts I support. ill informed- then educate, I am open to education , skeptical yes to the bone but that isnt necessarily bad……. 🙂

Comment by Jane

What on earth could you think is wrong with Wichita?

Comment by Gareth

I downloaded it because a link popped up on twitter, and my mind shut down and I could think of nothing more than that I had to have it. I love every one of you guys, though, and you should know that I’ll be buying it on cd, vinyl, and tshirts as soon as I can, because a band of you guys stature deserves as many of my dollars as I can afford.

Merry Christmas.

Comment by Bradley

How about you guys open a PayPal account or something that we can just donate money to as a thanks for the early release? 🙂

Comment by Evan

Evan – No, like I said. This is an artistic thing, not a money thing.

Comment by Gareth

Gareth, and everyone who has worked to make this amazing album,

I’m sorry. I’m one of the people who has downloaded this album. I can make the justifications, and know they will matter little against what the band is going through. But for context, I want to share a story about why this album means so much to us.

I have a friend who was in a very dark place this year. It’s been tough for her, and for me, and our entire group of friends to get her though the last ten months, and your music has been one of our anchors. This week was the leak, and I put together a surprise for her.

We met at her house in the evening, with her only knowing we were going for a drive. I hit the power on my CD player, and the first chords of In Medias Res floated in. It took her twenty seconds to figure out what she was listening to, and then the tears came. It’s been snowing in the midwest, so there wasn’t a soul on the road – for one hour, through the frozen streets of my town, we listened to Romance is Boring. Straight through. It was, without a doubt, one of the most emotional experiences of my entire life. We sang along to the songs we knew, and sat in reverential silence to the ones we didn’t. We laughed. We cried. We were overwhelmed. To stare down the barrel of another shitty year, with little more than the ambition to make it better, we need all the help we can just to keep going. RIB is giving us hope to get through it.

Your music isn’t just music for us anymore. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a guidebook. It’s something almost like a religion. These songs aren’t about us, or about our friends; they ARE us. These is our life story, sung back to us by a group of incredible people we’ve never met before, but know us so completely as to write our own biographies.

It doesn’t justify us taking something that isn’t ours, I know that. But imagine, from our perspective, how impossible that choice is. To know that the next chapter of your own life story is clicks away.

When the album properly comes out, you know we’ve got your back. That goes without saying. Please forgive us from taking it from yours.

Comment by I know. I am wrong. I am sorry.

That was a beautiful statement Gareth. Hearing all of the sacrifices that you all made to create the album I am definitely preordering this!

I want a physical copy with all of the lyrics and the ability to rip it to my computer in the highest quality.

Comment by Justin Leon

Hey Gareth,
that was a nice piece of writing about the leak. I have to admit that i downloaded R.I.B. early. I have never downloaded anything from a leak in my life, but i just couldn’t resist. I understand your feelings and all too, if someone leaked my band’s new album I’d be pretty fucking pissed off.
one part of me really wanted to hear it early and the other part of me wanted to wait ’till the 26th to hear it. So i decided that I would listen to it until the 26th of december and then put it away for a month so i would be still excited for it in a month. I feel horrible for downloading it early but the album is quite amazing. The artwork on every LC! album and EP is amazing so I will certainly be getting it in stores, the day it comes out.
Happy Christmas,
recently i wrote a piece about WAB, WAD for my blog:
check it our if your interested.

Comment by Eliot

I downloaded but it took sometime cause I was feeling like a pig for doing it…and I downloaded it…still feeling like the worst person in the world.I wish I had more control you know…you see it and you think well everyone will download…
(it’s great, (as usual) album loved all songs
I’ll compensate it doing anything los campesinos want me to.

Comment by joaquim

I had wondered one thing, I was sent this site t which has been going around claiming they were selling signed copies of Romance is Boring. I was pretty skeptical this was real, so I was holding off till I had confirmation. Could you clarify what’s the deal with that.

As I said before in an email I sent you guys, I did download the leak and while I do adore the album, it was one of the only cases where I felt real guilt afterwards because I could see the artist who created it actually upset about it and with all you guys share with us and the sort of community you’ve built that made me feel more than a bit shit. I can’t undo what’s done but I deleted it for now and intend to pre-order it or buy it the day it comes out. My sincere apologies to everyone in Los Campesinos and who helped work on the album, you all should be incredibly proud of yourself for the amazing album you’ve crafted and I’m sorry this had to happen. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I can’t wait to see you guys live again next time you’re in New York. Thanks

Comment by Nick

Very well said 🙂

Comment by Rodrigo

Yes, those recordstore copies are real. Recordstore is a very reputable outlet.
(As I say, no physical copies exits yet, so they’re not signed at the moment, but they will be)

Comment by Gareth

Well, artistically it’s quite an achievement. I just meant that there are some of us who would love to show our appreciation some other way (besides pre-ordering).

PS: When are you guys coming back to America?

Comment by Evan

Hey mate,

Really sorry to hear about the leak. I hate all this leakage and file sharing business. I am pretty old fashioned and still buy CDs/vinyl. I realise that the format is redundant but at least there used to be some genuine excitement when an anticipated record finally came out and you had to go pick up a record (or wait for the post) on release day. Now most releases of any real profile are (oft over-)exposed months ahead and it really steals that whole experience away.

I am not sure I can fully blame your average ‘fan’ for downloading something that they are wetting themselves to get hold of. The ones who are going to buy it on release day anyway. And the filesharers are going to download it for free anyway, so fuck them, whether it’s now or later. I have a good degree of patience and would happily wait till I can get my hands on it properly to not devalue the experience. In fact, I try to avoid playing singles and previews a lot (ie. ‘listed buildings’ and ‘the sea’ in this case) so I can hear them in album order without a couple of tracks being previously overplayed.

I don’t know what the circumstances of the leak and didn’t see your earlier rant, but I hope it wasn’t a reviewer. If so, what a ball sack.
I started reviewing albums and shows for my student paper at the beginning of this academic year and it’s been great to hear some things ahead of their official release, but only because it gives me a chance to rave about the music and inform people about something great they can look forward to before the release. For instance, I reviewed Laura Veirs’ new album at the beginning of December and I think it’s due for release the second week of January. It’s fucking beautiful (seriously, check it out come Jan) and I’d be mortified if I took anything away from her, in terms of unveiling her work on her own terms or financially.

Sorry to rant these pretty archaic views about the state of things here. I’m obviously in the minority these days, but if it’s at all reassuring to hear that there are people with crusty attitudes like mine out there, I hope it helps. Looking forward to ripping the shrink wrapping and hearing RIB with fresh ears on release day.

Comment by Dylan

Have your back, yes.

When my friend told me it was leaked, he said, “Bet your happy.” But I was not, at all. It started this typical devil vs angel on shoulder conflict with myself. I love experiencing your songs for the first time, and reading the CD booklets. I just couldn’t, no matter how much I wanted to.

Sorry for all of this, guys. You know you still have loads of fans who’ll race out the day it’s released!

Comment by Megan

I’m a freshman in college. I know a lot of music fans, but very few people who know about Los Campesinos! I’m buying this record the day it comes out, and playing it at full volume in my dorm until people have to ask what band I’m playing.

Comment by Dan

Got your back here in Seattle.

Comment by Ian

I hope this puts things in perspective for whoever leaked the album. Just know that we’re all supporting you guys down here in Atlanta.

Comment by Kyle

Just pre-ordered my album and can’t wait to listen to it and probably slaughter all of your vocals with my poor voice in my car on my way to work each day in February, but it’ll be fun. Also, this probably sounds kind of silly, but thanks for putting your lyrics with the albums. Sometimes I’ll buy an album and I’ll open it up to see the lyrics aren’t included and it’s just massive disappointment.

Comment by loren

no matter how excited i am for romance is boring – it is, by far, my most anticipated album of 2010 – i wouldn’t download that leak even if the album release was to be postponed for months.

this album leaked onto the internet by some disrespectful idiot could never measure up to holding a physical copy of romance is boring by los campesinos! in my hands on january 26.


Comment by leila

Big difference b/w downloading a finished already out there finished product and leaking an album…leaking is just disgusting…i mean both are disgusting but leaking and downloading an album early that’s unspeakable. I mean the artist still has time to change stuff because its not done till its done. Its just wrong so so wrong ugh

Comment by Rodney

does the leak make it eligible for best album of 2009 AND 2010??? 😉

can’t pre-order it from arts & crafts….but at least we’ll get our hands on it a bit earlier here in canada!

Comment by tyler

I had been wondering briefly last night about the number of plays for songs off RIB on… As many people have said before me here, I’m sorry this happened to you guys. Obviously those of us who enjoy your music can justify downloading, if we have, but whoever leaked the album can’t.

I’m going out to the record store on January 26th to get this and I’ve been excited for so long… downloads are not the same thing, illegal or not (still haven’t gotten around to purchasing anything but MP3s of “Hold On Now, Youngster”).

Comment by Clair

Gareth, imho, I don’t think you should be apologizing no matter what you’ve said to leakers.

I read the twitter feed that day and I was incensed at how ‘fans’ feel they shouldn’t be talked to that way just because they are ‘fans’. Just bc you are a ‘fan’ doesn’t make you above the law; don’t expect to be treated like royalty for doing something like that.

And as Gareth pointed out he’s human; how’d you think he was going to react. Believe me I’ve done a lot stupid stuff before, you didn’t do anything stupid that day.

I’m not going to get into the downloading debate. I don’t DL anymore but once a sinner always a sinner so I am no clean dude here.

Hey I DL Plans years after it’s release so I better watch out for Ben and Zoey bc we live in the same city. (Note I own almost all stuff even the We have the facts…) I’ve also listened to You are my diamond pre-release on youtube bc I was in complete disbelief there was any new material coming out of the Tilly camp. Now, I just listen to Kaleidoscope on Tiesto’s official youtube channel.

Reading all the comments it does show we’re all human and we all have our temptations. I just want to throw in my 2 cents on why I don’t DL anymore.

Number 1 most likely being when I went through unemployment. I have many periods of hell in my life; and this was one of them. Having personally gone through the difficulties of trying to survive everyday made me think a lot about myself. Stuff like economics, and stealing (DL) people stuff on the internet made me think how I’m taking bread out of someone else’s mouth.

2) I’ve been on the other side.
Local sports radio talk host Matt “Money” Smith is not the typical jock and is Ivy League material. He said content creation is one of THE most difficult things to do in this world.
And I agree. I’ve been lucky enough to have been a tester at Electronic Arts in No. Cal. and LA. Been super lucky to have gone upstairs to work with a producer on a project during Battle for Middle Earth 2. I can tell you people really do care about the product they put out and it is not F’ing easy. Right now, I work at my parents place and people just walk in and say I want this brochure or Christmas card or something. Believe me, for someone like me it is hard to come up with an idea and then sit down with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and generate the product.

Basically, content creation is HARD! Please respect ANYONE’s work they’ve generated.

Sorry for the rant but it does make me feel better after seeing all the tweets that day. Hopefully it made you feel better too after you hit the publish button today Gareth.

What is disgusting is that Apple. Yuck! JUST KIDDING! Merry Christmas. Your fan. LA represent.

@Dylan. I will be buying a CD also. At an actual store. Damn, I’m old; bc I actually am. Also, I like release dates too. This is apples and oranges bc videogame developers/publishers have the marketing budget to do this whereas indie music labels don’t.
But I loved the entire Modern Warfare 2 release/marketing campaign. From that first teaser, which was an audio representation of “No Russian” Completely floored us gamers and leaves that 11.10.09 at the end. That became the rallying cry. The midpoint was E3, I went to Kotaku’s pre-E3 party and just saw 11.10.09 all over the place. Super pumped whenever I saw big signage of the game cover and just 11.10.09. And lastly midnight lauch; mind overloaded nuff said.

Oh since eveyone’s in an apologetic mood & the Christmas spirit
@Ben I am sincerely sorry to you and anyone else w/ my “Aleks” comment. Didn’t intend to offend, just the way I am. Don’t worry those type of comments won’t happen again.

Comment by tps

I just pre ordered off of Amazon and downloaded the link. Hope to see you guys in D.C. this summer!

Comment by Connor

Honestly I only download things that are hard to find or out of print.
If i Do download something current ,I buy it the next time I see it in a record store.

Comment by Hale

i promise I’ll wait for the official release!!!

Comment by carly

I was wondering when the leak would be addressed and how much discussion it would generate here (the last time leaks were discussed… uff). I’d just like to say sorry. I was actually rooting for it not to leak and fought the temptation to d/l it for the last week. Won’t now.

I’m (inane and) curious, though, and want to know how you were able to find out who leaked the album. Just, you know, the forensics and bread crumbs followed…. I hope you get to nunchuk them in the face.

Comment by Eric

Dear LC!,

I am tremendously sorry for I too have downloaded the link. A friend sent it to me, upon which I literally (quote) almost peed my pants (end quote) in excitement.

I really considered not downloading it because I am very much anti-leak. But the excitement overtook me.

I can’t say I regret downloading ‘Romance Is Boring’ because the album is truly beautiful. It’s amazing.

Your music had gotten me through many difficulties, many fantastic times, many mediocre slumps, many everythings, really. I know this album will do so in even more incredible a fashion (which I previously did not even realize was possible).

Nonetheless, I could never accept that without guilt if I did not purchase the album and for this reason (amongst so many others) I will be first in line to buy your album (most likely both vinyl and CD) as soon as it is released.

Thank you so much.

Oh, and the leaker(s) completely deserve any and all harsh words they have received, in my own humble opinion.


Comment by emily

G- I’ll hold the person down while you give em a good knock to the teeth. I’ll even give you time to run before the cops come.

Comment by Allison

PS- I totally understand where you’re coming from being so upset and hurt about the leak. I don’t even think you owed anyone an apology, but it speaks to your character that you did 🙂 Can not wait to hold the new album in my hands

Comment by Allison

i can’t say that i am above downloading links, however, your band has meant so much to me and helped me through so much that i’m happy with just sitting down, pre-ordering my copy, and wait till it arrives. i hope, even in spite of the leak, you’ll be able to have yourselves a happy holiday.

Comment by eddie

But I’ll buy it when it comes out too. I am looking forward to the packaging.

Comment by Ahad

will it be available in Taiwan as soon as released?
cant wait for that any longer yanno

but what a sterile place is this!!!!!!!!

i arduously had your previous albums almost a year after the they came into existence!!!

Comment by Kif

I’m with you!

I remember exactly where i was when i first heard Metallica’s Death Magnetic. It was just after 12am on the day of release, i just got in from the record store. I waited 5 years for that album! I remember exactly all the feelings i had as i listen to the music while reading the lyrics and thumbed through the artwork. It was exactly the way the band wanted the recorded to be received and my experience was all the better for it.

My feeling is: how can i fully appreciate the album if i don’t appreciate the band and the effort that has gone into it? Every album i’ve ever downloaded, i’ve never appreciated as much as the ones i had the cd for.

All this is without going near the fact that you guys have made awesome records and deserve to make a living from your work.

Most crimes like this can sound reasonable until you realise that there are victims!

I can’t wait to go into town on the day of release and pick up my copy of R.I.B.!


(PS that txt file douche bag is obviously, as his name suggests, a douche bag. You’re a legend Gareth! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!)

Comment by Pete

About the turn of the year (as when I went vegetarian – gonna go vegan in March once I’ve finished extensively reading about it first!) I decided I would refuse to ever illegally download a record (or mixtape) unless I could not buy it. Only one record this year made me break my promise (DJ Quik and Kurupt’s Blaqkout – fucking astonishing record if any of you guys like hip-hop) because it wasn’t released in England and I refused to pay crazy import prices.

I did download the leak of WAB,WAD before I decided to do this and only this year bought the boxset, as it was quite hard to find at a reasonable price (Banquet Records in Kingston btw, great record store.) Sorry about that but quite frankly, I don’t think I’m that much in the wrong considering I bought your first album singles just to send to other people thinking I may get you a fan or two more. Being unemployed and just able to afford an internet connection, I am rarely able to buy new records at the moment and largely rely on spotify unless it is something I feel ABSOLUTE NEED for (rib will bought first day of release, just like the gucci mane album was). It may not be the way the artists want their music listened to but I figure if they make a penny off it through a spotify listen as opposed to a download that is meaningless, then that’s the best of the current evils I am put on as a music obsessive.

The Magnetic Fields’ ‘Realism’ and the Young Dro album are going to have to go some way to topple LC!’s place as the soundtrack to a new decade for ol’ Sammy boy here. ❤ you guys.

Merry Christmas/other holiday you may celebrate.

Comment by Samuel

Oh and while I may not be with her on the finger pointing (don’t know who to wag it at), Jane does raise an interesting point. You say it isn’t about the money, sure, but I know us ‘fans’ (need some sort of lc! equivilant of ‘juggalo’ gareth) would love to see you guys get rich off of putting such great sounds into our ears. So when the holidays are over and tempers calm, you wouldn’t be able to school us a little bit on how things work, would you? Do you make more money off records bought at shows like she asked? etc. etc.

Comment by Samuel

It must have been devastating to find out about the leak. To know that somebody did it with malicious intent makes me angry, especially knowing how much of the band’s hearts and souls must have gone into the music. I’m incredibly exited about listening to the whole album, and I already pre-ordered.
Merry Christmas!

Comment by DianaS

I completely agree with your response Gareth. I appreciate how you explained your views, but you also did so in a very powerful and eloquent way. I find your whole philosophy of seeing the listeners on the same level as the band so refreshing and natural, and this has made me appreciate Los Campesinos ! in an entirely new way.

I didn’t fully realize it until now, but your blog is not a website, it’s a connection. This is so much more than what the average band does, and I think your whole approach to music and everything is just so much better than the average band.

If it seems like I’m just heaping on the praise that’s because I am, and it is absolutely deserved. So it’s probably not at all surprising that I feel the same way as Gareth on this one.

What is it that the fans want out of a band? I imagine that one of the major things is a band that makes the best possible art they can. Why should we be able to degrade the quality of a band’s art by downloading the leak? Getting the CD is getting the art the way the artist intended. Even looking past the lyrics and the art (which are very vital as well), getting the CD makes experiencing the art an event. And it was definitely an event to record, so we should give the artist the respect that they gave to us in putting themselves completely into the work. You only get one first listen to a CD, why would you want it to be anything other then the best that it can be? And obviously the band believes that getting the CD is the best way to experience it, or they would not have released it as a CD.

I know it shouldn’t come back to the money aspect, but I look at this way: although this is not necessarily true, I would say that more often then not we all would listen to an album that we spent $14 on like we wanted to get our $14 worth of listens. So if spending the money on a CD gives you the incentive to listen to it more, then the band is more than justified in feeling however they want about leaks.

If you say you downloaded the album because you were ‘too excited’ or something, go back and listen to the older stuff. You’ll only get more excited by waiting, and it will only sound better the more excited you are.

I dunno. I just love Los Campesinos!, and I know that I’m waiting until the 26th to buy Romance is Boring.

Comment by Nolan

Arrrg. I noticed that all of the tracks are on youtube. I’ve resisted listening to any of them in hopes that when I listen to it on January 26th it will be that much better.

Comment by Robert

wow, there sure are some saps that listen to los campesinos!

it’s a wonderful album, but some of these comments are freaking ridiculous. indie fanboys ruin music for the rest of us.


merry christmas.

Comment by Rob

Rob, if other people caring ardently about art and its creators is ruining music for “us,” I’d like to not be part of that us. I’d say diffident indie music scenesters ‘ruin’ music more than a kid who’d share a long story or band tattoo with her favorite band. We’re on the internet where emotions aren’t always expressed elegantly or tactfully, but the emotions are still real and I don’t think it’s fair or christmassy to dismiss people as ridiculous just b/c they’ve got, you know, feelings. merry xmas.

Comment by Eric


My present to myself is to pre-order RIB, and my present to you is to promise not to listen to it until I get a hard copy.

Comment by Tom

Who ever leaked the album was a real grinch. You guys are my favorite band still around and you deserve justice, especially in this season. Los Camp! forever

Comment by Bobby

I’ve made a point in the past never to download leaks. I wasn’t sure why, but it never seemed right. Thanks for expressing what I didn’t quite understand (even if I felt it). Can’t wait to hold a copy of this album in my hands and hear the new stuff.

Comment by Andrew

Dear Gareth,
I feel guilty about downloading the leak after reading that. I am sorry. My excitement got the better of me as my finger hesitated an inch above the mouse button.
However, let me just say this:
While Romance is Boring isn’t the best album I’ve ever heard, it’s definitely in the top one.
Of course I’ll still be buying it in a month’s time 🙂
Merry Christmas,

Comment by Alfie

I saw it online, but I refused to download it, I already have it pre-ordered and I don’t want to ruin the experience. Your music is so much more than a download.

Comment by Dan

Oh man I feel like even more of an asshole for having downloaded it than I did before. You have my word I won’t again!

Wish I could somehow contribute more than my support and my money when I want your records and to see you live and your lovely merch.

Comment by Liam

Gareth, I will wait to buy the cd and hopefully you will be selling vinyl copies on your next gig in Montreal (autographed of course). Hope to see the band in Montreal in the spring. Rock on…

Comment by Petrellad

despite the leak, 2010 will definitely be Los Campesinos!’s year.

Comment by Jordan L

[…] On The Leak Of ‘Romance Is Boring’. To pre-order the album: UK US If anybody knows of a better deal. Please let me know. […]

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This is the first time I ever feel guilty about downloading anything! But you have to understand that some of us live in awful countries where you can’t get your cd. So waiting untill the realising date seeemed a bit pointless. I mean, I will never have a physical copy of your cd unless I pay an enormous amount of money to have it imported (which is really unfair!!).
Anyway, I really loved RIB.
Please come back to Argentina!

Comment by upe

I won’t be downloading the leak, but when the album arrives in the record store I work in 5 days before the release date, I will not resist tearing open that package a.s.a.p. and I hope you all can respect that!
Merry Christmas Campesinos and fans! ❤

Comment by Julia

SORRY but, the whole “its not a money thing” is a load of CROCK Gareth.

You said that “if you downloaded the leak, please buy the record when it comes out”. What if you did download the leak and DISLIKED the record??

You said that “you want us to read the lyrics, and see the cool packaging”. Well….if you put the record on the itunes store then we would get the lyrics sure, but NOT the packaging.

So it seems like you DO care about the money side of it.

And that’s fine, because at the end of the day you need to get paid. just don’t lie about it.

The only people who should be scared about illegal downloads, file sharing and album leaks are people who are insecure about the content they are putting out, ie. the music they make.

At the end of the day people will buy cds, buy merch and goto shows IF the music is WORTH buying.

Why do you think people leak albums and file share?
Well, a new CD costs about $30. That amount is too much of a risk to pay upfront and bet that the album you just bought MIGHT NOT SUCK.

If anything, album leaks give you a preview, a god damn reason to buy the record in full quality, with the liner notes and sweet packaging.

I’m not going to lie like everybody else here and say that I felt guilty downloading the leak. When I heard about it, I was excited, I was about to hear new music from freaking LC!

As for the “fuck you gareth, x” thing, well that just uncalled for.

Comment by Henry

oh dear oh dear oh dear.

I wrote a long reply addressing your points, but it’s completely unfair that I’d waste more time on that than responding to all the people in this thread who have been sensible and kind.
Please, do not pretend you know me or my motivations. You do not, and from the points you have made it’s clear that you don’t know much about anything at all.

Everyone else in this thread – thank you.
Although a few of you kinda missed the point, your attempts to understand are appreciated. A few of you reiterated my points more eloquently than I was able to, and to you I am especially appreciative.


Comment by Gareth


I really do appreciate that you took the time to reply. Though calling me stupid or ignorant in such a subtle way like you did there does not sit well with me.

I can see how my comments sounded harsh. But I made them solely based on your statement about the leak and not on assumptions about you.

All I was trying to say is that money is part of it (a small part). If it wasn’t then your records, shows and merch would be all free.

Is that a bad thing? No. Did you take it the wrong way? I think so.

If you think my comments were ill-informed then please enlighten me and not brush it aside by saying I don’t know much about anything.

You probably won’t respond again so I’ll finish with one last thing. You’ve made 3 amazing records and I’m sure everything will work out for you and LC.

Henry x

Comment by Henry

“If it wasn’t then your records, shows and merch would be all free.”

So you expect these guys to invest their time and money in the band and then just give it all away? Talk about a net loss.

Comment by Liam

Henry –
Even if I did call you stupid/ignorant (I was more going for ‘misinformed’), I’m sure we could agree that’s not so bad as you calling me a liar.

Where your initial argument falls down, is made direct reference to in your second message: “I made them solely based on your statement about the leak”.
Exactly. My comments were with regards to the leak.

I hate myself already for doing this, because I don’t need to justify my comments, but here goes:

What if you did download the leak and DISLIKED the record??

The message was addressed to people who like our band, so, I’m assuming they’ll like the record. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable an assumption to make.

Well….if you put the record on the itunes store then we would get the lyrics sure, but NOT the packaging.

iTunes is not something that comes into my mind when considering this. If you think I/we “put the record on the itunes store” then, well, that’s obviously not something that we, the band, do/control. A reformatted version of all the album art has been made for iTunes though, such is our attention to detail, and so, although the finished article isn’t as good as the CD/Vinyl, it’s certainly worthwhile.

The only people who should be scared about illegal downloads, file sharing and album leaks are people who are insecure about the content they are putting out, ie. the music they make.

This is just ridiculous. I should have been harder on you first time around for this. I explained why the leak upset/disappointed me in the initial post. Many people have agreed they were more than valid reasons. I really don’t get your point here.

Well, a new CD costs about $30

No it doesn’t.

If you want to make any more points, I’d prefer you email them to me at, as they’re just making this place look untidy.


Comment by Gareth

I had no idea the album was leaked, but the band should be upset about an artistic creation of theirs being released without their input, etc. Looking forward to buying the album, and all its pretty packaging, when it is released!

Comment by charlotte

I’ll be the first to admit that I had been looking forward to the inevitable leak (it seems as though every album is at some point these days) just because I was so eager to get may hands on the new songs. I don’t have my finger on the pulse of the leak culture, however, and this was the first I heard of any leaks.

I’m glad it was, because I found myself completely agreeing with your post as I read it. It’s so easy with the internet to forget about the people behind the work and snatch up everything you can.

Of course, I never would have really heard of guys enough to become a fan without this kind of behavior in the beginning, but at this point I have to admit we’re past that now – I know I like you guys well enough that I’d buy an album even if I’ve heard nothing of it. I did buy WABWAD, and then ended up buying another copy of it and a vinyl of HONY so you’d have something to sign when I saw you in Tampa, so hopefully we’re square.

It’ll be tough, but I can wait for the real copy of RIB.

And try not to dwell too much on the guy that leaked it. Anyone who appreciates the music but then says “Fuck you” to the artists behind it isn’t worth your time.

To paraphrase Neil Gaiman – Los Campesinos are not your bitch.

Comment by Brett

Gareth, I downloaded the album just now, I downloaded it before I read your blog about it. It’s the greatest thing you guys have ever done. I could say I feel sorry about it, but I really do not. I will buy your album, as I have ALL of your albums, and I will see you as I have in the past, next time you come to the states. Downloading your album is not a means to fuck you over or to get out of paying for your album (which I’m going to buy anyway when it comes out), it is simply because curiosity began to drive me crazy.

I am a musician, just like you, and I do not understand why persons who leak music will betray artists in such a way as to take control over their ability to control their sales, but you really cannot blame people who love you from wanting to hear your work.

To make it up to you, I will certainly listen to this record on repeat, as I have with your past records, and buy your record when it comes out.

You guys have your hands on a true masterpiece. I think that will replace any negative feelings of this leak situation when critics realize what fans are realizing.

Comment by Craig

and after reading above, I feel need to post to henry, that artists when making records provide the option of giving users a way to download the record online, though most musicians would prefer that music is listened to the REAL way, on CD or Vinyl. An iTunes download is hardly the same as holding the record in your hands. If you are not a fan of Los Campesinos!, I can understand why you might simply just want the music itself. Myself, I want to hold the record in my hands, I like to read the packaging as I listen. Gareth (and the rest of them) are all fans of good music, just like me, and they feel the same way as I do about this. So telling fans that he’d like them to listen to fully enjoy the album in such a way is not money-centered but art-centered. Anyone who accuses Los Campesinos! of being all about the money must have missed the last couple years of their career. If they only cared about the money they wouldn’t waste all of this time blogging about real things in their lives for the sake of their fans, myself included.

Comment by Craig

I always thought of downloading leaks as like opening Christmas presents early – even if they’re your favourite band/friend, you just wouldn’t do it.

Comment by Alex

I am resisting the urge to d/load the leaked album, I will buy it (like i have all others). And will be pacing the door 2nd February when Amazon deliver.

G point this dude out and he will have some teeth extracted (w/out anastheatic).

Hate d/loading illegally, It will eventually make up and coming bands suffer.

Comment by badhead

Although I download nearly all the music I have, I buy the stuff from the bands I decide I want to give money to. Like an investment, especially if the band isn’t well known, or local (in which case they are even less well-known). And despite the fact I wouldn’t have heard LC! without downloading them the effort they make in being friendly and open with the people who love their music makes me have more respect for them, made me search out and buy the albums, and stops me downloading the leak. I’m waiting until I can buy the actual album and hold it, although I’m not sure how I’m going to do that from Australia. But my beautiful copy of WABWAD assures me it’s worth the wait.
Also, If you think a leak is solely about money, or if you become fixated on it as a minor point, you clearly don’t have much respect for the efforts of the band. either you’re an idiot, or you don’t like the band nearly enough to be posting long and hostile comments on their blog.

Comment by maddy

Simply dismissing a comment as hostile is easy, but doesn’t do anyone justice, does it?

I discovered the tracks on YouTube the other day and was both excited and sceptical… I never download leaked stuff because I don’t want to run the risk of getting unfinished songs, and I can only imagine how big a disappointment it must be to see a record you worked painstakingly hard on leaked months before its official release date, and I often wonder how these people (who must somehow be involved in the recording or manufacturing process — I doubt it’s the caretaker’s fault) get access to the finished product so easily and, more importantly, why they don’t seem to be called to account for something that is not only morally despicable but also against the law.

I’m sure it’s greatly appreciated that the band share their thoughts with their supporters on here, and you’re entitled to react like everyone else would, but I can’t shake the feeling that at least parts of the statement should be addressed to someone else. While it acknowledges that most people who downloaded it didn’t mean mischief, it does feel as if it was an attempt to guilt-trip them into reconsidering their download behaviour. It appears I’m not the only one who was under that impression after reading the statement, considering all the apologies on here.

I’m sure most people on here know the release date of the album by heart (hence they downloaded it because they couldn’t wait), but those who just happen to download it mightn’t even be aware of the fact that it’s a leak. I don’t think either of these groups are to blame, unless you fancy another tedious discussion about the pros and cons of downloads in general.

Comment by Nick

Gareth + LC!,

Thank you in advance for both the record and the upcoming tour. If “There Are Listed Buildings” and “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future” are any indication, this album will, doubtless, be one of the best of 2010.

It’s an outright load of shit that any one would take away your ability and right to choose when and how to present your art. Especially when the culprit does so out of (ill-placed, I’m sure) malice. I completely understand every single person who downloaded the album out of pure excitement (as I would’ve done previous to reading your statement), and trust full well that those who haven’t pre-ordered the album will buy it as the tour progresses.

Leak culture, I think, arises in part from the death of the album. Suddenly, emphasis is placed on celerity instead of presentation. Thank you for doing your part to keep the art of the album alive. Everyone here, I know, truly appreciates it.

With love,

Comment by Chaperone

Maybe I’m just old and unhip but do people not get excited waiting for release day? It’s there to count down to, knowing that in a few weeks you will have the album in all it’s glory. Taking the shrink off,slapping that wax on the turntable, holding the record, smelling it! (Sometimes the paper/card smells lovely) The problem at the moment is the wantwantwant culture, nobody can wait for anything and to me that is a shame. Gareth and the rest of LC, I’m looking forward to seeing the ‘Sorry you were out’ Royal Mail card on my doormat, going down the Post Office to pick up the record, putting that on for the first time and being blown away.


Comment by Jimmy

Craig: Sorry but I disagree with the whole idea of there being a ‘REAL’ way to listen to music. Hearing something on the radio, off a download, played live, played in your car (can’t look at the artwork when you are trying to drive!), heard in passing like in a shop or whatever – are all ‘REAL’ ways of hearing music and falling in love with it. I don’t need a lyric sheet to know if I love something; in fact the last album I did fall head over heels for barely has any words in it at all (Zomby’s Where Were U In ’92? if you are wondering).

Quite frankly, the only reason I buy music is because I think artists deserve to get paid for it. In fact I am currently listening to a record I own on vinyl on Spotify just because a) I cannot be bothered finding it and b) I kind of need to replace my stylus and can’t be bothered. Do I have less of an attachment to this phenomenal record I dearly admire (Redman’s Dare Iz A Darkside) because I’m not looking at the artwork? Reggie Noble got paid off my hoarding abilities and that’s cool, but I do not have to get off Spotify while I bloghop and get promoted on FM to ‘real’ly hear music.

Comment by Samuel

Thanks for explaining your views on leaks, and the specific situation with this one… it answers a lot of questions I had.

Hope your Christmas was a good one, and hope 2010 is a very strong year for Los Campesinos!


Comment by Hugo

[…] right?) is out early February, and ILB has steadfastly refused to download the leak of it because Gareth LC! will come to our house and fuck us up if we do. Still, this kinda emotionally maturer, provincial-fun-fair-at-11-pm sound makes it seem like the […]

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Sometimes guys are “too excited” to wait and I’ve never taken it as a compliment. The same goes with the album. Being selfish and immature/premature is in no way showing dedication to the band and I’m bored of reading “fans” attempting to justify thmeselves on these grounds.

Comment by Camilla

Gareth, this really one of the most heart wrenching and beautiful things I’ve ever read. It’s absolutely painful to have something you worked on and created and then it’s wrenched from your hands before you’re ready to give it to the public. We all definitely love you guys and got your backs. I ,of course, admittedly heard RIB before I even read this. My aunt gave me a copy and I was so ecstatic to hear it, I listened to it without even thinking. The result was a completely amazing album with great lyrics and music, which is something I expected from a Los Campesinos! album. I also listened to WAB, WAD about 2 weeks before the official release and then, I hadn’t been disappointed either.I really feel a bit guilty but I was already getting 2 copies. And I know the fact that I was “Too excited” doesn’t justify my listening to it, but like you said, we all make mistakes. I can understand that you want people to have a hard copy before listening to it. I wish I had had the lyrics so I could sing along and memorize. But anyways, thank you guys for continuing to make the best music ever and I will always support you! Even if you release an album that’s completely rubbish, I’d still buy it and listen to it. 🙂 Anyways, I feel this is getting a bit long and I have no idea what point I was trying to make, but I’m very sorry that happened to you and I will love you guy forever! And also I know it isn’t “about money” but you are a band that is the most deserving of money in my book. Hope everything is well, and I hope this album is a huge success! 😀

p.s. Point out who the culprit is and I’ll hold them so you can punch them in the face. Both the person who leaked and the person who wrote “Fuck you Gareth X.” Hell, I may even punch them in the face myself (at least the “fuck you” guy/girl). ❤

Comment by Victoria

Not to completely avoid the topic, however, there is a lower price on, eh ( you asked, right? ) That’s where I pre-ordered it. I must say, I am quite jealous of those who have pirated it.

Comment by sk

Just ordered for the bargain price of £7.49 from Amazon. Can’t wait to see how much this albums makes me dance like a kid

Comment by Daniel

I love Los Campesinos and I am completely on your side about this leak, Gareth. The emotion that you put into your songs is obvious to anyone who listens to your music and whoever did this (especially the person who put the message in the download. Who DOES that?) obviously doesn’t have any emotions that are worth having.

I’m VERY excited for the new album and intend to buy it in a good old fashioned record store 🙂

Comment by KK

I got the leak as soon as I heard about it. Justifications are useless here. I can’t bear to think about how heartbroken everyone must be. Leaks should be done AFTER the artist is holding something tangible and permanent and a reminder of what they’ve done. Not before.

The album, however, has received levels of praise that are utterly ridiculous. At our school’s paper, there are people who have never listened to anything but corporate pop. They love this. As someone earlier in the comments said, this IS our lives. Every line sounds like one of my poor relationship decisions with killer riffz behind it. Every note is beautifully in place and yet it’s organic. This isn’t just music; this is Art with a capital A.

I typed up the review, but it will be going in our February edition so that we can try and get you maximum sales. Come to Milwaukee soon so I can buy every last shirt you’re selling and get 3 copies of everything.

With utmost regret and utmost love for the musical genius you’ve all created,

Comment by peter

Check it out Canadianos:

Arts & Crafts has posted the pre-order links.

Comment by Julia

oh god! I so want to buy the album but I’m from a far far away place called South Americaa..

if you can tell me where i can buy it, then i’ll love you even more

Comment by Victoria

bahahaa!! never mind, got itt!! YESH!

Comment by Victoria

@victoria: how did you get it?

Comment by guada

[…] the album leaking late last year, I had only heard songs they actually released, I’m good like that, so I was genuinely […]

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the new albums sucks. almost very disappointing. get laid more often dude.

Comment by Johnny cRook

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